We’ve all seen at least one astonishing GoPro video. But have you ever seen raw GoPro footage? Even if you’re a professional, your video will most likely be shaky, noisy, and have poor color reproduction. In some cases, the video might also miss the main subject of interest. But, if it is so difficult, how do the professionals produce masterclass footages from their GoPro? The answer is editing. Lots of editing!

If you’re in the market for a GoPro video editing software, which one should you buy? Or, should you just get a free one? Today, we’ll answer these questions by introducing the best free & paid GoPro video editors. Let’s get started.

Try This New Video Editor for GoPro Editing: Wondershare Filmii

If you want to remove unwanted clips from your GoPro video, change video speed, add some cool effects, or remove the background noise, you can always try Wondershare Filmii.

Filmii is a lightweight video editor from Wondershare which brings smart video templates for auto creation, and personalize the video with editing tools. With Filmii, you can create a video automatically, and add, remove, and adjust the clip and effects effortlessly.

Filmii Video Editor

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Best Free GoPro Video Editing Software from GoPro

To make life easy for its users over the years, GoPro has produced some free video editing apps. Below, we check them out before diving into third-party programs.


GoPro Studio

Platform: Windows & Mac

Availability: Discontinued but Available to Download

GoPro Studio Editor

GoPro Studio is a simple video editor with unique drag-n-drop features. It is useful for editing short unprofessional projects. Using GoPro Studio, you can add or remove music, use the templates, trim & mix clips, and do slow-motion effects. The biggest downside of GoPro studio, which ultimately led to its discontinuation is a laggy interface full of bugs. If you don’t want to use video editing software programs from any third party, you can provide the information on their page and get started downloading.


GoPro Quik

Platform: Android & iOS

GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik is a light editing app. It has been developed to expedite hassle-free content creation. In terms of editing, it has great presets and is somewhat automated, but in a good way. It automatically selects great moments from your photos & videos based on faces, voices, cheering, speed, jumps, water, and more. You can edit the selected content manually. Otherwise, choose from 23 themes, each with unique transitions and graphics for a quick edit. It comes with 4K support and features such as Smart Cuts, text overlays, title slides, Slo-Mo, GPS Stickers, HiLights, and more. They’ve made great strides in audio editing. Quik automatically turns on the audio when it detects voices. It also syncs transitions based on music patterns. Speaking of music, you can choose from a library of 100+ free songs or add your own soundtrack. When combined with a GoPro PLUS subscription, this app is a genuine candidate for GoPro editing. If you want to create music-synced awesome videos with just a few clicks, you should definitely give it a try.


GoPro App

Platform: iOS & Android

Availability: Available

The GoPro app: edit like a pro on the go. This app comes with great features like full remote control of your GoPro camera function. But the editing interface is even better. You get unique themes, effects, transitions, and music for a one-click editing experience. Using reframe, you can create cinematic transitions from your 360 footage. You can also Live stream on Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo. If you add a GoPro PLUS subscription on top of all this, you get a cloud backup of all your original content. This app is best suited for quick editing on the go.


GoPro Player

Platform: Windows & Mac

Availability: Available

GoPro Player is the latest video editing software from GoPro. This is one of the best apps for editing GoPro videos unless you’re a die-hard professional. There is a range of resolutions (5.6K, 4K, custom) and codecs (HEVC, H.264, Apple ProRes, and CineForm) to choose from. And, you can always view your videos and photos right from the player. The editing features include reframe, 360 conversion, frame grab, horizon leveling, world lock, trim, playback & batch export. GoPro Player is currently the only official desktop editor from GoPro. Considering its wide format support, features and availability, we recommend GoPro Player over Quik and Studio.

Best GoPro Video Editing Software and Apps

The effort from GoPro to make inhouse video editing apps has been largely unsuccessful. Users are now limited to the only two viable inhouse options GoPro app and GoPro Player. Therefore, most professionals have turned to third-party alternatives. Below we introduce some of the top third-party GoPro video editing software.


Filmora X

Platform: Windows & Mac

Pricing: free trial or $39.99/year

Filmora X version is our top choice because it satisfies most of the requirements with the least amount of editing complexity. The app comes with specific tools for editing action camera footage. The Action Cam tool assists you with correcting lens distortions (fisheye), advanced video stabilization, automatic color correction, Audio De-noise, and advanced speed control. Worried about loss of quality during trimming and merging? With the Instant Cutter tool, you can instantly trim & merge even your 4K GoPro footage without losing any quality. Filmora also comes with the following editing features,

  • Basic: Multitrack, crop, zoom, split, flip, color tune, playback speed, freeze frames, resize, motion texts, ripple, etc.
  • Effects: Filters, overlays, presets, filmstock, Chroma key, elements, transitions, sound effects, etc.
  • Advanced: scene detection, power tool, overlays etc.


