As a YouTuber, you have only a short period of time to attract the attention of your potential followers, because most people who visit your channel are going to spend more than a few moments browsing through your video collection.

A channel trailer should briefly summarize what your YouTube videos are about, and it should spark enough interest in the visitor to click on the subscribe button. If you decide to enable this option, the trailer will be displayed at the top of your YouTube channel page, which makes it easily accessible to all new visitors.

A channel trailer can be a powerful promotional tool that can help you increase the number of subscribers quickly. That’s why we selected the 5 best channel trailer makers you can use to create a visually stunning trailer for your channel.

Part 1: 5 Best Channel Trailer Markers

Channel trailers are not much different from any other type of trailer, which means that you should be guided with the same principles you would use while working on a trailer for a YouTube video. So, you should avoid revealing too much while still finding a way to provide the viewers with all the information they need. Here are some of the best channel trailer makers that will help you to achieve that goal. 

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $19,00 per month

Compatibility: web-based

YouTube Channel Maker - Biteable

Bitable is a video editing platform that grants you access to all the tools you need to produce video content quickly. That’s why it is hardly surprising, that creating a channel trailer with this online video editor is so easy.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you should simply select the one that best fits your YouTube channel’s visual style. When ready you can upload your footage or use the stock content the platform offers to create the trailer for your channel. Moreover, you can quickly customize all textual elements you want to include in the trailer or choose the aspect ratio that matches YouTube’s demands. All videos you produce with the free version of Biteable are going to be watermarked, while the range of tools you are going to have at your disposal depends on the pricing plan you choose.



Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS

YouTube Channel Maker - iMovie

Even though iMovie is far from being the most powerful video editing app you can use on a Mac, it still enables you to create trailers for a YouTube channel quickly. You don’t even need an advanced set of video editing skills in order to make a Hollywood-like trailer with iMovie.

While creating a new project, you just have to select the Trailer option and then choose the type of trailer you want to create. After you select one out of 14 available templates you can proceed to import the footage create the opening titles or the end credits and name the trailer you’re creating. When done, you can preview the results and export the project in the resolution you choose. 

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $14 per month

Compatibility: web-based

YouTube Channel Maker - Renderforest

With the selection of nearly twenty movie trailer templates, Renderforest is one of the most reliable online channel trailer makers. Each template contains a different number of scenes so you can choose between trailers that have just twenty scenes and those that have 500 hundred scenes.

Once you’ve selected a template you like you can start customizing it so that it fits your channel’s visual style. The platform lets you import your videos or use the stock footage and pick the font and text size or color you like. Arranging the scenes is easy since you just have to drag video clips to the preferred position on the timeline and drop it there in order to rearrange them. Keep in mind that the free version of Renderforest watermarks videos and it also limits their maximum duration.

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $9,00 per month

Compatibility: web-based

YouTube Channel Maker - RendeClipChamprforest

This is arguably one of the best online video editors on the market that grants you access to a broad range of video editing tools. Hence, if you have the necessary video editing skills there is nothing stopping you from creating a trailer for your YouTube channel from scratch with ClipChamp.

In case you don’t have the time or the skills to make a trailer on your own, ClipChamp has an impressive collection of video templates that can be easily customized to meet your demands. The durations of templates vary which enables you to pick the one that fits into the trailer format. Importing the footage, changing the default background music, or adding a text overlay is easy and you can complete these tasks in just a few moments. The free version of ClipChamp doesn’t allow you to export videos in resolutions larger than 480p.



Price: $9,00 per video

Compatibility: web-based

YouTube Channel Maker - MotionDen

Gaming, YouTube, or Typography are just a few among countless instant video template categories MotionDen offers. You just have to hover the mouse over the template you want to preview and it will start playing automatically. However, you will have to log in to your account on this platform in order to customize the template you selected.

The default scenes are arranged along the timeline and you just have to click on them to add the footage. In addition, you can upload the background music or insert the text in just a few clicks. However, you won’t be able to edit the video clips once you upload them, which means that you have to remove the parts of video clips you don’t want to include in the trailer’s final cut before you upload them to MotionDen.

Part 2: Tips to Help you Make a Good Channel Trailer

A channel trailer should make a strong impression on the viewer because in most cases it is the first video the visitors of your channel are going to see. These tips should help you create an effective trailer for your YouTube channel.

1. Duration matters

It is completely understandable if you want to include as much material in your trailer as you possibly can that will present your profile in all its glory. Resisting this urge falls in line with YouTube’s recommendations that suggest a trailer shouldn’t be shorter than 30 seconds or longer than 90 seconds.

Producing an informative and short trailer can be a challenging task, and for that reason, most experienced YouTubers script their trailers. You should start by briefly introducing yourself and your channel to the viewer and then move on to explain which type of content you’re producing.

Include some of the highlights from your most popular videos, and then finish by inviting the viewer to subscribe to your channel. Mentioning your posting schedule may also be a good idea, but you can skip this part if it extends the duration of the trailer too much. 

2. Stick to the T.O.P Formula

Structuring a YouTube channel trailer if you follow three simple rules. The T in the T.O.P formula refers to the target audience, and it suggests that you should let the viewer know which type of video content they can find on your channel.

Mention that you are making videos for gamers, fitness enthusiasts, or camera geeks and proceed to tell your origin story.

Letting the viewer know what prompted you to start your channel will make the trailer more personal. Pitch or the P from the T.O.P formula should be at the very end of the trailer. Try to find a creative way to ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel and avoid clichés that sound impersonal and generic.

Part 3: How to Upload Channel Trailer to YouTube

Adding a trailer to your YouTube channel is a simple task you can complete in just a few easy steps. Make sure that you are logged in to your YouTube channel before you start and then proceed to upload the trailer.

You can do this by clicking on the Customize Channel button that is located at the top of your channel’s home page. Once the new screen loads, you should click on the Upload a Video option and wait for the video to be uploaded under

You can then write the description, add tags, and click on the Publish button, before going back to the channel’s home screen. Click on the Customize Channel button once more, and then you will see view spotlight under layout, which allows you to add a video to the top of your channel homepage. Click Add next to Channel trailer for people who haven't subscribed to continue.

Upload YouTube Channel Trailer

Choose a specific video from your published video list and then the video will be used as your YouTub channel trailer.

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Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Channel Trailers

What is a channel trailer?

A channel trailer is a short video that is displayed on your YouTube channel that informs the visitors about the type of content you’re producing.

Why is the channel trailer important?

Establishing a connection with your YouTube channel visitors can potentially increase your number of subscribers and help you build a large fan base.

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Although creating a trailer for your YouTube channel can seem like an insignificant detail, adding a trailer to your channel can reflect positively on your number of subscribers. You don’t even need access to professional video editing software to create a captivating channel trailer, since there are so many channel makers that let you complete this task in just a few minutes.