What is Animaker?

For those who wish to delve into video making themselves, this Animaker review is for them. It acts as a platform with a set of tools and an easy user-friendly interface for beginners, non-designers who are looking to create live-action or animated videos. Of course, there are advanced and sophisticated tools that work well for professionals as well.

Animoto Alternative Animaker

This software application is great for enterprise teams who wish to create video-based presentations. It has collaborative functions and features, all included in a simple and user-friendly drag and drop interface. Users get access to visual tools, a library of animations and they can easily collaborate with other users.

It is feature-rich DIY software that helps you create professional live or animated videos within minutes. The company, a SaaS product enterprise, has been growing rapidly. Today it has a user base of about seven million across 220 countries. In this Animaker review, we look at its features, tools, and functionalities offers. We also compare the same with similar software out there and look at what customer experiences are with this software. It markets itself as a collaborative video-making tool for small businesses, professionals, and even amateurs.

Different Aspects of Animaker

We look at the different features, platform compatibility aspects in this Animaker review:

Platforms Supported Installs in Mac, Windows, cloud-based or SaaS, iPhone or iPad, Android
Training Supporting documentation Webinars Live online Supports several languages
Support Live chat 24/7 Online
Presentation Tools Transition and animation tools Templates that are customizable Media library Offline presentation possible Search or filter option present
Video Editing Tools Media library Collaboration, social share option Video capture Supports HD videos Text overlay, text to video Voice over Drag and drop feature
Managing Videos Social sharing Privacy options Brand overlay options

Hence, Animaker is a great tool, even for beginners, for trying their hand on live video making. They can create short or GIF videos with this tool as well as edit live videos with this tool. Not only does this tool allow users to create content, but they can also edit with ease as well as collaborate with others by sharing the video creations.

Pros and Cons


  • It allows complete control of the video creation process to the users, right from start to the finish.
  • Corporate marketing teams who wish to make their own creative content have versatile options to send across their messages, set timelines as well as look at the brand of their products or services.
  • It helps users make changes in the videos they produce and without incurring additional cost.
  • Marketing teams of companies can save money from having to pay another vendor for creating marketing video content.


  • The video creating software allows only short video creations, from 60 to 90 seconds.
  • The software is feature-rich and hence, mastering the learning curve can take a while.
  • Employee time spent on creating DIY animated videos need to be taken into consideration; especially when it is not part of the standard job description of a marketing team.
  • Many complain that the entire process takes a long time while some feel that their efforts end up with only amateurish videos.
  • For many companies, it often feels that making marketing videos in-house is not a smart move.

Hence, the above points need to be considered at the time of choosing this DIY animation video software. It makes sense only when you are trying to develop your expertise in making short, animated videos or when you do not have the budget to invest in a professional video-making service. Many users do feel that templates and brand overly options in this software do help create useful and effective videos.

Animaker Review


Animaker Reviews from Customers

No Animaker review is complete without referring to comments of users. This reflects the experience that customers have had from using the application. Here are some remarks that customers have made about this video making software:

Easy to Use and Powerful

This customer had a good experience with the software from the beginning. He felt that the software, which is free for use, could give so much value was incredible. He also felt that the editing tools were easy to use.

Not Worth When You Pay for a Subscription

Some customers who opted for a paid subscription to the software complained that they found the paid version disappointing in terms of performance. It was often slow and crashed frequently. Also, after six downloads many found that the software asked for additional payment. In contrast, those who tried the free version were satisfied with the tools and features that Animaker offered.

Disappointing Customer Support

This was a complaint of many, especially those who opted for the paid subscription version. Many found the chat service not functional. Others complained that they had to pay for placing a call to the support center.

Indeed, Animaker’s review from customer experiences reflects that the software is best for free use, with the basic tools and features. However, it needs to step up its performance and customer support aspects to satisfy its paid customers.

Animaker's Alternative: Wondershare Filmii and Renderforest

For a comprehensive Animaker review, you need to know about alternatives or competitor software available out there. One ready comparison can be made with Filmii, a similar short video editor tool, made available from the Wondershare stable. It is a software that is easy and fun to use and users can create interesting videos in a short time period using this software. Some of its many advantages are the smart templates and drag and drop features. Hence, it is easy to correct, add effects and cut out footage or even customize a video from scratch, especially using its advanced tools.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Smart video templates

Various customizable titles for social media

Stickers & motion elements

Stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Comparing Animaker and Filmii throws up the following points:

  • Many feel that it is easier to edit videos with Filmii than with Animaker.
  • Product support is comparable for both; indeed, many felt that customer support is better with Animaker.
  • Animaker offers a better roadmap for directions as well as feature updates than Filmii.

Renderforest Vlog Intro Videos

Renderforest is another video editing and creation platform. Its specific features include the fact that it is a cloud-based service. Hence, as compared to Animaker, you would need to do all the work online. It is, however, a popular tool that appeals to small businesses. They can use it to create promotional videos, explainer animations, logos as well as ad videos for their professional websites.


Though there are several comparable video creation and editing softwares out there, Animaker does make a good case for itself. For instance, it is a complete tool that has a range of resources, ready for use at the tips of users’ fingertips. It does include a learning curve for one to be able to fully utilize all that it has to offer. However, many conclude that the feature-rich software is good value for money as well as offers flexibility in terms of editing tools and sharing. Hence, it is an ideal tool for creating explainer marketing videos for corporate users. Even beginners looking for DIY software in this category can make impressive videos with this software.