A movie is a powerful tool used by people to express their ideas and thoughts. People show their creativity too! Along with the screenplay, special effects in the film add a visual delight to the viewers. Are you one among them looking for tools to use special effects in your movies? Here we provide the best special effects in movies with a detailed description of specific features in the award-winning film. At the end of the article, we bet you will become a pro in using special effects for your movies.

Part 1: What are Special & Visual Effects and Their Benefits?

Special effects are illusions created to replicate the imagined events in your video. It is a powerful storytelling tool for videos. Visual effects in a video are helpful to add clarity to your story by raising the level of excitement. Thus special and visual effects help in enhancing your work. As they are flexible, applying them in any place is possible. They provide benefits in video production, including live-action video, stylized video, and realistically carried-out CG projects.

Part 2: 10 Best Visual Effects Movies of All Times

We will provide you with the best visual effects movies with the best special effects used in their screenplay to boost you up.

1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This movie stands out for the visual effects used. The apes in this movie were created using CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) to exhibit a wide range of intelligence and emotions. The characters in the film came to life by using motion capture.

2. Inception

Inception is one of the best movies, which has a balanced proportion of live-action and digital animation recognized as one of the best visual effects movies. "The street folding" scene was significantly shot using a combination of live actions and a large amount of digital animation.


3. Gravity

The movie which brought in a revolution of using VFX is "Gravity." The visual effects used in this film were enormous. Around 80% of the movie used visual effects, and the remaining have some special effects on them.

4. Life of Pi

The main character in this movie was the tiger, "Richard Parker," which created using CGI. This movie has won 11 Oscars due to its utmost realistic VFX effects. Software called "Massive" created the CGI- flying fishes.

life of pi

5. Avatar

While using VFX, you may lose the emotional touch of the scene. But "Avatar" has broken down that thought by giving its audience an emotionally immersive experience. The makers designed the characters in this film using CGI, making it categorized as one of the best special effects movies.


Source: vogue.com

6. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a movie that depicted the battle between humankind and monstrous sea creatures. VFX effects are valuable in designing each monstrous creature uniquely and robots to fight against them—some special effects in movies included during the battle.

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

The visual effects team played a significant role in featuring the Hulk, Ultron, Iron Man, War Machine, and Helicarrier in this movie. The directors took each shot with accurate details to add highly detailed digital support to each of the film's lead characters.

8. King Kong

King Kong is a well-known movie for using special effects like stop-motion animation, matte painting, rear projection, and miniatures. All the effects used in this movie surprisingly came before the digital age.

king kong

9. A Space Odyssey

This movie was released early back in 2001. A Space Odyssey is a science fiction movie that showcased both earth and space. Every detail in the film used great effort. The effects of space were a result of making a detailed study on NASA's reports.

10. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park movie brought history back to life. The dinosaurs in the film were the creation of using both visual effects and computer-generated imagery. But most of the scenes were entirely dependent on CGI.

Part 3: Best Special Effects Movie Techniques

Are you thinking of using special effects in movies? Then get to know about the best available special effects that are most in use.

1. Computer-Generated Imagery

This is a technique used widely to create computer graphic images that can be valuable in films, art, videos, programs on television, etc.


2. Digital Compositing

It is one of the special effects used to assemble multiple images to create a final image, screen display, or movie.

digital compositing

3. Matte Painting

Painters and Technicians are involved in creating a matte painting of a landscape or distant location. This painting creates an illusion of an environment in the movie.

matte painting

Source: rocketstock.com

4. Motion Control Photography

Motion Control Photography is a VFX technique that allows filming various elements using the same camera motion combined into a single image.

5. Stop Motion Animation

One of the interesting special effects is stop motion animation, where still objects appear to move independently. The best example is the flipping of the pages in a book.

Part 4: Best software to add special effects in movies

Look at the best software packages available to help you enhance your video using special effects.

If you are new to video editing, then Wondershare Filmora will help you out. It is one the best video editing software available with great features compared to other video editing software. Many developers promise to provide the best visual effects movies, but Filmora is one among the few software.


  1. It allows you to create custom animations to elevate visual engagement.
  2. Provides leveling up your editing with intuitive object tracking.
  3. Supports fading of music so that dialogue stands out.
  4. Allows applying color correction across multiple clips at once.
  5. Provides exclusive video effects like transition, filters, and titles.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects provides you with special effects in movies to create cinematic movie titles, intros, and transitions. Animating a logo or a character is possible now using this software. Importing images or videos from other software like Photoshop, Illustrator is possible.


  1. The disappearing of objects from video clips is possible.
  2. Allow creating 3D animations which make the impossible possible.
  3. Set anything in motion with keyframes or expressions.
  4. Supports changing of weather conditions onscreen.
  5. Allows the elimination of mistakes and distractions.


Houdini software is a procedural system that empowers artists to create multiple iterations. The tools supported by Houdini are artist-friendly. VFX's best special effects movies and simulations are also possible here. Visual effects artists move towards "Houdini" due to its procedural workflow. It supports creating sophisticated particle and dynamic simulations.


  1. Direct modeling and Procedural modeling are supported.
  2. Comes up with incredible tools to create animation and supports rigging.
  3. It includes Hair and Fur framework along with grooming tools.
  4. Layering and editing of the terrain are done easily using the tools provided.
  5. Allows to use layout and lighting tools to add visual effects.


Nuke is software available for over 20 years rendering its users pixel-perfect without sacrificing creativity and quality. Nuke's power, flexibility, and robust toolset empower you to create blockbusters, short-form, or episodic content. As technology grows, Nuke upgrades itself to fulfill the needs of its users.


  1. Comes with SDI broadcast monitor support and a multi-track editorial timeline.
  2. Collaborates easily and works with high speed and efficiency.
  3. Offers major system support with low hardware requirements.
  4. Supports 2D compositing with visual effects like Deep image compositing.
  5. Supports 3D compositing along with a 3D camera tracker and 3D workspace.

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro is one of the best choices among artists and video editors as it, as a whole package, gives support in editing, compositing, titling, and renders 3D tools. It has a powerful chroma key, particle, and text tools and the most prominent VFX software that binds everything together.


  1. Supports revolutionary workflow with combined timelines, color coding, etc.
  2. Compositing and layering are possible with video editing.
  3. Repairing of footage along with text and titling options are supported.
  4. You can do color correction and grading using the options available.
  5. Import of 3D models and editing them is supported.


So, now you know what special effects in movies are. Displaying you along with the best special effects movies, for example, will have raised your interest for sure. Now go on and let your imagination flow with the help of the software explained, with Filmora being the first preference!