If you want to trim music and can’t find any reliable tool, then you have come to the right place. There are times when we simply wish to trim an audio file to clip out the best part (like for making a ringtone). The good news is that there are so many desktop, mobile, and online solutions to trim songs or any other audio file. Here, I will let you pick the best MP3 trimmer by listing 9 different options for all platforms.

Part 1: Top 3 MP3 Trimmer Tools for Desktop

For all those who are looking for an MP3 trimmer that can be used on their Mac or Windows, the following options can be explored.


Wondershare Filmii

Wondershare Filmii is a lightweight video editor that has inbuilt options to edit audio files as well. Using Filmii, you can detach audio from a video, trim music, add voiceovers, and do so much more.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

  • You can simply load any audio file on Filmii and place the playhead at the starting and ending point of the file to trim it.
  • There are also numerous other options to adjust the volume of the audio file, denoise it, or apply the fade-in/out effects.
  • Furthermore, you can detach audio from a video file, adjust its speed, and can even play audio in reverse.
  • There are also options to add voiceovers to your video or import music to your video from its existing library.
  • Besides that, you can also access tons of filters, transitions, captions, and other stunning effects in Filmii.


MP3 Cutter

Available for Windows, this is a free MP3 trimmer tool that you can use to clip out any audio file. The application is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and can trim songs for free.

  • The MP3 trimmer application is compatible with 40 different audio and video formats.
  • Once the MP3 file is loaded, you can select the segment of your choice and export it in any format.
  • The tool also has a dedicated ringtone maker to trim audio files for your smartphone’s ringtone.
  • Apart from that, there are options to extract audio from a video or simply convert audio files in different formats or bit rates.

More info: mp3cutter.org



When we talk about freely available audio editing tools, Audacity is one of the first tools that come to our mind. This cross-platform tool has a multi-track editor and would take a while to master.

  • Audacity will let you load an audio file of almost any format and quickly trim the section of your choice using its inbuilt option.
  • You can also apply different audio effects like noise cancellation, fade in, fade out, etc. to the audio file.
  • There are also options to record voiceovers on another track or a fresh audio file.
  • Audacity will let you export the audio file in MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, and other formats.

More info: audacityteam.org

Part 2: Top 3 Online MP3 Trimmer Solutions

If you have basic requirements to trim an audio file, then you can also access an online MP3 trimmer like the following tools.


MP3Cut Audio Cutter

MP3Cut will let you trim audio files from multiple sources pretty easily. Since it is an online MP3 trimmer, there is no need to install any application on your desktop.

  • To trim a song with MP3Cut, you can just upload an MP3 file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • The online Mp3 trimmer is compatible with 300 different formats and is extremely easy to use.
  • You can also use the application to create ringtones for your iOS device in the M4R or M4A formats.
  • Besides that, you can also extract audio from a video file or apply fade-in/out effects on it.

More info: mp3cut.net


Online Audio and MP3 Cutter

This is another free online MP3 trimmer that you can access on any browser to meet your requirements. You would have to upload the MP3 file from your local device storage to get things started.

  • The application is quite easy to use and offers a timeline-based editing interface to trim music.
  • Apart from MP3, it also supports other media formats such as WAV, WMA, OGG, M4R, and more.
  • The web-based tool is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on almost any device of your choice.
  • There is also an inbuilt online ringtone maker in the MP3 trimmer to create ringtones for specific phones.

More info: audiotrimmer.com


Rev Online Audio Trimmer

Rev has also come up with an intuitive online MP3 trimmer that you can access on any device or browser. The application is 100% free and is pretty secure to keep your files safe.

  • Once you upload an MP3 file, it will be loaded on its timeline-based editor and would be encrypted.
  • You can easily trim the audio file for any duration of your choice and can export it in different formats.
  • Apart from MP3, you can also trim songs of different formats like WAV, FLAC, M4A, OGG, etc.
  • You can also use the Rev MP3 trimmer to directly convert audio files from other formats to MP3.

More info: rev.com

Part 3: Top 3 MP3 Trimmer Apps for Mobiles

Lastly, you can also consider any reliable MP3 trimmer mobile app to trim music on your iOS/Android device.


MP3 Cutter for Android

This is a lightweight Android app that you can use to merge or trim audio files. Please note that you have to pay $1.99 to perform each task (like trim/merge) on the app.

  • The app supports almost every audio format and will let you trim songs using its intuitive interface.
  • You can access a dedicated ringtone maker tool to create all kinds of ringtones for your device.
  • There are tons of other audio editing options to merge files, adjust volume, apply fade-in/out effects, and so on.
  • The application can also be used to convert audio files in different formats, sizes, and bit rates.


MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

As the name suggests, this is a dedicated MP3 trimmer and ringtone maker that you can use on your Android device. While the app is available for free, you can get its premium version for an ad-free experience.

  • You can directly import audio files from your phone storage or an SD card to trim them.
  • It supports the editing of audio files of different formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and more.
  • The Ringtone Maker tool will let you trim audio files for specific purposes like calling tones, notifications, alarm tones, etc.
  • There are 4 different zoom levels, letting you trim an audio file precisely (up to 0.1 seconds).


MP3 and M4A Cutter for iPhone

If you own an iOS device, then you can use this all-in-one MP3 and M4A cutter. Not only to trim music, but it will let you convert audio files and create free ringtones for your device.

  • The MP3 trimmer has a sophisticated interface, letting you clip the selected segment of any audio file.
  • You can trim audio files of all kinds in formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, and more.
  • The application also has a voiceover function that would let you record live music.
  • With its Ringtone Maker tool, you can directly export the trimmer audio in the M4A format, which is compatible with iOS devices.

By now, you would be able to trim an audio file on the platform of your choice. As you can see, I have included different options to trim music on a PC, online, or mobile phones. Needless to say, if you are looking for a complete audio and video editor desktop application, then Wondershare Filmii should be your first pick. The user-friendly application has tons of advanced editing options that would let you come up with impressive media files for sure.