Today, most businesses and marketers consider videos to be an integral part of their marketing strategy for drawing attention and engaging audience. Professional-looking videos for promoting products online or for marketing cause have become very popular. In fact, video content has become one of the best-selling mediums for demonstrating ideas, telling stories, and more. With Wi-Fi, smartphones, and now 5G, videos are likely to grow increasingly essential over the next few years.

Looking to create powerful yet awesome videos for your business? Want to create engaging videos with content that depicts your brand and spice up your marketing? Making high-performing videos with Biteable – a powerful online video and animation maker – can be the key to winning over your audience and boost your business.

Wondering if Biteable is the best video editor for you? Here’s a comprehensive Biteable review with everything you need to know about this video creation tool.

What is Biteable?

Founded in 2014, Biteable is the best online animated video maker that allows users to create standout videos in a snap. By putting the power of video in your hands, it lets your videos do the talking for you. Whether you just want to create outstanding video content, or wish to create amazing videos, generate more leads, and more customers for your business, Biteable is the tool for you.

Biteable is the ideal video maker for anybody looking to try their hand at videos. It is a video-making tool designed especially for businesses, marketers, agencies, individuals, and entrepreneurs to create animated videos for Facebook and Instagram. Be it cartoons, advertisements, commercials, presentations, slideshows, or any other content, you can create all kinds of videos using Biteable’s customizable templates.

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With Biteable, you can use personalized watermarks, built-in-clips, as well as animations to create visuals in HD 1080p resolution. Also, the platform allows teams to collaborate across various projects by using a centralized dashboard and edit videos.

Q&As about Biteable

  1. Is Biteable Really Free?

Biteable is free for you to create, edit, and share your animated videos. It offers a free trial too. With the free version, you can share and embed as many videos as you want. However, you can upgrade to unleash full creative power. Biteable Premium for individual creators starts at $19 a month on the annual plan.

  1. How Long Can Biteable Videos Be?

Biteable limits the number of scenes users can have in a video. For Biteable Lite, the limitation is 100 scenes since it can take too long to build and time-out after that. For Biteable Pro, it is recommended to make your project up to 3 minutes long due to the same reason.

Biteable Review: A Comprehensive and In-Depth Analysis

Perplexed about how Biteable performs as an online video maker? Check out below to learn more about Biteable:

Parameters Biteable
Key Features Royalty-free music, video templates, color customization, multiple selective themes, hundreds of live-action, animated, or photo scenes
Platforms Share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook with a direct sync
Devices Supported Android,iOS,Windows,Mac,Web-based
Deployment SaaS, Web, Cloud
Customer Types Individuals, small and medium businesses, large enterprises
User Experience Drag & Drop timeline
Customer Service Online, 24/7 live support
Pricing Free forever plan, Premium starts at $29/month on the annual plan

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Biteable: A Quick Summary of Pros & Cons


  • Free plan availability
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Pleasant UI
  • A vast and high-quality music library
  • Professional quality videos and animations
  • Great template library
  • Pre-designed templates and stylish solutions can be added to every scene
  • Flexible aspect ratios for different social platforms
  • Voiceover support through audio uploads


  • No analytics
  • No direct social sharing
  • Limited customization

Biteable Review: Real Feedback by Real Customers

5 Stars

“With Biteable, video creation is super easy and fun. Overall, I still can’t believe how easy it is to create a stunning video in this editor. With no prior background in video creation, I was a bit nervous at first when tasked to create a video using this software. But, I soon realized that it's very simple, user-friendly and intuitive, even for beginners like me. So, I would absolutely recommend Biteable to people who are keen on creating and editing videos that have a clean look and feel - especially to those who are new to video editing.”

3.5 Stars

“Biteable is excellent for creating advertising videos. I love that the software allows users to create short videos easily by using the pre-defined templates.  All you have to do is add text and that’s just it – you will get an awesome video within minutes. With its simple interface and great features, it is the perfect video editor for non-technical users. The only aspect I dislike is that it’s a little slow.”

2 Stars

“I hate that this video editing tool doesn’t provide an option to square format videos for Instagram. Also, I dislike the fact that I cannot add my voice to the videos or upload my own video without purchasing a full version.”

All the Comments are from TrustPilot

Wondershare Filmii: An Incredible Alternative to Biteable

Have you realized Biteable isn’t enough to meet your unique business requirements? Well, many customers have highlighted in their Biteable review that just like any other software, Biteable needs improvements too. Looking for a video editing tool that offers similar benefits with a better experience? Or, want to check out a powerful alternative before committing to Biteable? Wondershare Filmii – a video editor like no other – can be your best bet.

Wondershare Filmii is a powerful, smart, and easy-to-use video editor. Powered by AI technology, Filmii lets you create stunning, engaging videos automatically in an effective way. All you need to do is import your media into the timeline, choose a template theme, and a professional-looking video will be created automatically within a few minutes.

A newly-released video editing tool, Wondershare’s Filmii is perfect for beginners and novices in video creation as the software provides a variety of smart and trendy templates to simplify the entire process of video-making and editing. Whether you want to make enticing and appealing brand videos or want to create impactful content to make your business stand out and convert viewers into customers, Filmii is your best choice.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Some of the primary features of Wondershare Filmii are:

Auto Creation Mode

One of the best aspects of Wondershare Filmii is its Auto-Create feature that allows you to create eye-catching videos automatically with smart templates. Once you choose a template theme, it will trim your clips and apply various video effects like titles, filters, transitions, and motion graphics. After auto-creation is completed, you can preview the video.

AI Video Editor

Wondershare Filmii’s AI-powered technology enables you to express your unique ideas easily and fit your video content to an outstanding smart ready-made template theme that suits your vlog style. As an automatic video maker, Filmii reduces the work and time needed to create videos you post online.

Advanced Editing

Filmii lets you begin your video project either in Advanced Editing or move into the Advanced Editing mode once you’ve made a video for making certain adjustments. In the Advanced Editing mode, you can cut and trim your footage, add your voiceover, apply different effects, and do color corrections.


Wondershare Filmii is a fantastic video editor with embedded smart templates for content creators who want to share their ideas. An excellent alternative to Biteable, it is the ideal video editing software to bring energy and style to your next video. Be it a video for business, family, or friends, Filmii has the perfect template theme for you!