“Is Canva worth a try?”

Creating videos in this digital world aren’t challenging but instead just a piece of cake when you have internet connectivity. Yes, especially when you need to customize or create beautiful videos, online tools can greatly assist. One among such online video creator tool crowd is, Canva.

Designed for everyone, Canva is a web-based online tool suited for professionals and newbies. It is a one-stop platform to create incredible videos. However, we can reveal a lot more regarding Canva. Are you excited and eager to know more or top-to-bottom about Canva? Then, you are at the right place as our today’s article is all about Canva review!

What is Canva?

Canva is a simple-to-use freemium online graphics platform designed to fulfill the concept of “Design anything. Publish anywhere”. With loads of built-in templates to be used for presentation, social media, marketing, events, documents, education, and so on, Canva is a one-stop solution for your graphic design needs.

Canva Online Video Creator

Built with the drag-and-drop option to use the professionally crafted layouts, with Canva, you need no prior technical knowledge to handle it, making it the better choice for beginners.

It could be creating videos for enterprise, posts for your Instagram page, YouTube thumbnail, or Facebook cover with Canva; you can make it stunningly. When it comes to the features, it has everything you need for a fantastic design, and here is an overview.

Canva Features

  • Royalty-free images: Explore millions of stock photographs, illustrations, vectors, and local uploads, to customize design independently.
  • Hundreds of Fonts: Access to hundreds of font styles like Kite One, lobster, Lato, Limelight, and so on.
  • Photo filters: From ordinary to festive, and from brightness to hue, use the preset filters and advanced photo editing tools.
  • Free icons & shapes: Choose from thousands of elements for your designs from different icons, components, and shapes.

Canva Review: An Easy-to-use Design Tool for Beginners

From the surplus features of Canva on different platforms, here is a table listed for the easy understanding of Canva review based on its feature-set!

Platform Features Detailed overview
Social media Instagram story Canva offers 3 224 beautiful and engaging IG story templates in the form of story background and story highlight cover templates
Social media Instagram post With 4 094 customizable templates, icons, and images, Canva can post all kinds of Instagram posts.
Social media Facebook post 2, 546 templates to make your Facebook profile or page engaging.
Social media Facebook cover 1, 194 templates to create collages of favorite snapshots to post online.
Social media YouTube channel art 340 customized channel art templates to personalize your YouTube channel.
Social media LinkedIn Banner Choose from 151 LinkedIn banner templates that are expertly-curated collections.
Personal Invitation Access to 6 355 professionally designed, printable invitation formats.
Personal Card Create stunning personalized card from 2 838 templates of Canva
Personal Resume Create a captivating CV or resume with the 1 360 templates with an intuitive design editor.
Personal Postcard Design beautiful postcards with Canva that offers 1 335 printable templates.
Personal Weekly schedule planner Get motivated with a stylish weekly schedule planner with 26 templates of Canva.
Personal T-shirt With 1 169 T-short templates of Canva, design an authentic fashion statement.
Business Presentation Blow your audience with a high-quality presentation based on 1 375 templates from Canva.
Business Website Create a business portfolio, event, and organization with free 134 website templates.
Business Logo Design your brand or company logo with 1 667 customizable logo templates of Canva.
Business Business card Customize your business card and print it exquisitely in minutes with 2 695 templates.
Business Invoice Free invoice-based 206 templates that suit your business to impress clients.
Business Business letterhead Get access to 89 printable business letterhead templates with brand logo customization.
Marketing Poster Stunning collection of 4 726 templates of high-quality and sustainable printing options.
Marketing Flyer With love, access 2 573 flyer templates to create a professional flyer that stands out from the crowd.
Marketing Infographic With 201 Canva templates, design compelling infographics for your fans.
Marketing Brochure Create printable brochures for your business with 856 templates of Canva.
Marketing Newsletter With free 516 pre-made newsletter templates, save your time and energy in creating a readable newsletter.
Marketing Proposal Rather than starting from scratch, use the 96 free proposal templates from Canva for a solid proposal.
Education Classroom décor kit Canva provides 337 templates accessible for lesson plans, calendars, Google Classroom, and featuring posters.
Education Lesson plan Personalize your kid’s lesson plan with the 1 363 templates of Canva.
Education Worksheet Canva’s 808 templates are ready to be downloaded today to get creative with your teaching methods.
Education Certificate With 951 templates option to choose from, reward the students or rank holders of your class or department.
Education Bookmark Pick up a beautiful custom bookmark from Canva’s 237 templates to switch between pages.
Education Class schedule Preferable for preschool to college students, Canva has 27 class schedule templates to choose from.
Trending Canvas prints Browse through 200 templates to create high-quality Canvas prints.
Trending Easter cards With Canva’s 28 templates, create an Easter card with a thanksgiving note to your loved ones.
Trending YouTube intro With Canva’s 265 templates, create impressive YouTube intros to attract your viewers and subscribers.
Trending Photobooks Create your photo book with the exclusive 122 templates that Canva offers for you.
Trending Mother’s Day cards Make a beautiful Mom & Me moment with 99 readymade mother’s day card templates of Canva.
Trending Mother’s Day gift cards Browse from 94 templates of Canva to treat your gift certificates.


