We entertain our free time by watching music videos, movies, shows to relax our minds, thoughtful videos with powerful messages that touch our emotional layer, and we relate the presentation with our lives. A successful video maker can accord all these strings and accustomed you with his creative expression.

To represent the story or the message through the video required rigorous editing. Raw video contains unnecessary images and noise, which need to be cut right away to present the concept aptly. Video cutter is necessary to remove the unwanted things that can destroy the essence of the content.

Consider the facts before choosing a video cutter!

Your creativity is very much your asset to show and express your thoughts in the form of light-camera-action mode. But before release to your audience, you need to edit the video. You need to take extra measures in the editing part while selecting the video cutter or editing tools for your video. Here I'm suggesting three significant metrics to consider before selecting any video cutter for your creation.

  1. Multi GPGPU Computation to support format: General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units is a graphics processing unit for computer graphics. It is an essential factor as in a computer with the latest window version and high-end processor, and your video cutter can give better performance to support several formats. Make sure the tool you opt-out for video editing must consist of this quality.
  2. Advanced Editing Features: Editing features with advancement is another crucial aspect of the selected metrics. You must check whether the tools contain the essential elements or not. Object motion tracking, Multicam designer, advanced 360-degree video editing, chroma key editing, auto color correction, brilliant color match, color contrast and action camera center for fast editing, auto effects to footage, etc., vital components you verify before going with any video editing tool.
  3. Modest budget and Pricing: Calculate your budget limit carefully as in low budget you will get low-key performers and limited features availability. With a moderate budget and pricing, you will get desired characteristics without burning your pocket. From a YouTube sensational to Instagram hyper, budget plays another crucial metric while selecting any tool for video editing.

Besides, you must check special effects, music and other combinations that enhance the video quality, customer care support, and how fast you can grasp the tool means clear instructions required. If you are a beginner, you must crave a learning attitude and take small and simple steps to better gripping.

Let's say you're a beginner and bang your heads about what software you should opt-out for your first video editing task. Do not worry. Scroll down to get insights about the best video editing tools you can try hands-on. Let's begin.

Wondershare Filmii is considered the best video editor tool to start your video-making journey for beginners and experienced hands as well. Advanced technology-equipped software comes up with the best effects, color contrast, image filter process, customized template, and message inscribed facilities, all dolled up within the Windershare Filmii.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Features: The tool can run on Windows 10, 8, and 7 with the latest software version clad with the below distinguishing features.

  • The customized theme on various templates
  • You can add, remove, adjust clips with personalized editing.
  • You can add filters, stickers, and motion elements, write titles while adding effects in the editing part.
  • The latest version of Filmii 1.5 consists of dozens of new features that include 30 new templates, auto-creation mode enable and improve the clip's trim. The component consists of personalized videos with 1000 high-quality resources, advanced editing mode with music and voice-over with the images, and properties editing option.

The latest version comes up with more user-friendly to hone your creative skill to the next level. The tool filled with a pros list that includes:


  • Best for the beginners as well as for the experienced individual
  • Clad with all the advanced features that the video industry humming for
  • Customer tech support team available for 24*7
  • Three days free trial after the installation
  • Upgrade to the Pro version is your decision and the price range is affordable even for the beginners


Relatively there are no cons.

The cutting-edge technology-clad video cutter software works in a two-in-one way, a video trimmer and joiner software. The features are unique in their approach to make your creativity at its peak. The free video trimmer and software joiner available for the two versions, Windows and Mac, and both are free to download and use.

Features: Available for both Windows and Mac, the below features are outstanding in the true sense of usability for creative minds.

  • The tools support a vivid range of audio, video formats
  • Maintained high quality during cutting and saving the new format
  • Prominent control of every second at the cutting and editing process
  • 100% clean and safe for use
  • The user method is simple, quick import the file and fast output in a hassle-free manner

With 4.5 ratings on the video cutter and trimming software world, the tool expresses only advantages.


