While editing your videos, you might wish to add some stunning filters, overlays, or other visual effects. After all, with the right visual effects, you can drastically elevate the overall aesthetics of your videos. Therefore, to help you implement a stunning vintage video effect, I have shortlisted the top 10 options. In this guide, I will help you pick the best desktop or mobile retro video editor to impart a timeless vintage video filter to your clips.

Part 1: Top 4 Desktop Video Editors with Vintage Video Effects

Ideally, using a desktop solution would be a recommended choice for getting tons of vintage video effects and perform other edits.


Wondershare Filmii

Developed by Wondershare, Filmii is a lightweight and user-friendly video editor that features 100+ video effects. It has a dedicated option for Retro and Vintage video effects that you can easily impart to your clips.

Filmii Video Editor

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Vintage Video Effects and Filters

  • On Filmii, you can just go to the Effects feature from the sidebar to explore 160+ different effects listed in various categories.
  • There is a dedicated section for retro and vintage video effects in Filmii that you can drag and drop to the timeline.
  • Users will get an instant preview of the vintage video filter and can make further changes to their clips.
  • There are also plenty of transitions, visual elements, texts, captions, and other effects in Filmii.
  • You can also explore several modern and vintage templates in Filmii to work on your video projects in an instant.

effects library

Color Grading

  • Apart from that, you can also access the inbuilt Color Grading option in Filmii. You can manually adjust the temperature, saturation, contrast, etc. of your videos to get a customized vintage video effect.
  • Filmora also features a dedicated 3D LUT feature that would impart visual effects to your videos inspired by popular movies and shows.

2 filmii 3d luts


Wondershare Filmora

If you are looking for even more advanced effects, then you can try the retro video editor of Wondershare Filmora. Available for both Windows and Mac, it has some of the most advanced video editing options presented in a user-friendly interface.

  • Filmora has dedicated features for vintage video effects that you can find in the "Effects" section of its interface.
  • Here, you can explore 200+ different kinds of sepia, black and white, retro, vintage, and numerous other video overlays and filters.
  • Filmora has also included an extensive range of video transitions, caption effects, audio effects, etc. that you can instantly add to your videos.
  • The advanced video editor uses AI features for automatic highlighting, framing, and normalization.
  • Some other premium features of Filmora are motion tracking, pan and zoom, keyframing, audio ducking, green screen, and more.

easy video editing software filmora


Adobe Premiere Pro CC

While Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most advanced video editors out there, learning it might take a while. If you have enough resources and patience, then you can also explore its retro video editor feature to meet your requirements.

  • Adobe features an extensive range of vintage and classic filters that you can explore on its cloud and download on the local storage.
  • There are dedicated overlays, filters, presets, and tons of other vintage visual effects in Adobe and third-party apps.
  • If you want, you can also use its inbuilt color correction and grading options to get a customized vintage video filter.
  • It also provides seamless compatibility with other Adobe products like Stock, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.

vintage video effect premiere pro



If you are a Mac user, then you can also try iMovie, which is an inbuilt video editor for macOS. Since it is available for free, you don't have to pay anything to use its vintage video filters.

  • Users can just load their videos to the timeline-based editor of iMovie to implement any vintage video effect.
  • There more than 50+ different visual effects and filters that you can apply to your videos.
  • A few of the inbuilt effects in iMovie are related to retro and vintage themes as well.
  • There are several other transitions, overlays, templates, and caption effects that you can explore in iMovie.

retro video editor imovie

Part 2: Top 3 Online Vintage Video Effect Solutions

While desktop applications would provide far extensive solutions, you can also use any online retro video editor to get instant help.


Veed Vintage Video Maker

Veed offers an online solution to add any vintage video effect to your clips and photos. It is a minimalist web-based tool that offers basic features for free while the premium plan costs $12 monthly.

  • You can just go to the online editor of Veed, upload your video, and select any effect of your choice.
  • There are tons of sepia, VHS, black and white, and chromatic effects that you can apply to your videos.
  • You can also adjust the frame rate for your video and apply color grading effects.
  • There are several other options related to its readily available templates, sound effects, light effects, etc.

vintage video maker veed


Kapwing Visual Studio

Kapwing also offers an online retro video editor that is pretty easy to use. Without installing anything on your computer, it will let you add stunning vintage video filters.

  • Once the video is loaded, the application will let you add all kinds of classic, chromatic, black and white, and vintage effects.
  • You can manually set a colored filter for the screen and adjust its brightness, saturation, temperature, etc.
  • It will let you instantly preview the results of the vintage visual effect and export your videos in different formats.
  • There are also several other features like crop, trim, merge, split, rotate, etc. to meet basic video editing requirements.

kapwing visual studio



WeVideo is another popular online editor that you can use to apply a vintage video effect. Though you should note that this retro video editor is not free, and all its features are paid.

  • This is a timeline-based video editor that would let you implement and customize various effects on your videos.
  • The online application offers a wide range of classic and vintage video effects that you can readily use.
  • There are also different styles of video transitions, filters, and audio effects to explore.
  • Since the WeVideo video editor is a cloud-based editor, it won't need installation on your system.

retro video maker wevideo

Part 3: 3 Best Mobile Video Editors with Vintage Video Effects

Lastly, if you want a lightweight go-to solution, then you can also explore the following iOS or Android retro video editors.


VHS Cam: Vintage Filter

Available for both iOS and Android, this would be one of the best solutions to record or edit vintage videos on your smartphones. You can try its basic version for free or upgrade to a premium version for $19.99.

  • You can integrate it with your phone's camera to directly record videos in an 80's camcorder appearance.
  • Apart from recording videos, you can also import videos from your phone to add any vintage video effect.
  • There are tons of VHS filters and bundles that can instantly apply to your videos.
  • Other features include editing in portrait/landscape mode, zoom in/out, changing the timestamp of the video, and so on.

Runs on: iOS and Android

vhs cam vintage filter


90's – Glitch and Vintage Video Effect Editor

Android users can also try this lightweight app to add any vintage video filter to their clips. It has one of the most extensive ranges of vintage and 90's inspired filters that you would love to browse.

  • There are hundreds of different vintage video templates and filters in the app that you can readily use.
  • You can directly record a video by implementing its vintage lens or import a video to edit.
  • There are multiple retro filters and a unique glitch-and-text effect to impart a stunning appeal to your videos.
  • You can also explore its animated text features or simply add tons of stickers to your videos.

Runs on: Android

90s vintage video maker


Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a lightweight version of the Filmora desktop application that you can use on your Android and iOS devices. There are tons of video effects that you can find in the smartphone editor to meet your requirements on the go.

  • There are hundreds of stunning video effects, filters, and overlays inspired by vintage themes that you can use.
  • It is the first iOS app with a double-take (multi-cam) feature and also offers an advanced AR camera.
  • You can manually adjust the color grading of any video by changing its temperature, hue, saturation, and more.
  • Apart from vintage video effects, there are hundreds of transitions, text effects, captions, audio effects, etc. in the smartphone editor.

Runs on: iOS and Android

filmorago vintage video editor

That's it, folks! I'm sure that after exploring these options, you would be able to implement the best vintage video effect to your clips. As you can see, I have listed desktop, mobile, and even online retro video editors here that you can try. Though, if you are looking for a user-friendly and resourceful video editor, then just explore Wondershare Filmii. Having a wide range of filters and other effects will let you instantly improve the visual quality of your videos for sure.