  • Canva offers a freemium trial and a version as well.
  • It comes up with uncountable layouts and millions of images for the paid subscription.
  • Create resumes, projects, and documents online for educational purposes.
  • Create ads, schedule, logo, and cover for your business purpose.
  • Canva comes in the form of a mobile app as well.


  • You need to include file organization, including template filtering.
  • Countless images and layouts are provided only for paid accounts.
  • The free trial has a limit of collaboration teams to up to 10 members only.

Pricing of Canva

Trial: Free

Canva for enterprise: $30.00 per month

Canva Pro: $12.99 per month

Canva Reviews from Customers

“Just discovered Canva recently and damply in love with it! Great and best suited for small business who needs a leg up on graphics. As for me, it is a game-changer that helped my kid in his project too!”

– Allison Park

“With no doubt, I depend on Canva for my graphic design needs. Being simple and affordable, responsive customer service and chat button on all screens are what goes missing!”

- Super Girl

“For the free version, access to images is minimal, and the collaborative team of 10 members isn’t convincible. Besides, the file organization needs improvement, and more effects can be an added advantage too!”

– Rajesh. C

An Alternative to Canva Video Maker: Wondershare Filmii

The Canva review is now complete, and yes, we can conclude that when it comes to short videos, Canva does it in just seconds with a wide range of templates.

However, here are some cons of Canva video maker like:

  1. As mentioned before, particular effects and editing tools are missing.
  2. Limited access to the layouts in the free version.
  3. The organization of the design is randomly scattered.

All the above points bring the need for a Canva alternative or a suitable video maker like Filmii!

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Smart video templates

Various customizable titles for social media

Stickers & motion elements

Stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Need your video to be cool and stylish as you are? Designed for inspired and artistic lovers like you, Filmii is the one-stop solution. Filmii is a video creator/editor platform introduced by Wondershare, particularly for Windows users. Offering a free version with access to surplus features like filters, creative templates, user-interface, flexible editing tools, and so on, Filmii suits to be an excellent alternative to Canva in creating short videos for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

If you are already a user of Filmii and waiting for something new, then the latest version, Filmii 1.5, is ready for you! Upgrade to it and get ready to experience the next level of video design.


  • Edit your way by performing actions like resizing, rotate, merge, crop, add a photo, add/remove audio, add text, and so on flexibly.
  • Customize videos with built-in templates, themed titles, stylized filters, and overlays.
  • Need to create crazy videos for fun and upload them on Instagram or TikTok? Filmii is all set with animations, stickers, and motion elements.
  • Why different preset customization for social media platforms? Filmii’s here to create vertical videos for TikTok, horizontal ones for YouTube, and square videos for Instagram.
  • Before the long run, Filmii can be tried for free that helps you to view the modern, straightforward interface with easy-to-use timeline operability.


  • Videos exported through the free trial get watermarked. Thus, you may need to go with the option to purchase the plan or go with the watermark exportation.
  • Presently, Filmii is compatible only with Windows.


Thus, we finally reached the end of our today’s article on Canva review. Keeping the discussed negative feedback and drawbacks aside, Canva does a great job creating video creation on different platforms with no doubt. Instead, if you are looking out for a suitable alternative to Canva, we have discussed the unbeatable Filmii from Wondershare as well. Do give it a try to make your video magical!