Part 1: What is YouTube Thumbnail Grabber?

Thumbnail is the cover photo of your visual presentation on YouTube. It must carry the meaning and relevance with the subject line of the video you have created for YouTube. The thumbnail images attract visitors to click on the content. If they find the thumbnail does not match your video's subject matter, they immediately leave with a negative impression.

Therefore, it is necessary to create relevant thumbnails for the video you upload on YouTube. One more thing you must remember that if YouTube found that your thumbnail and video content contradict each other, it will immediately revoke your content. And if you attempt the mistakes three times, YouTube will cancel your channel authorization, and you will get a ban for a lifetime.

Hence, you need a thumbnail for two purposes, attract the watchers and follow the community guidelines of YouTube. Thumbnails with proper keywords of your video will help to get the ranking on YouTube as well. So, thumbnail has great importance in video creation, post, and fetch the traffic on your channel.

Technology always stands there to help us and reduce our workload. A few YouTube thumbnail stealer softwares would help you create customized thumbnails for your video content. These sites have amazingly creative and intuitive technology that drives them to find, create and apply superb thumbnails for your video. You can select the picture resolution that matches the subject line of the video. Remember the thumbnail resolution and the video picture resolution must match with each other. Or else watchers may lose interest and leave the video without finishing it.

These are minute details that will feed your creative genre more sharply. Let's see the YouTube Thumbnail Stealer sites and read the details of what they offer to the video creator to make the thumbnail more attractive and appealing.

Part 2: 7 Best Thumbnail Grabber Website that Gear Up Your Creative Genre

Boing Boing is the most popular YouTube thumbnail grabber site that offers customize thumbnails for your video. When you go to the site, you will find a search bar. Copy-paste the url of your video, and Boing Boing will start crushing up and extract the images and create a perfect thumbnail for your YouTube video.


You will make a thumbnail of your YouTube video after copy-paste the video link.

The creation process is automated; hence, users will get the thumbnail without clicking on any button.

The technology would decide the picture quality of the thumbnail by sensing the content and display the thumbnail on a quick note.


You can download the thumbnail in multiple picture qualities.

The process is fast that saves your time.


Boing Boing never allows you to select the picture qualities, and the technology automatically decides which one will fit the video. Creators sometimes cannot agree with the function.

There is no download thumbnail button available there. is another user-friendly site that offers to create amazing thumbnails for your video. You will get the search bar on the user interface, copy-paste the video link, and Fbutube will start mending your video. Users can select the picture quality from several varieties, including 720p, 360p, 90p, 180p, etc., that suit your video quality. The site is the best thumbnail grabber based on its operation.


You can make the thumbnail from and directly share or post on Facebook to generate more traffic to your video.

Selection of the picture quality would match the video quality that leads to pleasure watching your video creation.

Apart from thumbnail grabber for YouTube, the site offers many more to the users includes MP3 cutter, Quotes, Number to Words, Word/Letter Counter, Timer, etc., to experiment your creativity to another level.

Image converter tools, YouTube tools, Dictionaries, Text converter, etc., tools users can use.


Users get the option to select the picture quality from the variations like 360p, 720p, etc.

Fast downloading speed.

Users can use their Facebook wall to post the video to generate more traffic to their YouTube channel.


The site is ad burdened. Users feel difficulty navigating the thumbnail.

Another famous thumbnail grabber is Mashmonkey. The standard and quality thumbnail grabber site offer a wide range of selection of picture quality for your thumbnail that includes Max Resolution (1080p and more), HD quality ( 720p), Standard quality ( 480p), and Low quality ( 360p). Based on the video picture, users can select the picture quality, paste the URL on the search bar and click on the enter button.


Mashmonkey is a standard website for making a thumbnail grabber for your YouTube channel.

The wide variety of picture resolutions allows users to get the YouTube thumbnail of their choice and create them.

If you visit, you will get a pretty long list of various tools that drives your creative aspects to fly high.


The flexibility of the selection of the picture quality allows the users to operate freely.

The process is fast and accurate in making the thumbnail.


There is no user guide or user manual visible on the interface. Newcomers find it difficult to use the site.

It is another best thumbnail downloader site for free. Users can paste the video link on the search bar and click the ok button. You will get various picture resolution thumbnails on an immediate effect, including 1080p, 720p, 380p, etc., to make your video more attractive.


The user-friendly site is free to use, and you no need to pay.

On the site, the user manual mentions, and users get how to create a thumbnail process also to avoid difficulty.

Newcomers of YouTube video creator find easy to use the thumbnail grabber effectively.

YouTube verified channel owners could make a thumbnail of their live stream also on this site.


The site offers a wide range of picture quality thumbnails that attract the watchers to your video.

You can create a thumbnail for your live stream also.


Ads create difficulty to use.

Thumbnailsave saves you lots of time and effort while making the thumbnail for your video. To get the YouTube thumbnail, paste the URL on the search bar and click on the submit button. You will get various picture quality like 1080p, 4k, HD, and HQ and select anyone from them. The site is best for experiments on thumbnail creation.


You can create the thumbnail from a computer or even from a mobile. In both cases, you will get a similar output.


You can select the picture resolution as per your video quality.


Users find it difficult to operate as the site is overloaded with ads.

The unique thumbnail creator Online Uniconverter offers you to operate it online and offline, both for your video creation. You can create a thumbnail from your video by pasting the search bar link and hitting the ok button. Even you can download the amazing thumbnail from YouTube or Google with the help of the Uniconverter tool.


You can create the thumbnail of HD, FHD, SD, HQ, etc., picture resolution.

You can download thumbnails of various resolutions from YouTube or Google and use them on your video. But remember, the images must be copyright-free.


The amazing software is perfect for newcomers and experienced video makers as well. Create the new one and download it from YouTube or Google; both options are available with this amazing tool.


There are no cons to this software.

Sentius is the best for an experienced video maker who already has previous knowledge about the thumbnail and the resolution ratio while using the software. It is also an automated operational tool that starts work quickly once you paste the URL on the search bar.


Absent of physical download button difficult to measure the download in your storage. But Sentius offers high-quality picture resolution on auto mode to create the thumbnail for your video.


The process is quick.

You will get a perfect match resolution thumbnail for your YouTube video.


There is a download button available on this tool. You will get instant output once you paste the URL into the search bar.

Users cannot experiment with the thumbnail of their YouTube videos.

The tool will not display the quality.


The way you create an attractive thumbnail, the more visitors will land on your video. Relevant and high-resolution image-laden thumbnails always strike and catch the attention of the viewers. However, you can take this software's help and create amazing thumbnails every time you make a video for your YouTube channel.