Do you wish to make the next birthday you celebrate of your dear one a unique occasion? Why not give that special someone a birthday they will treasure in the years to come by making a stunning video for them? Birthdays come around but once a year and videos can be of the most inventive ways of making your birthday greeting feel more personal.

Need a little inspiration on how to get creative with your birthday videos? Fret not! In the post below, we will walk you through awesome birthday video ideas that can brighten any birthday, whether the celebrant is a teenager, a mid-aged professional, or an elderly.

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12 Amazing Birthday Video Ideas for Friends&Family


Birthday Surprise Video Ideas for Your Dear Ones

Idea 1: Special Birthday Greeting/Letter

Are you on the lookout for special happy birthday video ideas for someone you cherish with all your heart? If so, what better way than sharing all the sweet moments which you have shared in a beautiful video!

Tell the person what he/she means to you while sharing your together moments. Choose a cool birthday video template and add your photos, video clips, as well as text to match the interest of the recipient.

Idea 2: Party Recap

Got a camera roll full of photos of the birthday festivities of the celebrant? Well, it’s time to make good use of them. Turn the joyful photos into stunning recap videos. Birthday party recaps are one of the most incredible birthday surprise video ideas that are used as an invitation video to encourage more people to join you in the celebrations.

Idea 3: A Birthday Album

Looking for eye-catching birthday wishes video ideas to announce your child’s first birthday? Make a stunning birthday album by using the endless numbers of adorable video clips and lovely photos since your baby’s birth to create a cute video presentation on his/her birthday. Choose an attractive baby album template to make your child’s birthday extra-ordinary.

birthday wishes video ideas


Birthday Video Ideas for Best Friend

Idea 1: A Blast from The Past

Find some of the most “way back” photos as well as video clips and then put them together in a slideshow. Set appropriate music for your video. The celebrant will feel as if they are watching some old movies, but with a heartfelt birthday wish included in it. If you are looking for thoughtful birthday surprise video ideas, this is your ideal choice.

Idea 2: A Compilation of Birthday Greetings

If you are seeking memorable birthday wish video ideas for your best friend, this can be the perfect option. Collect birthday greetings from the special people of the celebrant and then convert the greetings into a birthday video greeting with splendid video transitions. With this, you can make your best friend’s birthday celebration an extraordinary one.

Idea 3: The Ultimate Birthday Party Video

Need unique birthday video ideas for a best friend? Before your best friend’s party, instruct your friends to take good photos and videos of the guests enjoying the party, invitees playing games, the celebrant opening presents, and much more. You can record the behind-the-scenes of the party preparation. Once the party is over, put together a presentation of videos and pictures from the special day. Trust us; this will surely bring a smile to your best friend’s face.


Birthday Video Ideas For Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Idea 1: A Timeline Slideshow Video

One of the most marvelous birthday video ideas to leave your lover at awe is creating a beautiful timeline birthday show about his/her life. All you need to do is find the oldest picture of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Dig into his/her social networking profile, and contact their family members for more photos.

Arrange the pictures chronologically to show how your lover grew from being a kid to an amazing person. Consider adding funny captions and try including their achievements too.

Idea 2: A Video with A Personal Touch

Everyone loves taking a trip down memory lane once in a while. That’s certainly an idea you can consider if you are seeking happy birthday video ideas for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Perhaps, you have some inside jokes and beautiful dreams that you wish to achieve together. Highlight each of those in your video to make your lover feel special. End the video with a cute birthday wish poem or a romantic birthday wish quote.

Idea 3: Feature His/ Her Passion

No matter how old your relationship is, making a birthday video for your lover featuring his/her interests and passions can be an incredible idea. Is your partner a painter? Does he/she play music? Make efforts to find pictures of his/her passion and click ample pictures of their works.

Arrange each of the photos chronologically to make an innovative video that illustrates how he/he has evolved with his craft over the years. If you are on the lookout for birthday video ideas that leave your partner delighted, this is your ideal choice.


Funny Birthday Video Ideas

Idea 1: Slideshow Video

With versatile video editing software, you can create a stunning slideshow that details the life and accomplishments of the celebrant. Dive into old photos and include some of their silliest pictures. Besides the images, you can even insert the funniest moments of their life while dancing, singing, or more.

Idea 2: Interview Video

Talk to the people who have defined the birthday celebrant’s life over the years. These can be family, friends, as well as close relatives. By speaking to as many people as possible, try to collect a range of stories that can be silly, heartfelt, funny, anecdotal, or anything. You can put together this interview video either before the birthday party or at the end of the video.

Idea 3: Life Story Video

Even though this idea is somewhat ambitious, it can be much fun too. Create a short video of the birthday celebrant’s life by getting family and friends involved on a creative level. Aim for a humorous look at the most significant events in the celebrant’s life. Remember; birthdays are the perfect time to look back at the life and celebrate the new one.

Tips for Creating a Stunning Birthday Video

  • Check social media so that you aren’t limited by your camera roll.
  • Plan before you produce to organize your thoughts
  • Select the format that fits where you are posting the video
  • Consider the length of the video
  • Remember your audience when choosing fonts, colors, and pictures
  • Select a birthday video song and give the video a unique name
  • Explore the creative resources of Wondershare Filmii video editor
  • Send the birthday invitation video to friends and family
  • Use versatile birthday video maker

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With these birthday video ideas, create a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that’ll make the celebrant feel special. Time to make the best birthday video ever with Wondershare Filmii!