  • No need to fix the budget as the tool is free
  • Windows and Mac both version availability increase the credibility of the software among the industry people
  • The high-end technology with an easy-to-use user manual leaves a significant impact on creative brains.


  • Cannot do complex editing if required.
  • Unable to do significant editing.
  • It is a primary tool for beginners. Therefore, experienced hands disappoint with the performance.

The best processing video you can avail of through iTech video cutter software. Supports almost all kinds of file formats, the iTech video cutter works perfectly with beginners to set their hands. The creative brains are engaging with cutting and processing methods with the latest technology formats in iTech video cutter tools.

Features: A free download tool is an easy-to-use software that blends creativity with innovation skills, both at a time.

  • The tool supports several file formats
  • Can adjust the images with the playback music
  • Supports various templates to add color, effects, titles, watermarks on the photos during the editing
  • Can select the start and endpoint footage and motion in the middle part
  • 100% clean and safe for the use

With advanced technology, the video cutter goes with the latest Windows version.


  • The software is free, therefore no need to prepare a budget
  • Beginners handy for every step to try their hands-on
  • A lightweight and direct-to-use software


  • Additional features not included.
  • Video conversion options not available.
  • The software has not been updated for a long time.

A renowned name in the video cutting industry to join multiple videos and make a single video with cutting clips or motion images. The tool is super-fast and supports various file formats.

Features: A celebrity software for beginners, Bandicut Video cutter equipped with the latest features for a quick and fast video editing task.

  • The software can join multiple videos
  • The tool can split videos into various formats
  • It is an MP4 cutter and AVI joiner software
  • Maintained high and original quality during processing
  • 264 encoders supported the hardware acceleration includes trim, merge, cut, and save the files with high- speed and fantastic picture quality
  • Can extract MP3 files from the video
  • Can import and export VI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, FLV, etc

Getting a high rank on the internet from the users of the Bandicut video cutter is an excellent performer in this field.


  • Free and paid, both options available
  • Excellent merging capacity
  • Paid version comes with the Bandicam package, which is unique in terms of functionality


  • The free version comes with limited access.
  • Customer care support performs poorly.

Video Trimmer for PC

Video trimmer software is a practical tool to trim the video from a large file and split it into a small one. The trimmer tools can merge, trim, cut, slide the motion images and recreate the video that supports various file formats like MOV, MKV, M4V, FLV, MP4, etc.

Video trimmer works editing and merging large files and split them into smaller files comparatively supported by the social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Let's check them out to understand their functionality.

Consider the best tool for cutting and trimming the video clips; Wondershare Filmora comes up with great functionality. It can merge, trim, cut, add, remove, and recreate the magic of editing the creative content.


  • Supported by Windows, Mac, Android, the tool is amazingly working with the fastest speed.
  • With keyframing and advanced editing modes, the device can add better color contrast, sharp motion image with the relevant background score.
  • The quick processing and adjusting Preview quality enhance your creativity while editing the videos.
  • Adjustable camera prevents from shaking and fisheye
  • With 100 whole video tracks, you can organize your media folder


  • Unlimited video editing option
  • User-friendly with windows and Mac
  • Fast processing technique
  • Technical team to assist you 24*7
  • The price range is affordable


One of the best tools does not have any cons.



The best intuitive video editor software is technically advanced to provide you the best industry service. Starting from the animation to regular videos, the tool is equally helpful for all the creative aspects.


  • Movavi Video editor plus enables the stabilization to prevent the video from shaking
  • iOS and Windows, both platforms supported
  • The tool is available in various language
  • The editing process is fast and quick


  • Both Windows and Mac version is free
  • You can avail online and desktop version
  • Create, cut, merge, reverse, and flip, all you can attempt in a single shot
  • Video formats are social media platforms friendly


  • The price range is a bit higher than other tools available in the market.
  • HD videos not working correctly.
  • No light theme available.


Video editing considers art as creating a video as the output of the creative brain. You need to remove the extra image, unwanted footage, adjust the color contrast, add the text if required, and your creative motion content is ready to hit social media.