We trim audio or video to remove the unwanted stuff we don’t want in the fresh version. To remove the extra, we take help from tools and windows software and simplify the trimming process. However, to sound ear soothing or the video tranquilizes your sense organ, trimming is necessary to present your creative approach to your audience.

Why is Trimming Important?

You cannot share the raw file with your audience or upload it on your social media handles. Trimming is a kind of decoration and final touch before displaying the stuff to your audience. Why important, let’s see!

  • Unedited stuff can spoil your image before your target audience as the item do not categorize in the standard zone
  • An edited version of your creativity broadening your creative thought, and you can do better next time
  • Trim audio or video carry the tastes and the subject knowledge of the director, so be careful while trimming or editing files

Before uploading or displaying your creativity to your audience, you need to cut the extra, add something new effects, and present.

How Do You Select the Trimming Method?

If you have a PC with Windows 10 operating system, the trimming process can be done following an understandable and accessible process. As Microsoft offers the facility, you must know the process with Movie Maker.

Trim Audio or MP3 on Windows 10 with Movie Maker

Though the name is movie maker, you can trim and edit your favorite MP3 with the help of a movie maker. It is an in-built video editor software by Microsoft. Let’s read out the basic process you can follow to try your hands.

Step 1: Add up the MP3 audio file to Movie Maker

Activate Movie Maker on your PC and add up the MP3 audio file to the windows movie maker.

Step 2: Trim the MP3 audio.

Please right-click on the MP3 audio and add it to the window timeline. The system supports the file by adding drag-and-drop. Later move the cursor and spot the start and finish point.

Step 3: Check and save the trim

Before saving the edited audio, recheck the file and save the split MP3 in WAV format to finish the process.

You are Opting out of Audio Trimmer, an Online Tool to Crop Your mp3 Song

If you feel that Movie Maker by Microsoft does not produce the output that you’re looking for, you can try audiotrimmer.com, an online tool to cut the MP3 audio in the quickest possible way. With the Audio Trimmer tool, you can crop your favorite mp3 songs and save them to the supportive device to play whenever you like.

The methods are simple to follow. Let’s explore!

Step 1: Select the mp3 file

Choose the mp3 audio file from your local hard drive.

Step 2: Play or upload as per your browser support

The audio will start playing automatically if your browser supports the file. If not, then upload the file.

Step 3: Set the cursor.

Set the cursor to select the start and ending part and then click on the Crop button.

Step 4: Download the file

Once the crop is done, you can download the trimmed file and save it for repeat play.

Both the Movie Maker and Audio Trimmer.com have suggested you access the easiest ways to edit the mp3 file and save it for future play.

Wondershare Filmii, a One-stop Solution to Escalating Your Video Editing Skill!

What if you try to trim the audio with the video on your Windows 10 PC and get an outstanding result that mind-blowing your fan followers on social media? Great idea, no!

Wondershare Filmii is the best tool available online to provide you the best to showcase your creativity among your audience.

If you believe in your creative mind, you must not be confined within the audio editing option. Broad your wings and try audio with a video trimming process and give your social media friends and followers a clapping reaction. With the Wondershare Filmii, you can edit the video shoot using a professional camera or the latest upgraded mobile camera, edit the piece and upload it on various social media profiles. You can start your audio-video editing journey with the Wondershare Filmii to mark your distinguished creative approach.

List of features that crave your learning aspects!

Wondershare Filmii offers a basket full of features that will surprise you on its usage and the latest technique that made the editing job handier. Let’s discover the features that ease your learning crave.

  • The personalized theme that fits perfectly with the template
  • Add customized effects like title, text, sticker, and motion components
  • Filter the images and set the background that suits the template
  • Personalized designed clips that add more effects in the slider
  • Advanced editing option that includes voice over add brightness set blur image fix the imperfection combination of lights and the background
  • Customized pre-set videos for various social media profiles

In every segment of editing, you will learn the basic and advanced elements trendy on the internet. You can present an amazing story with the relevant motion video that includes all the distinguishing features of the Filmii. The software is designed perfectly for the beginners and experienced individuals that can practice the editing skill and sharpen the existing creative genre.

How does Wondershare Filmii work?

Let’s dig deep into how the software works so perfectly that the young generation gives first preference and enjoys their editing journey.

Step 1: Download the software.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

First, you download the software in your windows 10.

Step 2: Select the template based on the subject of your video.

With various templates, you must select the one which will suit the topic of your file.

Step 3: Set the video with the template

With high-end technology, the template can detect blur images, shaky camera angles, and dull color contrast.

Step 4: Select Quick edit or Advanced edit of the file

After the imperfection detection in your file, you need to click on Quick edit or Advanced edit. If you’re a beginner or experienced, select advanced edit to learn a lot about editing.

Step 5: Select Advanced edit

In advanced edit, you can remove unwanted clips, add voice-over, adjust the color contrast of the background and apply variations of effects of lights to make your content superb stuff with all the necessary picture perfections.

Step 6: Download the file

While downloading, you can add titles and text to the file to categorize the file. Save it on your local hard disc.

Wondershare Filmii software readily provides you with all the essential editing techniques required for your professional growth. If you’re planning to choose your career in the video editing industry, you can embark on your journey with Wondershare Filmii. The software with the latest technology auto-functionally detects the imperfections, suggests the best correction procedure, and you will learn in-depth knowledge about editing, mixing, and recreate the magic of your creativity.


Editing your favorite mp3 song or video editing with the Wondershare Filmii, both cases required your detailed attention and creative presence. As a beginner, you can learn and prosper your editing skill with the Filmii. And if you are already an experienced video editor can take advantage of the advanced editing option.