Your vlog name is something that identifies your brand, business, or the industry you deal in. Therefore, thinking of some creative vlog names, and picking out the best among them is as imperative as it is to have informative and engaging content in the videos itself.

That said, listed below are some of the best name generators for vlogs that could be helpful if you are running short of time, and need to come up with some interesting vlog name ideas for your YouTube channel, or for any other platform that you are planning to publish your creations on.

Part 1: Best Vlog Name Generators

Some of the most popular vlog name generator solutions available online today include:

Note: Because YouTube is one of the leading platforms to publish your videos for free and even monetize them, the following list has been created keeping the portal in mind.

As the website claims, Nameboy is one of the oldest name generators that is not only limited to vlog name creation, but it can also suggest domain names, business names, blog names, and much more. The process to create a unique name for your vlog with Nameboy is extremely simple as you merely have to enter the keywords, and leave the rest to the web app.

YouTube Vlog Name Generator nameboy


  • Simple to use
  • Requires you to enter merely one or two keywords to generate names
  • Suggests available domain names along with the results


  • Does not come up with many creative names
  • Pops up unwanted advertisement windows

NameBounce is another creative name generator that is extremely easy to use. The website has a clean interface with no-nonsense links or misleading adverts running on the sides or top of the page. The search box lets you enter one keyword, and it suggests several unique vlog name ideas almost instantaneously.

 youtube vlog name generator


  • Doesn’t require much inputs from your side
  • Suggests a long list of names for you to pick one from
  • Lets you add filters like maximum length and number of syllables


  • Displays a popup advert window every now and then, especially when left inactive for a couple of minutes

BizNameWize is not only a vlog name generator but it also helps you come up with the names of different business types such as for designing company, a startup that plans to offer cleaning services, construction company, fashion or food businesses, etc. In fact, the BizNameWiz is a sister concern of BusinessNameGenerator that is another portal for generating names for almost all kinds of online business channels like podcasts, blogs, etc.

biznamewiz youtube vlog  name generator


  • Lets you check domain name availability on GoDaddy along with generating a vlog name
  • The web portal is multilingual


  • Doesn’t let you generate blog or podcast names unless you switch to its sister website, BusinessNameGenerator


Kparser is a universal name generator that can suggest you names for your Twitter, Fiverr, Amazon, etc. businesses. The website lets you enter a couple of keywords, and generates names for your vlog based on them. Furthermore, the results list can be filtered to get more granular suggestions. Optionally, you can also purchase a subscription plan to get detailed CPC information about the suggested names that could be helpful for monetization.

kparser name generator


  • Offers an “Advanced” button that lets you set filters that Kparser must follow while generating names
  • Can generate names for many other business and platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc.


  • Detailed info is accessible only if you subscribe for a plan

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward name generators that, in addition to suggesting names for your YouTube or other similar channels, also has plethora of training material such as startup guide, strategy guide, best practices, etc. The web portal also has a link that takes you to the online coach’s page for paid YouTube training classes.

socialvideoplaza channel name generator


  • Lets you download free eBook guides to get started with a new channel
  • Has a video title generator as well


  • Some users may find the website overpopulated with confusing tabs and links


With multiple filter options to generate vlog suggestions as creative and unique as possible, SpinXO can be considered the most versatile vlog name generator in the market. In addition, the web tool is also capable of generating Instagram account names, nicknames, usernames, and even game tags.

spinxo name generator


  • Allows you to set filters such as niche, number of letters to include, mission critical words, etc.


  • The web page is populated with distracting advertisements

Username Generator is another free tool to get several vlog name ideas for your business and video channel. Since the web tool is universal, it can also be used to get name suggestions for almost all kinds businesses, brands, blogs, etc. Not only this, you can even specify the number of lines the result page should display when the app comes up with the unique names.



  • Easy to use and simple to get name ideas
  • Can display results in the specified number of lines


  • The page is overly populated with a lot of texts, and has less fields and buttons to interact with the tool itself

A simple tool to generate creative vlog names, Name Generator is also not only limited to YouTube names but it can suggest many other titles such as for your screen, Twitter account, last and middle names, names for medieval themes, and much more. Other platforms that the web app can generate suggestions for include Emails, game tags, etc.



  • Offers plenty of options to generate names for various purposes and niches
  • Links to various name generators are easily accessible from the navigation bar in the left


  • The portal is overly populated with text content and adverts

Apparently, an improved version of Name Generator discussed in the previous point, Name Generator 2 is even simpler to use as compared to its predecessor. All you need to do is, enter a prefix and suffix for the title you are planning to have, and the web tool does the rest for you to come up with a unique vlog name.



  • Lets you generate surnames, usernames, kingdom names (probably for games), etc.
  • Lets you generate names for cities, towns, and countries


  • Doesn’t offer much control to filter the name generation process

Best Username Generator is yet another vlog name generator that, like other solutions, can also suggest creative usernames for Instagram, Snapchat, and several other platforms, and business types and niches. The tool also has a drop-down list that allows to select the length of the names related to the topic.



  • Even gives you the name ideas for your brand, nicknames for men and women, Wi-Fi SSIDs, and much more


  • The page is overly populated with a lot of text, and the remaining part has various distracting adverts

Part 2: What Should You Consider When Choosing a Name for Vlog

Picking a brand name could be extremely challenging and might also require a lot of brainstorming. The process becomes even more complicated if you have a lot of competitors in the market. Following this, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while choosing a vlog name including:

1. Name Length

Make sure not use too many characters while selecting a vlog name. While you may think that the more the characters are the more descriptive the name would sound, such lengthy names might be hard to memorize. Also, many times users may not want to type those wordy names in the address bar or app, especially if they are using a smartphone.

2. Stick to the Niche

This goes without saying. You must choose a name that is strictly related to the industry you are planning to prepare videos for. Since the characters need to be less in number, you can try to search some one-word synonyms for the name you want to have.

3. Take Suggestions/Feedbacks

You must avoid taking suggestions and feedbacks from your friends and family members as their opinion would be biased. It’s better to approach those who belong to the same industry, and are more experienced than you.

4. Domain Availability

Once you pick a name, make sure to check if the domain with the same term is available. This is important when you wish to expand your business, and want to have your website to sell products or for general awareness.


Although you can think of a vlog name on your own, the approach requires a lot of brainstorming, researches, group discussions, some amount of healthy arguments with your known ones, eagle eye on the competitors, and many more such things. Therefore, instead of going through such a tedious process, it would be way simpler to use an efficient vlog name generator that not only suggests some creative names.

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