Do you wish to create personal or marketing videos that advertise your expertise, promote your services, and ultimately help grow your business? Looking to turn your photos into entertaining slideshows without any skills? Animoto – a powerful video maker – allows you to simply upload all your media, choose a theme, add text frames, and create eye-catching videos quickly, without having to be an expert in video editing.

Whether you’re scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it’s likely that you’ll run into a dozen short videos featuring everything from breaking news stories to recipes. Slideshows have nowadays become a popular conduit for content creators and marketers alike. And, Animoto can be the key to creating quality, shareable videos for any format you need, without having to learn the intricacies of video editing or worrying about export settings.

Wondering if Animoto is worth it or whether it is right for you? Check out below for honest Animoto reviews.

What is Animoto?

Established in 2006, Animoto is an online video editor that allows users to combine photos and video clips with music to create video slideshows. It is a popular video maker that enables business managers and marketers to create professional-grade and high-quality videos for re-marketing and promotional purposes, product releases, blog teasers, and more.

Easy to use, Animoto is online slideshow software with video creation capabilities that make it a top choice among businesses, professionals, video marketers, teachers, students, and photographers. It is an easy and intuitive way to make videos and slideshows, allowing you to upload your files, add music from a free library, add cool text effects, etc.

what is animoto

Q&As about Animoto

  1. Is Animoto Safe?

Yes, Animoto is safe to use. Even though some people might be conscious because it is a web-based program as opposed to a download application, Animoto is secured with HTTPS protocols, meaning your vital information is safe on their servers. 

  1. Is Animoto Easy To Use?

Just as its slogan says, “make it simple, make it beautiful”, Animoto is very easy to use. Using this video editor doesn’t necessitate any previous experience or profound knowledge of computers. This makes it a useful online video editor tool for the home user.

  1. How Much Does Animoto Cost?

People interested in using Animoto may opt for monthly or annual subscriptions. Each plan has something different to offer and there’s no singular plan that perfectly suits the need of every user. While professional plans are billed at $29 per month, Team plans are billed at $79 every month. You can save 50% if you commit at once and choose an annual subscription.

  1. Can You Collaborate On Animoto?

Yes, Animoto allows people to access photos and video clips from their friends’ and families’ shared photosystems. This enables them to collaborate and create eye-catching videos from various perspectives within minutes.

Animoto Reviews: A Detailed Analysis in a Nutshell

Parameters Animoto
Key Features Color Customization, 50+ storyboards, 2000+ commercially licensed music tracks, Customizable branding, unlimited creation and download
Platforms Easy to upload to social media platforms
Devices Supported Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based
Deployment On-premise, Cloud, SaaS
Customer Types Individuals, small and medium businesses, professionals, freelancers
User Experience Drag and Drop interface, streamlined functionality
Customer Service Phone, Live Support, Tickets
Pricing Professional plans from $29/month and Team plans from $79/month

Animoto Video Maker: A Quick Summary of Pros & Cons


  • Create professional-grade videos in a few minutes
  • Intuitive and easy to use thanks to the clean and simple interface
  • Thousands of licensed songs to choose from for your videos
  • Easy to navigate pre-built storyboards (templates)
  • Wide variety of filters, motion-elements, and overlays
  • A large number of transitions and texts
  • Easy to upload to social media platforms
  • Mobile app available for both Android and iPhone
  • Excellent customer service


  • Free versions come with watermarks
  • Lack of plugins and integrations
  • No 3D effects
  • Not many pre-set templates

Animoto Reviews from Customers

5 Stars

“Animoto is a superb video editing tool anyone can make compelling videos with. Super easy, I love how easy Animoto makes it to create, edit, cut, and export videos. I am not much tech-savvy and yet was able to use this software, make quality videos and get excellent results”

3.5 stars

“Animoto has a wonderful resource gallery and an excellent gallery with great music. Even though there are many aspects that I like about Animoto like its library and templates, it is the software’s music library with a lot of licensed music that I love the most. The only thing I dislike about Animoto is its pricing since it has a free version for 14 days only.

2.5 stars

“I hate having to pay for certain templates and also to remove the watermark when creating videos”

Wondershare Filmii: The Best Alternative to Animoto

Just like any other video maker out there, Animoto is a fine video editing tool that isn’t without issues. Many Animoto reviews have highlighted where the software could be improved. Fortunately, there is one excellent alternative that allows you to do even more – Wondershare Filmii.

Wondershare’s Filmii is a fun video editor that features smart video templates and an auto-create tool. Be it for personal or commercial purposes, with Filmii – one of the most powerful video editing software, you can edit and make stunning videos quickly.

You can start right from the scratch and make customized videos in Advanced Editing or you can even create videos using the re-built templates that allow you to correct, cut, and add effects to your footage. Filmii comes with a variety of in-built templates that allow users to edit their DIY videos in a jiffy. 

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Salient Features of Wondershare Filmii:

Auto Creation

In Filmii, users have the option to create videos quickly by using templates that automate certain parts of the video editing process. When you choose a smart template, it will trim your clips as well as apply video effects like transitions, motion graphics, and titles. Once your video is made, you can either export it or make changes manually.

Range Of Themed Templates

Wondershare Filmii includes a selection of themed templates that are inspired by different video types and moods, meaning you can pick one that allows you to express yourself best. After you choose the template, you can import the video clips and photos and arrange them in order. The template you choose will detect, correct imperfections such as blurry images, brightness, and recognize the vital parts of your clips by detecting the faces and movements.

Advanced Editing Mode

Filmii allows you to start your video project in Advanced Editing or move into the Advanced Editing mode after you’ve made a template video for making adjustments. In this video editing suite, you can cut your clips, add a voiceover, do color corrections, and apply different effects. Fundamentally, Filmii gives users the perfect choice to work rapidly with templates or take more control.


Each of these primary features makes Wondershare Filmii a top choice among content creators and marketers who want a hassle-free video creation process. Furthermore, with more than 1000 rich resources including filters, elements, audios, motions, and transitions, Filmii is indeed a great alternative to Animoto.