The first phase of making a Vlog video is to plan on how and what you will speak.

Join the Vlogging Community

Get to know about various vloggers who are famous in making wonderful deliverance to the audience. Every vlogger follows a different style in grabbing the attention and can be of a similar niche or different ones. Join them and clarify the doubts if you have any. If it’s your first time, you can consider collaborating with the vlogger, who concentrates on a niche in which you are interested. In doing so, you will get introduced to their audience club.

Create Interactive Content

A good script is a requirement to get a wider audience as there are tons of videos uploaded on YouTube daily. Select a particular niche or topic as per your interest and prepare a script or talking points. You can get assistance from apps like Cloud Outliner that would highlight issues that you need to cover up for the video to Vlog like a pro!

Grooming Yourself to be Natural and Passionate

Before introducing yourself before the camera, make sure you have groomed well in make-up and positive energy. You should always follow your passion for succeeding in the field of vlogging. Learn ways on how to get interacted with the audience and engage them. Finally, be yourself, and spread the word to the world!


Shooting is where you get to the ultimate spotlight of presenting yourself, and so, you need to give importance to certain factors of lighting and equipment. Remember, it is the floor that has created stars as well as the barrier for entry.


Before you start shooting the Vlog video, make sure there is enough light so that things don’t go invisible or too bright. Test the setup at least thrice and go on trials with different environments and utilize sunlight as the best choice. While sunlight cannot always be convenient, lookup for an alternate source, and sometimes invest money on lighting equipment.


To get an awesome video, you do not need expensive equipment to capture the video. If you have a good resolution camera that can shoot the video in 1080p HD, it is more than enough. Most people prefer watching videos on TV at present, driving a great watching experience. But if you are about to get a new one and stay within the budget, a camera with 720p HD is good-to-go!


When you are before the camera, don’t forget about the audio. If you observe some vlogging videos, you can hear a loud buzzing noise and overlapping audio that ruins the overall experience. Use a good class microphone and DSLR camera that has good sound quality. Alongside, never shoot a video vertical and while you are moving because people never like shaky videos. Use the tripod option to shoot the videos.


Once filming is over, editing finishes the task and delivers it perfectly. It can crop the unwanted mistaken parts and creates a pace to make the audience engaged.

Film Editing Techniques

Want to make your Vlog video professional? Else want it to be a crazy and fun-filled one? Whatever niche or criteria, a useful video editing tool should be on-hand as that is a secret weapon used by most of the vloggers. Try to use Filmii in enhancing video by adding music, sharpening the audio, and sprinkling effects to make it better.

Influence Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly a popular platform that helps you to reach millions of viewers in just seconds. It is full of people who have various tastes, passions, and preferences and hence is an excellent platform to showcase your vlogging video. Create your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and mention them in all the videos you post on YouTube. To tell in short, get social!

Engage the Viewers

Film and edit your videos such that it engages the viewers and interacts with the audience. Prefer going live, respond positively to the comments you receive on YouTube, and ignore the negative comments or haters. They are just stepping stones to success!

Vlogging has never been easier only if you follow all the tips above.

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