Have you been putting off video production only because you are unsure how to start? Well, the struggle is no secret. But, with brands embracing video marketing nowadays more than ever, there's no time like the present to create your first marketing video. Today, videos get better engagement and drive more growth than any other type of media.

A marketing video is only as good as its message, meaning it's vital you know how to write an engaging video script before capturing any content. A well-crafted script can make it easier for you to define content like dialogues, a voiceover that will be included in your video, the visual content, filming instructions, and editing instructions. Be it a promotional video, a corporate movie, a tutorial, or an explainer video, a good script makes all the difference.

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Although creating videos is considered a piece of creative work, a powerful, effective video with a clear purpose cannot be created in the spur of a moment. It is important that you go through a detailed process of preparation before you start shooting a video and that includes writing a quality script. In case you don't have time to craft a killer script, you can work from one of the amazing video script templates and end up with a fantastic marketing video.

Want to learn how to write good video scripts, with or without templates? Read on.

Part 1: What is Video Scripting?

A video script is a blueprint and foundation that outlines how your marketing video is going to run. It is the chronological run-down of shots, scenes, actions, and dialogues specifying who is saying and doing what, and when they're saying or doing it. Having a script ready means that you know the duration of the video, what you will need on shoot days, and if it communicates your message well.

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Part 2: How to Prepare for Your Video Script?

Wondering how to write a video script? Listed below are the basics to help you start planning your script.


Know Your Goals

Your video marketing goals have a huge impact on the way you write a script. For instance, if you wish to make an explainer video, it's better to use simple words. Ensure you avoid using complex terms as your audience isn't familiar with any of them. Keep in mind that not every video needs a call to action. In certain cases, having the audience watch till the last second is a viable goal.


Identify Your Audience

Knowing about your audience is a staple in any kind of marketing. You need to address a specific group of customers with your content, as it won't resonate otherwise. Using technical terms or jargon is never a great choice if your audiences aren't experts. So, consider using simpler words or paraphrasing them instead when scripting.


Choose A Central Character

Does your video feature too many people? If so, it might be difficult to follow and the focus might stray from the main point. Identifying the primary character of your video can do two things:

  • Simplifies and focuses your video
  • Pushes you towards creating a story, if your video needs

You need to know who's going to be on the screen. If your video has two or more people in the video, choose one person to show for a majority of the screen time.


Identify the Point of the Video

You need to tell your audience why they should watch your video in one sentence. When you start video scripting, put the answer to this question as close to the beginning as possible. Let your viewers know what they will get upfront and you'll be able to retain more viewers.


Be Concise and Precise

When writing a script for your marketing video, keep it short and clear. Avoid repetition, avoid fluff words, get straight to the point, and ensure you use short sentences only. Remember; neither do the audiences have much patience nor do they have enough time to watch a long video.


Read it Out Loud

Check if your script sounds natural by reading it out loud. Do you repeatedly stumble while reading at a certain point? If yes, the wording or idea may not be clear. Do you have to make a stop and take a breath in the middle of a sentence? If so, the sentence might be very long.

Part 3: Learn from Excellent Video Script Examples


Presentation and Explainer Video Scripts

Both presentation and explainer videos come under the educational category. These videos are typically for demonstrating how to do something, explaining how a product or service works, and introducing what a brand does. Ensure you keep your educational video short and divide it into manageable blocks of information so that viewers can retain what you show them.

Here's a legendary explainer video you can get inspired from:


Audio-Visual Video Scripts

Want to create an amazing video that has visual elements being guided by voiceover or narration? Or, do you want to make how-to videos and tutorials? If so, your scripting will look a bit different from the others.

Think of the video as two separate narratives: one audio, and another visual. Of course, both these narratives need to work together and should thus be indicated in your script. Need audio visual video script examples for inspiration? Check below.

audio visual video script

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Promotional and Commercial Video Scripts

Commercial and promotional videos are for getting the audience to do things. Usually, the action you're after isn't an immediate purchase always. You could consider using a persuasive video to get people to consume your promotional content. Since these videos are often watched without any sound, write your script and plan your visuals to work without sound. You might include subtitles.

Part 4: How to Write A Video Script: A Complete Guide?

Step-1: Start with A Brief

A video marketing script doesn't have to be time-consuming or novel-length to be super effective. Start with a brief as it will allow you and your team to document the answers to the most crucial project questions so that everyone involved in video creation can get on the same page. When developing a brief, you need to focus on your marketing goals, topic, target audience, and takeaways.

Step-2: Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Once you're clear about what you want your video to do, your next step is to figure out how you'd like your video to do it. Start brainstorming and write down all the ideas that come to you.

Try not to limit yourself during the process. Write down every idea, without thinking about your budget or capability. After brainstorming, circle them to assess the ideas and pick out the best ones. Once you've your favorites, get frank about the feasibility of every idea. Be clear about your budget and start scaling your ideas.

Step-3: Outline Your Video Script

Do you have an idea that you want to run with? Great! It's time for the real scripting work.

  • Start with an outline

Give your video a linear storyline and feel free to get creative with the layout of your outline. Just be clear about the overarching structure of your video.

  • Write down your audio and visual cues

Videos are much more than just texts, dialogues, or voiceovers. It's also sound effects, visual elements, and music. So, ensure you sketch out the audio and visual cues that you want to accompany your video's copy.

Step-4: Start Video Scripting

Get precise about the language you will want to use in your video. If you're struggling with the voiceover or dialogue, try writing the words as you speak them to keep your content easy to understand.

Here's a handy script editing checklist:

  • Cut out fluff words
  • Write, rewrite, & write again
  • Format the script
  • Consider a storyboard

Step-5: Proof and Finalize Your Script

Now that your video script is almost final, you need to be very sure of your script being well-proofed. Readout your entire script loudly to locate tonal issues or grammatical errors. Try to share with a teammate before finalizing as a set of fresh eyes can sometimes make all the difference.

Part 5: Use Smart Video Editor to Save Time

Wondershare Filmii is a popular video editor you can use to make amazing videos quickly. The AI video editing software is a powerful yet user-friendly video maker that comes with numerous automated tools to help you edit your videos in a jiffy.

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Some of the primary video editing features of Filmii are:

  • Auto Create Mode

Filmii offers you the option of creating videos quickly by using smart templates that automate some parts of the video editing process. These smart templates can trim your footage and apply effects.

  • Advanced Video Creation

This mode provides users some additional functions of editing like Rotate, Trim, Pan-n-zoom, and several other basic tools to create your video.

  • Titles & Texts

Wondershare Filmii provides 300 text effects that include titles, subtitles, openers, lower thirds, and credits.

  • Transitions

This AI-enabled video editor includes 100+ transition effects that are divided into 7 categories like basic, slide, warp, dissolve, stylized, cartoon, and shapes.

  • Elements

Filmii includes more than 300 motion elements – that range from cute cartoon characters to arrows for tutorials.


When it comes to video scripting, you need to have a meticulous plan about what you wish to achieve and how you plan on doing it. The script must serve as guidance throughout the video creation process.

Now that you're ready to create an engaging video script, what are you still waiting for? It's time to write a killer script that will help you make an effective video for reaching your marketing goals!