As a vlogger, it is imperative to have your personal branding in order make your videos stand out in the crowd. Since buying or subscribing to a dedicated tool merely to make a logo could be impractical, and you may even require a decent amount of experience to come up with a unique and creative design, an online logo generator would be your best bet.

With that said, because most web platforms use Artificial Intelligence to automatically produce a logo based on your inputs and preferences, an efficient AI logo generator doesn’t require you to be a professional graphics designer or have any prior knowledge of a designing program whatsoever.

Considering this, here you will learn about some of the best online logo generator portals to get an attractive identity icon for your vlogs.

Best AI Logo Generators Online

Below is a list of some best and widely used AI logo generator web portals along with an overview on how to use them to create a symbol for your videos:

AI Logo Creator is an online portal that enables you to generate an AI-based logo for your vlogs with merely a couple of inputs. The web app offers three one-time purchase subscriptions namely Basic, Premium, and Enterprise with various benefits. Although the tool takes your inputs, produces logos, and lets you preview them online, you must buy a plan to obtain the logo.

To use, you must:

  • Go to its official website and enter the company name;
  • Select the logo category and at least 3 logo references;
  • Select your color preferences and pick the color tone that can represent your company most;
  • Enter the company slogan if you prefer and then add some icons if needed;  
  • Now preview your logo options, choose one, and then subscribe for a plan to download.


AI Logo Creator -Looka

Looka is not only an online logo generator for your vlogs but it can also use its AI to generate social media logos, business cards, and even your websites. The subscription plans that Looka offers are for life-time and are in three variants namely Basic, Premium, and Business where the Business plan also includes Social Media Kit and Business Card designing.

To use Looka, you must:

  • Start adding your inputs in the available fields
  • Pick your preferred designs from the given samples
  • Preview the logos that Looka comes up with
  • Purchase a subscription plan (Sometimes annual plans are shown when following this method. To avoid this, you can subscribe for any plan of your choice before beginning.)
  • Download a logo to your computer

AI Logo Creator -Brandmark

As with the above two, even Brandmark is an AI logo generator as well that allows you to add your inputs, select a color theme, and use the other available options to automatically create a design. While working with Brandmark, you don’t need to sign up for an account or purchase any subscription to check how efficient its AI is when it comes to creativity. However, you must buy one of the three plans to download the logo to your PC.

To use Brandmark, you must:

  • Start creating your logo as you visit the website
  • Give necessary inputs
  • Check if the logos the AI generates are good enough to use
  • Purchase a subscription plan
  • Customize the design if need be, and then download the logo to your PC

AI Logo Creator

With Basic and Premium plans, is another AI logo generator that enables you to quickly create a log for your vlogs according to the choices you make. Unlike many other online logo generator portals, on, you are required to pay only when you are satisfied with the design, and need to download it. Therefore, no monthly, annual, or life-time subscription plan is needed to get merely one logo.

To use, you must:

  • Enter your brand’s name and its slogan if present
  • Select some templates and icons to give the AI an approximate idea of what you are looking for
  • Sign in to the portal with your Inmagine account
  • Preview and then download the logo to your PC

AI Logo Creator -Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the most versatile online service portals that, in addition to creating AI-based logos, also lets you register your domain, web hosting, email services, etc. Simply put, the website can be considered one-stop shop for all your business needs. This also includes a logo for your vlogs. The best thing is, creating and downloading a professional logo is absolutely free with Namecheap.

To create a logo with Namecheap, you must:

  • Give all the inputs that are needed by the AI to generate a custom logo
  • Preview the logo, and make any necessary changes from the left section of the page
  • Sign up, and then sign in to your Namecheap account
  • Download the logo to your computer

AI Logo Creator -Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands allows you to create your custom AI-based logos automatically with comparatively fewer clicks. In addition, the web portal also offers other branding tools such as business cards, presentations, etc. Some social media tools that Tailor Brands also offers include detailed analytics, Facebook assets, and much more.

To create your logo with Tailor Brands, you must:

  • Start off by typing your brand’s name and slogan text if any
  • Define your business type and platform such as vlogger, company, etc.
  • Choose some existing designs to help the AI system
  • Sign up and then sign in
  • Download the logo to your PC

AI Logo Creator - Logopony

An online logo generator probably with the least intervention from your side, Logopony lets you create your AI-based logo, and make unlimited edits to them with only one-time payment. The web portal offers two plans namely Basic and Premium with one and 50+ logo files respectively. The Premium plan comes with some extra advantages such as Social Media Kit, business card designs, etc.

To create a logo with Logopony:

  • Provide inputs like your brand name, slogan, etc.
  • Choose existing samples to help AI
  • Pick your preferred colors
  • Preview your logo, and make the changes if need be
  • Get a subscription plan
  • Download the logo to your computer


AI Logo Creator - LogoAi

With three subscription plans namely Basic, Pro, and Brand, LogoAi lets you create your logo along with a slogan right as you visit the official website. However, you must sign up and then sign in to make any amendments to the design that the portal’s AI comes up with. Furthermore, the Brand subscription allows you to get more than just a logo. With this plan, you can generate business cards, branded social media content, etc.

To create a logo with LogoAi:

  • Start off by typing a name
  • Define your business type
  • Add a slogan if any
  • Pick a logo from the available suggestions
  • Sign up and then sign in to your account
  • Make required changes
  • Buy a subscription plan
  • Download the logo to your computer

AI Logo Creator - DesignEvo

This AI logo generator has three plans that are Free, Basic, and Plus. While the Free plan allows you to create and download the logos for free as long as you give the site proper credits while using the design anywhere, the other two subscriptions offer several advantages such as unlimited edits and downloads, obtaining print-ready files, etc.

To use DesignEvo:

  • Pick a logo design from the available samples
  • Make the required changes
  • Select a shape
  • Select a subscription plan
  • Download the logo to your PC

AI Logo Creator - LogotypeMaker

LogotypeMaker is a low-cost online logo generator with Basic $1.99 and Premium $4.99 per month plans that are billed annually. When you choose the latter subscription, you are allowed to edit your logo for unlimited number of times, can obtain vector logo files, get access to business card templates, and much more.

To use LogotypeMaker, you must:

  • Type in your brand/company/identity name
  • Sign up and then sign in with your Facebook or Google account
  • Make the required changes
  • Pick a plan to subscribe with
  • Download the logo to your PC

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Although you can easily get any dedicated tool to design your brand logo for vlogs, even if it is free, you still need decent experience in using the application. One of the most complicated tasks in taking this approach is understanding the technical jargons that these programs use. Thankfully there are several online logo generator portals that require basic inputs from your side, and then their Artificial Intelligent systems create various editable and downloadable designs for you to pick one from.