Videos are no longer merely one part of a business's overall marketing plan. It’s central to your outreach and campaign efforts. Leveraging video marketing is a highly effective strategy to promote and grow your business online. More and more consumers are interacting with videos nowadays than ever before and so it’s imperative to boost your brand’s video marketing to connect with your audience.

In order to create professional-looking videos that promote your brand like nothing else, you need to use a top-notch online video maker like Biteable – the best online video editor designed to help marketers. Biteable gives you the power of a professional editor through your web browser and the streamlined workflow means that you can get the job done in no time!

By creating marketing videos that inspire your target audience to buy, you can turn your viewers into customers. But with Biteable offering limited functionality, are you looking for an excellent Biteable alternative that best meets your unique business requirements?

biteable alternative

Here’s a brief insight into Biteable and how it stacks up to the competition.

Reasons Why You Choose Biteable

Biteable is a powerful video editor that lets you create amazing videos. You can create a variety of video content like presentations, infographics, explainer videos, ads, etc.

3 Advantages of Using Biteable

  • User-friendly

Biteable is easy to use and super intuitive. Since it is easy to grasp, anyone can use the software.

  • Professional Quality

You can make professional, engaging videos with Biteable. It offers top-quality videos and animations for Premium users.

  • Free Version

The free version saves you money and enables you to make unlimited videos with a watermark.

biteable pros&cons

3 Disadvantages of Using Biteable

  • Customization

Numerous factors lessen the ability to customize your videos when using Biteable.

  • Limited functionality

Biteable has a lack of editing tools. For instance, you can select the color scheme, but you can’t adjust your clip or the size of the fonts.

  • Pause between slides

The timing of the scenes is set automatically. This doesn’t allow you to plan time duration.

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Top 2 Biteable Alternatives for PC


Wondershare Filmii

Looking for an outstanding Biteable alternative to create stunning videos with a professional touch? Consider switching to Wondershare Filmii – a video editor like no other. An easy-to-use, smart video editor, Filmii offers a range of features for video creation and editing.

Why Filmii?

This AI-powered video editor comprises a wide variety of smart-themed templates inspired by diverse video types and moods. It lets you select templates that best express yourself.


  • An A.I.-powered video editor
  • Easy-to-use video editing software
  • A variety of smart trendy video templates
  • Ability to add filters, effects, motion elements, titles, and stickers effortlessly


  • No Mac Version
  • The free trial of the software comes with a watermark


Starts at $9.99 per month

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)



Avidemux is an open-source free video editing software ideal for beginners new to video creation. It offers you the basic editing features that you need – you can cut, trim and merge video clips, add filters to your content, flip and rotate the entire video.

Why Avidemux?

If you are looking for a video editor that won’t break the bank, Avidemux is your best bet. This video editing tool is completely free and can easily do basic tasks like cutting, encoding, and filtering.


  • Free, open-source
  • Easy to use software for beginners
  • A clear and uncluttered interface
  • Allows you to convert videos to various formats


  • Audio and video playback is poor when editing
  • Difficult to get accustomed to the software



biteable alternative avidemux

Best 5 Alternatives to Biteable



Searching for a great Biteable alternative for creating animation videos? Consider using Renderforest – a cloud-based video editing tool offering free tools for animations, slideshows, etc. It is a video creation and video editing solution designed for businesses of all sizes

Why Renderforest?

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform that brings website, logo, mockup and video creation in one place. It lets you create promotional animations, slideshows, logo animations, music visualizations, and other kinds of videos easily.


  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • User-friendly video editing software
  • Cloud-hosted processes
  • A wide range of video templates


  • Sifting through the templates can be a bit time-consuming
  • The plan with numerous features is expensive


Starts from $6.99/month

biteable alternative renderforest



Animoto is a powerful online video editing software program that turns photographs into entertaining videos in minutes. It is the best online video for the creation and social sharing of virtual tours, marketing, and slideshow videos.

Why Animoto?

Animoto Video Maker is the best animation video creation tool in the market. It is versatile and you can use it for numerous purposes – for business, for teaching, or fun.


  • Easy to install, user-friendly
  • Ability to create high-quality videos of HD quality
  • Unlimited video upload


  • No advanced video editing features are available
  • The free version offers little to no stock libraries and video templates


Starts at $8.00/month

biteable alternative animoto



PowToon is an all-in-one platform that empowers, individuals, teams, and businesses to achieve great results by transforming everyday communication into visual content that gets the audience to connect. With PowToon, you can create amazing animated videos and presentations.

Why PowToon?

The best part of PowToon is that it comes with 100+ usable templates for video creation. The tool is easy for anyone to use and create interactive videos by relying heavily on the templates.


  • Ease of use
  • 24/7 online support
  • Customizable templates
  • A vast collaboration of diagrams, templates, and sound effects


  • Limited collaboration features
  • Doesn’t support 3D animation and keyframing


Starts at $19.00/month

biteable alternative powtoon



If you are searching for a web-based Biteable alternative for making animated videos, MotionDen is the best online animation video maker. With MotionDen, you can create slideshows, intros, explainers, and promotional videos. MotionDen has a plan for everyone.

Why MotionDen?

MotionDen allows professionals, businesses and hobbyists to make awesome videos in an instant. It simplifies the video creation stunningly.


  • Extensive animation templates updated weekly
  • Ability to use many different text styles in videos
  • Offers explanations and tips about what templates work better


  • An internet connection is required for the tool to work
  • Doesn’t allow you to start from scratch


Starts from $29/month

biteable alternative motionden



Clipchamp is the online video editor that empowers everyone to tell stories that are worth sharing. It is one of the most popular tools to edit videos for corporate, creative, and educational projects.

Why Clipchamp?

Clipchamp has all your video needs in one place. Also, the video editing software has plans to suit every situation.


  • Simple user interface
  • A stock library filled with over 40,000 video and audio files
  • Ability to export videos in various resolutions


  • Occasional bugs


Starts at $9.00/month

biteable alternative clipchamp


Video marketing with Biteable can make a huge difference. But, if you wish to expand your horizon, the above-mentioned alternatives can open up new possibilities for you. Time to take your marketing videos to the next level!