So, what is the best tool and software you know for editing videos for Vimeo? If you want to make a video and then edit it, then some tools can help you do just that, without having to record the entire video again. Because this is easy, you can choose to record the video without any worries. And, then edit it, and upload it to Vimeo.

But, many times the video apps of your smartphone allow for features like timelapse, slow-motion, and stuff. What if you forget to do those when recording? What if you wish to add a piece of music you wanted to have? Or, reduce the video duration? All these are possible using the Meta Description we are going to present below.

Part 1: Best 3 Vimeo Video Maker for PC

Editing videos on your Windows PC or even Mac means you have to download a software program and install it on your laptop or desktop. Because a laptop or desktop usually has more power, you can do a lot more stuff than too easily.

We try to list 3 video makers and introduce the features, pros & cons. The best one for you is always the one that makes you feel more convenient.


Wondershare Filmii

Filmii Vimeo Video Maker for PC is a great product from Wondershare which runs on Windows. It is a fun video editor that makes editing video super-easy and intuitive. Because, it comes with quick templates and effects, and also user guide videos to help you get started quickly.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

To edit videos for Vimeo using Filmii, you need to do this:

  • So, download and install the software, and then click on ‘Create'. It currently supports only Windows 10, 8, and 7 all 64-bit versions for your PC.
  • Once you hit on ‘Create', select ‘Start from Scratch' or choose a video editing template, to begin with. Once you do this, it will allow you to import your videos and even photos. Then, you can arrange them in order.
  • If you choose a template and create a video, you can open it using the Quick Editor or Advanced Editing options for more creativity. You can also do Auto-Create for quick results.

filmii start screen

Moreover, Advanced Settings is the more fun one because it has two options. First, you can import Project Media, and then Shared Media. On the left side panel, you can import music and audio files, change and add text, add effects from its native library and save your project.

filmii export settings


Wondershare Filmora

This is a great piece of a video editor for PC and laptops running Windows, because it comes with a lot of options for adding videos, images, and many good tutorials for getting started. These are categorized into basic, advanced, and action cam editing.

wondershare filmora x

To edit videos using Wondershare Filmora on your PC, you have to do this.

  • First, go to their website, and download the software. It is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • You can then go to their support and check the tutorials before getting started.
  • You can import videos and clips using its Search Bar, into the Media Library.
  • You can then add media to the timeline, and arrange them. You have several options at the top of the menu bar. Just drag and drop. Go to ‘Media>Sample Colors' or ‘Sample Video'. Save your project.

NCH VideoPad

This is a video editor that is one of the fastest in the market. It is made by NCH Software and you can download it for Windows. It is intuitive enough for starters and allows direct export to disc. Over 50 visual effects and even 3D and 360 video editing options are available.

vimeo video editor nch


To edit videos on PC using VideoPad for Vimeo, do this.

  • Once you've installed it, click to launch. Simply ‘Drag and Drop' to add media files to the project. You can see a familiar interface with a timeline and tools.
  • Put your media on the timeline, arrange them, and add effects and transitions. Add music to the audio timeline.

Finally, you can save your project by clicking on Save Project. It has an ‘Export Video' option to directly save it in a file too.

Part 2: Top 3 Vimeo Online Video Editor

Online video editors are a bit tricky to get because many don't function so well because of the web browser or the connectivity. However, they are one of the best to use because you don't need to install or download anything. Simply make an account, and get started.


Vimeo Video Maker

Vimeo launched its online video editor to help make videos instantly, for good impact. You can try it for free and then purchase a license. With custom video templates and effects, it works like a charm.

vimeo video maker


To use Vimeo video editor online, you have to do this.

First, go to its website, and check the top-right corner button. Click on "New Video" and then select either Upload, Create a Video or Go Live.

  • You can join via Facebook, email, or Apple ID and get started. If you click on "Try for Free", you still have to join.
  • You can check the templates arranged in categories, Tap on them, click to edit, and save.

Biteable Video Maker

It is the world's most simple and intuitive Vimeo video maker available for online users. You can make videos using animation, stock clips, and even images. Best of all, it is completely free of cost.

biteable channel trailer maker

To edit videos online for free using Biteable, you have to do this:

  • First, go to, and check the options at the top. There are templates and a "Create" button. Then, you can choose a plan for Vimeo editing tools from Plus and Ultimate options for less than $30.
  • There are 3 buttons. ‘Add', ‘Edit', and ‘Export'. So, add your media, edit, and then save it.
  • It allows you to instantly search millions of stock images and clips online to add to your project.

Animoto Online Video Editor

This is a powerful online video editor with easy-to-customize templates, stock library, music library, access on smartphones and browsers anywhere and anytime. You can even upload your own videos and photos to add to the project. There is a Free Version as well.

To edit videos online using Animoto, do this:

  • You can first go to their official website and click on "Get Started Free". You have to join using email.
  • Simply select a template and edit. Add media and save or directly share and upload to social media.

video editor beginner animoto

Part 3: 3 Best Vimeo Video Editor Apps

The smartphone apps are one the best to get started with because they are easy to install and use. The top 3 Vimeo online video editor apps are below.




  • It is a video editor, slideshow maker, and more.
  • Choose a layout and edit.
  • Set duration and start making videos.


  • Over 120 million active users worldwide.
  • Simple app with simple features, small and lightweight.
  • Allows in-app purchases for adding premium content.


  • The reviews are not that good.
  • Lags in several smartphone brands.

magisto review



vimeo video editor splice


  • Simple yet powerful app with many advanced features.
  • Customize templates on the go and for professional videos.


  • There are no ads or hassle.
  • Over 5000 reviews and thousands of users.
  • It is a free video editor app, doesn't have a watermark and no lag.


  • Need a little hands-on to make good content.
  • Applied for 17+ users only.


video transition filmorago


  • Best free HD effects, and Wondershare's software on Android.
  • Easy to use with instructions and making videos, photos, music, and clips.
  • Upload to Facebook, Instagram, and social media at ease.


  • Trim, cut, apply effects, and more.
  • Share on social media directly.
  • Over 580k reviews and millions of users.


  • Full of advertisements can break the project.
  • Hidden options can be bothersome for people.


To be able to edit videos there are several good Vimeo video maker tools available for PC, online, and smartphone. The above 9 are one of the best in the market at the present and offer a good experience for starters to advanced users.