You might already know that Adobe After Effects is one of the most popular and extensive VFX and Motion Graphics tools that is used in post-production. Since using After Effects can be a bit complicated and expensive, a lot of people look for its alternative. Therefore, to help you pick the best alternative to After Effects, I have come up with this handpicked post. Here, I will list the 7 best After Effects alternatives for beginner, intermediate, and professional levels.

Part 1: 3 Best After Effects Alternatives [Beginner Level]

If you have basic post-production requirements and are looking for a user-friendly After Effects alternative, then try the following options:


Wondershare Filmii

Wondershare Filmii is an easy-to-use video maker and editor that has a zero-learning curve. Unlike After Effects, you can start using Filmii with no prior editing experience and come up with stunning videos in no time.

Filmii Video Editor

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Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

  • You can find a wide range of AI-integrated templates in Filmii that you can instantly use to create visually appealing videos.
  • There are hundreds of inbuilt visual effects like appealing transitions, caption effects, stickers, and other elements that you can use while video editing.
  • Wondershare Filmii is a timeline-based video editor that offers all kinds of editing options like trim, split, merge, rotate, flip, and more.
  • You can also add voiceovers to your videos, explore its inbuilt range of sound effects, and even use its audio editing options.
  • Filmii also offers tons of advanced editing features like pan and zoom, automatic scene detection, color grading, speed control, and more.


If you are looking for a free alternative to After Effects for Mac, then iMovie would be an ideal solution. While it doesn't have all the advanced features of After Effects, it will surely meet your basic video editing needs.

  • This is a freely available video editing tool for Mac that supports editing in 4K and cinema-quality.
  • It is a timeline-based editing tool that would let you trim, split, merge, crop, and rotate your videos.
  • There are 10+ different filters and readily available templates that you can use to meet your designing needs in iMovie.
  • The After Effects alternative also provides 80 different soundtracks and lets us edit them as well.

ae alternative imovie


Natron Video Editor

Natron is a popular open-source video editor that is known for its VFX and motion graphics features. The best free alternative to After Effects, it is mostly used for 2D and 3D editing.

  • It provides a multi-layer rotoscoping feature with stroke capability to make instant VFX edits.
  • Natron features an inbuilt tracker to track motion graphics in the video and edit them accordingly.
  • The application offers an inbuilt powerful keying tool and a dedicated curve/dope-sheet editor.
  • Apart from the inbuilt options of this free alternative to After Effects, you can also explore 250+ different plugins for advanced motion editing.

ae alternative natron

Part 2: 2 Recommended After Effects Alternatives [Intermediate Level]

While the above-listed tools are recommended for beginners, you can further explore the following options to get more advanced editing features.


Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare has also come up with a more advanced video editor that offers dedicated keyframing and motion tracking options. It also has abundant visual effects that you can implement and customize easily.

  • Filmora offers a multi-track timeline to edit your videos, clips, soundtracks, etc. in one place.
  • It will let you work on keyframing to create animations and implement automatic motion tracking of objects.
  • Filmora also offers AI-integrated features for auto framing, highlighting, and normalization.
  • Users can also access an inbuilt stock of photos, videos, audio tracks, etc. that you can easily drag and drop to your videos.
  • It also offers an extensive range of transitions, filters, and other visual effects with advanced options like audio ducking, animation keyframing, advanced color tuning, etc.

add elements texts images motion tracking



Blender is an ideal alternative to After Effects that can be used for 2D and 3D editing. Not just for video editing, Blender can also be used to work on animations, simulations, and rendering of objects.

  • On Blender, you can access up to 32 different slots to edit videos, images, soundtracks, masks, and more.
  • You can access its inbuilt waveform visualization to implement all kinds of motion tracking and animation effects.
  • Apart from that, it also supports the luma waveform and chroma vectorscope for working on VFX edits.
  • Some other advanced features of this After Effects alternative are layer adjustments, keyframing, speed control, color grading, etc.

ae alternative blender

Part 3: 2 Ideal After Effects Alternatives [Professional Level]

Lastly, if you have professional requirements for post-production, then I would recommend trying these options:


Blackmagic Fusion 17

Blackmagic has come up with the latest edition of Fusion that you can use as a perfect alternative to After Effects. The application has been around for over 30 years and provides some of the most resourceful 3D editing features.

  • The multi-track timeline editing feature of Fusion 17 provides various options to work on 3D animations, VR videos, and implement VFX effects.
  • It offers keyframing editing for animations and even supports editing features for audio waveforms.
  • With GPU acceleration and unlimited network rendering, it provides fast and smooth VFX editing features.
  • Some other features of this After Effects alternatives are customization templates, retime animations, auto audio syncing, custom vector shapes, etc.

ae alternative blackmagic


Hitfilm Pro

Hitfilm Pro is one of the most advanced VFX and 3D editing tools that you can use on Windows or Mac. One of the best alternatives to After Effects, it provides tons of inbuilt and third-party visual editing features.

  • The application provides advanced video editing options for up to 8K video quality with GPU acceleration.
  • To work on a wide range of 3D graphics, it supports keyframing and 32-bit color grading options.
  • There are 880+ VFX effects, templates, and presets that you can apply to your videos and further customize.
  • Other features include 3D modeling options, lens flare, lightning effects, video stabilization, and integration with Boris FX.

ae alternative hitfilm

Now when you know 7 different alternatives to After Effects, you can easily meet your 2D and 3D editing requirements. To make things easier for you, I have listed paid and free alternatives to After Effects that you can explore for beginners and professionals. Ideally, Wondershare Filmii would be the best After Effects alternative with AI-integrated options that provides hassle-free features. Though, to access even more advanced editing effects, you can try Wondershare Filmora as well.