It could be a YouTube video or a movie, who wishes to spend time on an ordinary one when there are countless videos with stunning effects. Yes, although a video is shot on a well-featured studio or with a fantastic photography expert, a professional video editing tool is always required that can be friendly for newbies as well. One among the crowd is Filmora from Wondershare. Designed with a high-tech advanced designer team, you can perform all sorts of video editing like keyframing, color grading, touch bar, and so on, where the best on the line is the cool Filmora effects. Not just one, but surplus Filmora effects for free are ready to be tested by you. Want to know in detail about them? Please scroll through our post to find it out!

Part 1: Best Filmora Effects D

Let's look into some of the best Filmora effects in this session that are the user's favorites.

Green Screen Effect: Key out colors with the green screen or chroma key feature to split a subject from a photo or video. Based on color chroma range, composite videos or two images effectively with this option.

Split Screen Effect: With Picture-in-Picture or split-screen feature, overlay two or more video streams on a sequence to reveal a story with multiple viewpoints.

Filters: 150 filters are supported, including the popular ones like faux film, Lomography, distortion, shake, blur, and so on.

Fast/Slow Motion: To represent project progression, fast/slow motion is a great way that will speed up or down the entire process. With a simple speed slider feature on Filmora, you can fasten or slow down the video speed flexibly for weddings, flashbacks, or birthdays.

Overlays: An overlay is when an animated video or image appears on the background video. In Filmora, get the support of 110 overlays like TV static, finder, lens flares, old film, and bokeh blurs.

Pan and Zoom: For provoking an emotional storytelling experience, Ken Burns's effect is the best. Focus or zoom on certain parts on a video clip like scenery or person's face, pan, and zoom are famous.

Jump-Cut: Special split-cuts like J-Cut or L-Cut evoke a video faster than jumps forwards/backward in time to break the video scene continuity.

Tilt-Shift: Miniature faking or Tilt-Shift is a popular type of photographic genre from a birds-eye view perspective. It is a significant effect suited for shooting a model set.

These are some types of Filmora effects free available in-built on the Filmora toolkit. If you wish to purchase or download the Filmora effect pack, get into Wondershare Filmstock today!

Part 2: Alternatives to Filmora Effects

Like Filmora effects, there is quite a few software on the market that provides similar effects and, in this session, let's take a look at those alternatives.



It is not just Filmora from Wondershare that has cool effects but also Filmii, which has a copy of all the Filmora effects—wondering why is it so? Yes, Filmii is a video editor platform from Wondershare for Windows that helps you create personalized videos with cool effects. Offering Filmora effects free like Utility, Distortion, LUT, Overlays, Retro, and Shake, Filmii is different as it comes up with ready-made creative templates. Along with affiliation to other tools like filters, motion elements, titles, and so on, Filmii is the best companion for all your social media platforms.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  • Countless transition styles and modern effects like LUT overlays for video customization.
  • The effective auto-create mode creates video automatically.
  • Easy-to-use interface with timeline, preview, and editing tools.
  • Theme-based creative templates ready to be edited.
  • Load the video with stickers, animation, tutorial elements, and filters.

Here is another entry from the house of Wondershare that is none other than FilmoraPro. Designed to power up your story in a professional way, with FilmoraPro, your video editing is just a piece of cake. With unique features like a built-in screen recorder, automatic stabilization, preset transitions, and unlimited tracks to accelerate your imagination and process, you can refine your video footage to precision with FilmoraPro.


  • Create a cinematic flair with a high-quality preset option and color grading.
  • Packed with advanced options like control settings, auto-correction, color wheels, and scope.
  • Impose magic effects like texts, titles, lights & flare, masking, warp and distort.
  • Bring video into life with motion tracking, animations, pan & zoom, and ease actions.
  • Automatic audio sync, audio compressor, transition, and noise reduction.

wondershare filmorapro



Blender is the best choice when it comes to professional video making and editing. Yes, it is a free, open-source 3D video maker suite that is free-to-use. Designed with Cycles Render Engine, Modeling Sculpt, UV, VFX, advanced animation, and rigging, Blender is the complete one-stop solution for a professional. Widely put in use for story art, 2D & 3D drawing, Blender follows a python-based controlled interface that makes it flexible in usage.


