In any movie, proceeding from one scene to another can sometimes be the hardest thing. This is exactly where video transition effects come to the rescue. During the post-production edits, we can simply apply a video transition and seamlessly move from one scene to another. Thankfully, there are plenty of transition effects out there that you can browse. Here, I will list 20 stunning video transition effects that you can use in different ways.

When to Apply Video Transition Effects?

Video transition effects can ideally be applied anywhere in a movie to depict a change in the scene. In nutshell, there are three major instances where transition effects can be applied:

  • At the beginning of the scene
  • At the ending of the clip
  • Between two different scenes

The type of video transition that we apply can also have different meanings and should be placed thoughtfully. Here, in this example, you can see how the director has applied the Jump Cut to instantly move from one scene to another, depicting the passage of time.

Top 20 Video Transition Effects You Should Know

While editing your videos, you might apply all kinds of transitions and depict different motion effects. Though, to make your job easier, I have included 20 different varieties of video transition effects that you can explore.



Fade-in is the most common type of transition that is placed at the starting of the movie. In this, we mostly start from a black frame and gradually fades-in into our scene.



This is just the reverse of the fade-in effect, which is mostly placed at the ending of the scene. In this, we fade the scene to either black or white to depict the respective sentiment (black or white for a negative or positive emotion).



In this type of video transition effect, we simply wipe the screen from one corner to another (left to right or right to left). It is used to depict a gradual change of the scene (different location or time).



As the name suggests, this simply dissolves the scene and is used in between two different videos. The length of the dissolve effect can apply its distinctive effect in the movie.



This is a more advanced video transition effect in which we zoom-in to the scene to depict a storyline. It usually helps the audience to focus on certain key aspects of the scene.



This is just the opposite of the zoom-in effect that takes the focus out of the scene and provides a bigger perspective to the audience.


Whip Pan

This is a more dramatic video transition effect in which we pan the camera from one direction to another while cutting to a new scene. This is mostly used to depict a sudden change in the scene and adds a bit of drama to it.


Jump Cut

If you have a short video or you would like to depict a sudden transition, then you can use this effect. In this, the scene simply cuts from one shot to another in a sudden manner.



A cross-cut is a more complex type of video transition effect in which we cross two different scenes and then cuts to another object to continue the shot.



If you want to focus on a specific object, then you can try the Cutaway transition effect. In this, the focus is shifted to another object in the frame (a secondary object that later becomes the primary focus instead).



In this type of visual transition effect, we take a scene and gradually cover the part with another shade (like black). It follows a circular pattern so that our eyes would be focused on the remaining shot.



This is just the opposite of the Iris in effect in which we start with a circular segment of the frame. Gradually, we keep expanding the frame by providing an outward approach.


Linear Transitions

In this effect, there are all kinds of stylish video transition effects that are applied in a linear fashion. From diagonal to vertical, one can easily apply a linear transition between different scenes.


2D Transitions

Do you want to attain a more vintage appeal to your videos? Then have a look at this pack of some cool 2D transitions that are pretty easy to apply and will give your videos a distinctive appeal.


3D Pan Transitions

In these video transition effects, you can see a 3D approach to give your videos a realistic look. There is also a pan-like motion to impart a more trendy or fun approach to your videos.


Stylish Ink Transitions

For all those who would like to attain a more creative approach, these ink video transition effects can be explored. They are not only soothing to look at but would also make your videos stand out.


TV Glitch

This is one of those futuristic transition effects that you could have seen in sci-fi movies. It can be used to alter the scene drastically depicting the change of time or space.


Simplistic Motion

This is a more simplistic transition effect with a sudden motion of the shot. You can apply it anywhere you like to change the scene without much hassle.


Liquid Transitions

These video transition effects would apply a “drippy” feature on the screen. In this way, you can move from one scene to another in a smooth and stylish manner.


Light Ray Transition

Lastly, you can also explore these light and ray-inspired video transition effects that can easily be applied. With these stunning transitions, you can also attain a more futuristic appeal to your videos.

Wondershare Filmii: A Versatile Video Editor with Tons of Transition Effects

As you can see, there can be all kinds of video transition effects out there that you can apply to your clips. The best way to add them to your videos is by using a dedicated tool like Wondershare Filmii. A user-friendly video editor, it offers hundreds of video transitions that you can readily add to your videos and even customize them as per your requirements.

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Add Transition In Filmii

Now when you know about some of the most stylish video transition effects, you can certainly make your lips look more interesting. Although, I would recommend sticking to a single effect type for a video to maintain consistency. If you want, you can just explore Wondershare Filmii as the tool features an extensive range of video transition effects and provides numerous editing options as well.