We are aware that the right sound effect always plays a huge role in the success and failure of your project. Moreover, as YouTube is rising day by day sound effect for Youtubers makes more sense for getting more views and attractions. If you need some free sound effects for a video you are currently working on? This article has a list of the best sound effect for Youtuber and how to download them freely.

Part 1: 10 Amazing Sound Effects for Youtubers

Creativity is a very subjective thing and we should keep our audience while editing. Along with that, the sound effect for YouTube videos or visuals effects plays a major role in delivering your purpose to an audience.

Check out the best and must-try sound effects for YouTube videos below:

1. Sneaky Snitch

If are a fan of YouTube videos, then this tune you must have heard. It showcases a funny, humorous sound theme and used by mane Youtubers too.

2. Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

From the name itself, we can get the theme of this effect and if you are wondering about funny sound effects YouTubers use then this tune is sure must use for you.

3. Funky Chunk

Funny chunk is the most popular funny sound effect YouTubers use and creates the best outcome. Check out this funny sound effect.

4. Unholy Knight

If the theme of your video is suspenseful and thriller then the unholy knight effect surely makes your video at its best. Adding this sound effect will make a video more exciting and keep your audience alive throughout your video.

5. Underground Theme - "Super Mario Bros"

Gaming sound effects always needs to pick up so precisely because it will be forever in the mind of viewers. We all have played Super Mario games during our childhood and whenever we hear its theme sound effect in any YouTube video it will directly hit us. If you are wondering to use the best gaming sound effect.

6. Carefree

Whenever we are showcasing some step-by-step process or tutorial in a YouTube video one must always consider carefree sound effects for sure. If you watch your tube video out of 10 them 7-8 is going to have this sound effect included and that shows the popularity of this sound effect for Youtubers.

7. Sad Romance

This sound effect includes a violin tune and showcases a mixture of sadness and a romantic theme. We all have heard this sound effect in many YouTube videos and it always makes us laugh.

8. Pokémon

Here the name Pokémon makes us guess that what this sound effect theme would be, and it was among the most popular games too. It has a mixture of various pitches and tones which can be used for launching a trailer or other purpose through a video creator. From the below link you can use such free sound effects for YouTube videos and target a larger group of audience.

9. Golden Hour

If you are a fan of vlogging and create more traveling content, then this sound effect is a must-use for you. Vlog sound effects are always considered very important because the soundtrack only going to hold the viewers till the end. So for getting a perfect vlog sound effect use the below link.

10. Another Time

Another time is also known as one of the famous vlog sound effects and used by many YouTubers in vlogs. This sound effect for YouTube videos will be useful for creators to make a video look more creative too.

Part 2: Where can YouTubers Get Free Sound Effects?

Have you ever questioned that how to get free sound effects for YouTube? If yes, then the solution is right below. Here following are the best resources for you to download free sound effects for YouTube purposes.


Free SFX

It is one of the best online tools available for downloading a sound effect with zero cost. It offers more than 4500 sound effects from all different categories. Accessing Free SFX is very easy as it has a simple process to search. It offers so many types of sounds to you for production, games, live videos, etc. without charging a penny and accepts only a simple credit to them in return.



zapsplat free sound effects

If you are finding the best sound effect for Youtuber for free then Zapsplat is the right choice for you. It has thousands of individual soundtracks to offer and satisfies the need of a project too. Here soundtrack downloading is very easy and instant with Zapsplat. It has soundtracks for YouTube videos such as animals, bells, cartoons, vehicles, offices, musicals, etc.



It is a free platform providing various sound effects for music production, game designing, movie making, TV show making, and many more purposes. It includes sound effects for YouTube videos at the premium quality collection and never disappoints an audience. Also, all the files of soundtracks are arranged so nicely that while browsing any effect you will be able to find an exact sound effect to your need with less time.

Part 3: Bonus Tip - How to Add Sound Effect to YouTube Video?

There is no doubt that sound plays a vital role in the popularity of the video and without music it will directly lose the attention of viewers too. Also, you need to have the right knowledge of adding a sound to a video for a better outcome. Here is a step by step process to apply that:

Filmii Video Editor

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STEP 1: Import a Video Files

Firstly, you need to select "Import File" to put a video file or you can simply drag and drop a video file to the timeline.

STEP 2: Select any track or add by yourself

Then, simply select an "Audio" option to add an audio track of Filmii or you can import it from your files. Then after music will get added to a video and recheck are you satisfied with the edit or not.

STEP 3: Export a Video:

Lastly, select the Export option to save a video or you can directly share it on various social media platforms too.


So we can conclude by saying that sound has always been considered underrated and it is a major component in the engagement of your video. The audio effects are as important as the quality of the video you are creating. Thus, one should always keep in a mind to use the right quality audio effects depending on the theme and context of the video because it will catch the attention of an audience to your video and end up increasing your reach.

Happy editing!