  • It supports 3D pipeline- modeling, rendering, simulation, motion tracking, compositing, and animation.
  • Ultra-realistic rendering, including VR support, PBR shaders, and HDR lighting.
  • Access tripod solvers, planar tracking, camera reconstruction features.
  • It offers outstanding modeling N-Gon support and textured brushes for 3D painting.
  • Python AI, OpenGL viewpoint, Render API, and Hi-Res/Retina support.

Fusion 17

Like the Filmora effects pack, a suitable alternative is Fusion 17 from the Blackmagic Design. Packed with advanced visual effects, motion graphics, 3D, and VR, Fusion is widely preferable by artists, animators, and moviemakers of Hollywood blockbusters. Equipped with GPU-Acceleration and advanced 3D support, you can now create effects with customizable templates. Fusion offers film grain, hotspot, rays, glows, LUT, directional blur, and so on when it comes to effects.


  • Fusion offers true 3D compositing, powerful keying, and fast motion tracking.
  • Personalize your workflow with node tree bookmarks.
  • It consists of 27-new GPU-Accelerated resolve FX.
  • Fusion 17 offers noise reduction, sharpening tools, image restoration actions.
  • Access lens blur, warping, color, light, and color effects along with texture styling.

fusion 17


Adobe After Effects

If you are looking out for a perfect alternative for the Filmora effect pack, then, Adobe After Effects is the one. With access to cinematic movie titles, motion graphics, object tracking, transitions, intros, and so on, Adobe After Effects is highly viable for beginners as a visual effects software. The ultimate part is, you can access and create a composition with other Adobe products or collaborate with Adobe Premiere Pro for instant rendering, Photoshop, and so on.


  • Access hundreds of effects to create VR videos with moving objects.
  • Make animated videos with expressions, motion effects, preset, and designs.
  • Customize video with roll credits, twirl titles, lower thirds, and spin words.
  • Provides an advanced option of rotoscoping powered with AI technology.
  • Remove or cut out unwanted items faster with Content-Aware Fill action.

adobe after effects


Vegas Pro 18

Highly recommended for passionate creators, Vegas Pro is the fastest NLE powered with AI technology. Offering a flexible user interface, Vegas Pro is a preferred tool in video production activities with a GPU-Acceleration, fast rendering, and playback. Wish to make popular styles like Van Gogh or Picasso? Then, Vegas Pro is here with excellent color grading and HDR effects. Offering other tools like video noise reduction, precision audio editing, and high-quality plugins, Vegas Pro is a good try!


  • Access plugins like Boris FX, NewBlue, Zynaptiq UNVEIL, and ActionVFX Action pack.
  • It offers secure and personal cloud storage, Vegas Hub cloud service for instant editing.
  • Perform audio cleaning; remove clips, humming, and background noise.
  • Unique camera logarithmic tool on the color grading panel for accuracy.
  • Configure optimal settings with advanced and dynamic workflow.

Part 3: FAQs

1. From where can I get the Filmora effect pack online?

If you are looking for an online resource to purchase or pick a Filmora effect pack, Wondershare Filmstock is the best option. Loaded with royalty-free resources like stock media, audio, and video effects, Filmstock is a one-stop-shop for all your video needs. In Filmstock, you have a special Filmora effect pack like Wedding Ivy pack, Animated Emoji pack, Flat Design pack, and so on.

2. What are the features of FilmStock?

Wondershare Filmstock has the following astounding features:

  • Massive library with 10 million assets that constantly grows.
  • 100% royalty-free digital resources like audio, music tracks, video without attribution.
  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects and Filmora 9 & 10 video editor.
  • Access popular packs like unicorns, metropolis, city pack, comic books, and superheroes.
  • It provides free Filmora effects packs like retro shapes, doodle pack,s and a lot more.


Filmora effects, no doubt, are the best choice to lift your video, and I hope you would have got an idea about the best ones among them from our today's article. So, to spark magic on your video, sprinkle Filmora effects for a better editing experience!