Platform: Mac/iOS/iPad

Pricing: Free

For Mac users, iMovie provides a quick & easy GoPro editing Platform. Although there are no action cam specific features, it is a capable video editor nevertheless. The UI is intuitive. Everything looks polished and clean. There is no unnecessary bloatware. It supports 4K (60fps) footage from most action cameras including GoPro. Similar to GoPro Studio, iMovie comes with themes that include transitions, effects, and titles. There are also some advanced features like motion tracking, overlay title creation, preset audio effects, and control of video playback speed. From the corrections panel, you can correct the saturation, exposure, contrast, and white balance. But this is just about it.


CyberLink ActionDirector

Platform: Windows

Pricing: 30-day trial, various paid versions under $70

Cyberlink is the only software company in this list that has a dedicated action camera video editing program. The company produced ActionDirector with speed, functionality, and trendy features in mind. Almost all action camera video formats are supported. The editor retains original quality when you trim, merge or split your videos. Many editors enable you to apply color and lens corrections. But ActionDirector can do them even at 240fps without losing any quality. This makes their slow-motion videos one of the best. There is also a very capable audio editing interface. If you’re in a hurry, it has one-click corrections & drag ‘n’ drop storyboard creation so that you can edit your videos on the go.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Platform: Windows, Mac

Pricing: 30-day trial, $20.99/month

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a familiar name in the video editing industry. It has been used extensively in creating feature films. The latest version of the Premiere Pro is also a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This enables an unparalleled level of collaboration and versatility. 

Premiere Pro doesn’t have any dedicated editing tool for GoPro videos. But thanks to its large array of features, you can get about the same level of editing functionality as a dedicated editor. Premiere Pro supports all the GoPro video formats and resolutions (including 4K). You can do color correction, fix lens distortion(fisheye), stabilization, and more. When you’re done, you can export your video straight to your social media platform YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.


Final Cut Pro X

Platform: Mac

Pricing: 90-day free trial/ $299

Final Cut Pro is an advanced alternative to iMovie by Apple. Unlike iMovie, it is geared more towards professionals. The editing features include 360 Degree VR Editing, VR Headset Playback, Advanced Color Grading, HDR Video Support, Motion Graphics Templates, Third-Party Plug-Ins support, and a lot more.

There aren’t many GoPro specific features in Final Cut Pro. But there is third-party plugin support. With plugins like Action Cam Essentials, you can do automatic fisheye removal, dynamic stretching, color grading (with presets), letterboxing, and title layer plugin. It is one of the many plugins out there. When you combine such plugins with the editing capabilities of Final Cut Pro, it is a package most can’t refuse.


DaVinci Resolve

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Pricing: Free / $299

DaVinci is a non-linear video editing software that goes beyond 4K, supporting up to 8K resolution. Although the free version comes without watermarks, it doesn’t allow you to edit in 4K. Multiple users can work live on the same project. It supports GoPro Hero 4,5 and some newer cameras as well. There are unique features such as speed warp and facial recognition that uses machine learning. Color reproduction is a big issue with GoPro cameras. DaVinci provides one of the best color correction and color grading solutions. The noise reduction, audio post-production, low light, Resolve FX, and advanced sharpening features also come in very handy for editing GoPro footage.

FAQs About GoPro Action Camera Video Editing Software

1. Does Gopro Have Editing Software?

Yes. GoPro has editing software for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac. GoPro App is available for Android & iOS. For desktop users, there is GoPro Player. It can be installed on both Windows (10 or later) and Mac (Mojave or later). The discontinued programs, GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik can also be used for editing. But they are very laggy and full of bugs.

2. Is GoPro Quik Free?

Yes. GoPro Quik is available to download for free from here for Windows (64-bit Windows 10 only. 32-bit systems are not supported) and Mac (Mac OS 10.9.X or later) here. However, keep in mind that it has been discontinued. It lacks the support of many recent GoPro cameras & features. Moreover, although GoPro Quik is free, the GoPro PLUS subscription is not.

3. Is Gopro Quik The Same As Gopro Studio?

No. GoPro Quik is more like a lighter version of GoPro Studio. It was built for quick editing & sharing. Unlike Studio, Quik does not have time-lapse or lens distortion (fisheye) removal. It also lacks frame rate, white balance, exposure & contrast editing capability. But it somewhat compensates by including features like direct upload from the camera & share to Facebook or YouTube.