The content in the video is itself explanatory to add stickers to the video, Right further? Still, it contains a special significance than standard video. Either you can add emojis or stickers as per your wish. What they generally do is track the emotions of video explainers from time to time. And, we personally find it super interesting to add free stickers for video editing. That is the reason we’d like to hold a brief discussion along with an informative guide on how to add stickers to videos.

So, let’s start with the importance of adding stickers as follows!

Part 1: Why Need to Add Stickers to Videos?

We'd like to mention five valid reasons to add stickers to the video in the following section.

Track Timely Emotions

As we all know, humans are a bundle of emotions; it's required to track their timely feelings. What is that one element that helps you do so? These are stickers and emojis themselves. You can insert related video stickers whenever an emotion bursts into the video content.

Helps Relate with the Audience

When you care about the audience, the audience cares about you as well. It is why the stickers act as intermediate elements to relate with viewers. They feel a kind of happiness after seeing their emotion burst-outs into the video.


Not every sticker is related to emotions; some of them are informational as well. By adding stickers, you are conveying the correct information to the audience at the right time. It also presents a manner to give extra details and other video content in the form of stickers.


The addition of funny stickers is what we are going to mention primarily in the section given below. Why is fun so important? Well, it is crucial to de-stress your audience. Most of the YouTube video strategies are based upon adding funny content frequently to let your audience be happier and more satisfied with the content. These elements help viewers not to get bored quickly.


Yes, the addition of specific stickers into the video acts as a professional element. However, not every sticker looks professional and high-end. Most of the time, it is the design of a particular sticker called a professional component. So, make sure you are also adding professional-looking video stickers to make your videos stand out.

Part 2: How to Add Funny Stickers to Videos with Ease?

We'll now discuss our complete step-by-step guide on adding stickers to videos via three top video editing software.

So, let's begin with the newest and determined update of Wondershare Filmora for such tasks.


Add Stickers to Videos with Video Editing Software Filmii

Want to be smart with the tech-savvy world? If yes, Wondershare Filmii is the right place for you and structured to do video editing with inbuilt innovative video templates quickly. Also, the user interface is quite bright and intuitive, where you can promptly locate editing tools right after login. You can either edit videos on Auto-Creation Mode with innovative video templates or go for the manual editing phase with its Advanced Editing Mode.

Let’s study the steps required to add free stickers for video editing via Filmii as follows!

Step 1: Install Wondershare Filmii

Click the Download tab over the official website of Wondershare Filmii. Login to the software after it installs on your Windows device.

Filmii Video Editor

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Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Step 2: Import Media Files

Select the aspect ratio and click Start from Scratch tab on the main interface. You will then get directed to its advanced timeline editing mode, and you can hit the Import tab to add media files.

add stickers to videos

Add your video file to the timeline and further add stickers in the following step.

Step 3: Add Stickers to Videos

Now, you can explore its various editing tools given on the left-hand side of the editing panel. To add stickers to videos, click the Stickers tab and select among the list of many, as shown below.

add stickers to videos

There you go! You now know how to add stickers using Filmii software of Wondershare.


Put Funny Stickers on Videos with Video Editing App Viva Video

Viva Video is another video editing app with elegant features. It is an application compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. However, you can operate it via Portrait mode only even if you run it over PC devices. It further contains a beautiful selection of filters, texts, effects, and stickers that you must consider.

Let’s see how you can add funny stickers to videos with Viva Video!

Step 1: Install Viva Video

Firstly, you have to visit the Google Play Store and Install the Viva Video app, as shown below.

add stickers to videos

Step 2: Import Media

Now, you need to add the media files you want to add stickers to.

add stickers to videos


Step 3: Add stickers to videos

Given below is a screenshot to add free stickers for video editing. It contains a bundle of some funny stickers as well to add to the editing timeline.

add stickers to videos


You have successfully added stickers using the Vivo Video app.


Pin Emojis to Videos with Online Tool Typito

Do you know that Emojis are a popular form of communication? Now, you can pin emojis to videos with Typito video maker. It is a simple-to-use editor with a drag-and-drop feature. It also contains other features, including 20+ video formats, instant captions, free images, free templates, and so on.

Steps to add emojis to videos with Typito

Step 1: Login

Firstly, Sign Up and start creating the video project on Typito as follows.

add stickers to videos


Step 2: Select custom format

Click New Project on the main interface and then select the custom format among the list of many, as shown below.

add stickers to videos


Select among photos, videos, and stock media to upload to Typito video maker. It takes a while to upload media. You have to go to the More tab to access the emojis template of Typito.

add stickers to videos


Type in the emojis in the search bar and find various emoji stickers, as shown below.

add stickers to videos


That was Typito, another excellent way of adding stickers to your video.

Part 3: Where to Find Free Stickers for Video Editing?

Now, we will list two of the best websites from where you can add stickers to your video promptly.

1 – Videezy

Videezy provides you with a bundle of stickers’ stock video footage, as shown in the screenshot below. Select your favorite pack to start editing!

2 - Wofox

Wofox is another exclusive online sticker adding tool which quickly helps you add stickers to videos.


Hence, this was the method to add stickers to videos in different ways. However, do note that it is always better to add free stickers for video editing within the timeline via ideal software such as Wondershare Filmii, which we mentioned above. Lastly, you can also consider additional video stickers from other websites, like the above, to find specific stickers unavailable on video editing software.