Vlogs are quite popular these days and since this global lockdown is prevailing in almost all the countries, YouTubers and newcomers are making vlogs to show their daily lives and what makes their day. People often think about what is a vlog and how to start a vlog but due to lack of information, their creativity is never seen. Vlogs are popular these days because people like to see how people live their life and the much relatable content is something that attracts a large audience.

what is a vlog

In this article, we are going to talk about everything about vlogs and how to start a vlog from scratch. 

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What is a vlog and how does it work?

Vlog in simple words could be termed as the alternative of blogging as it consists of the same content but in a visual format. People who want to learn about cooking can either read a blog but watching a video would give them a lot of practical experience. Vlogging could be about life experiences, daily routine at the office or home, etc.

The idea of vlogging comes when you want to communicate with your audience and trigger the craving to live a life they are living or engaging the audience with the content you are showing to them.

A brief history of Vlogging

Vlogging got the first shot before YouTube even existed but if we talk about YouTube vlogging then it started way back in 2004-2005 when the co-founder of YouTube uploaded his first video in which he is standing in a zoo. Though that video is around 15-20 seconds however that could be considered as the first vlog YouTube ever released.

Before YouTube existed, few people were recording their experiences but there was no specific platform to showcase them. But with the presence of YouTube today we have a lot of vloggers who tell a story about their traveling, daily routine, country cuisines, and whatnot.

Vlog VS Blog( The difference between Vlog and Blog)

Blogs are information encoded in the form of texts, images, and quotes corresponding to the interest of the readers while vlogs are the visual representation of the current mood, expression, and exchange of information through live video or recorded video.

What makes a Vlog and Blog different from each other?

Vlogs have the power to showcase and express the current situation with expressions while blogs could be written a while back and people are still reading them if they are not updated with time.

The topics of blogs and vlogs could be the same but the understanding between a visual audience and text audience is somehow different.

Video content helps to take a quick decision based on the information you get however text blogs are sometimes subject to be verified and checked.

It depends on the audience that what kind of content they like, there are equal audience today who love to read and those who enjoy watching vlogs while traveling.

In terms of popularity, there is no doubt that vlogs can get you a lot of audience base while text blogging might take some time as Google will decide if your content should rank well or not but on YouTube the competition criteria are sometimes decided by the audience.

Why People Vlog?

There is no specific reason to vlog however there are many on why you should start one.

Vlogs are generally considered as the storytelling or cherishing memories with video content where the narrator would express the exact feelings and expressions about the topic or the subject.

There are different motives behind a video artist to go for Vlogging:

They want to document their travel experience and journey throughout time.

People who want to show the world about their community or culture.

Some would vlog about their office life and a particular profession.

People who are running their own company and want to create an audience base through video content would start vlogging in different niches.

Some vloggers are all about creating a sense of experience and craving among their audience to invite them to the life they are living.

How to Start a Vlog

If you are thinking to start a vlog but still confused about what is a vlog and how to start one so these few points would surely help you to make a decision.

  • First, understand who is your target audience and what is their interest.
  • Take some online classes and research on the vlogging concept, get some thorough knowledge of all the pros and cons.
  • Start at a low budget and then learn from the mistakes and improvise on every video. Set up a YouTube account and make a channel that suits your personality or business.
  • Always create an outline or script before you start vlogging.
  • Edit your videos and add better narrations to make the audience comfortable with your content.
  • Keep your hardware quality on the top such as the camera, light tools, microphones, etc.
  • Always try to capture the viewer's intent from the early videos and try to create content based on that intent.


Vlogging and blogging have a lot of potentials and in the coming times, the nature of information will change in every niche. These days people who want to start a blog or vlog are not aware of the information on how to start a vlog or blog. In this article, you will be getting all the information about what is a vlog and the comparison between vlog vs blog. All the questions about vlogging and the nature of information are given in this article and if you are trying to set up your vlogging channel then you have it here. If you like anything about this article then let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share this content with your friends and family who want to start their online presence.