Have you ever wondered how to impress someone through your creative ideas? Visual treat never fails to impress anyone. You can try out these cool slideshow ideas to create a good impression and slay any event like a pro! We have for you the best tips and software that can help you stand out from the crowd. Well, what are you waiting for? Jump in and get the best out of this article.

Part 1: Slideshow Ideas of All Times

Know the best slideshow presentation ideas available with valuable tips to make your video look delightful.


Graduation Slideshow Ideas

graduation slideshow ideas

Graduation day is a day to be remembered and cherished by students, parents, and close ones. Here are few graduation slideshow ideas to make the day more memorable.

Tip 1: Start with a Proper Look

When searching for templates, you may come across many slideshow ideas, which may be funny, formal, or simple – each with its unique layout, color, and style. So choose the wise one related to the graduate's personality.

Tip 2: Make it Lovely and Enjoyable

Instead of capturing more photos and trying to make a video, which will consume your time; try to capture and insert the lovely memorable, and enjoyable moments in your video with the best effects.

Tip 3: Effects to Video

One of the best slideshow presentation ideas is to add effects in the right place to make your video more enjoyable. So, make use of the effects available to smoothen the transition by not losing the pace of your video.

Tip 4: Add Background Music

Words speak, and so does music. Adding background music to your slideshow will be an add-on advantage to make people love your work. Music can express your feelings and can give soul to your video by providing an emotional touch.

Tip 5: Speed Control of Transition

Making a video with a control on the transition speed of photographs is essential, as each picture should be viewable by the audience. Also, the length of the video depends on the speed of each photograph's transitions.


Aesthetic Slideshow Ideas

Let your artistic ideas flow in your slideshow presentation. Then, use those aesthetic slideshow ideas to create more beautiful videos.

aesthetic slideshow ideas

Tip 1: Write Cursively

Adding of cursive font style will give an elegant look to your slideshow. Entering the title using cursive style and the contents using standard text will make your slideshow attractive and easy to read.

Tip 2: Use Colorful Graphics

You could create an aesthetic slideshow by making use of the colorful graphics provided. The addition of pictures to each slide of your presentation will enhance your video.

Tip 3: Dynamic Layouts

Using a perfect layout that suits your content will help you render your thoughts sophisticated and is also an aesthetic slideshow idea. Make the right choice while choosing format as they should be visually appealing.

Tip 4: Keep it short

To do an aesthetic presentation like a pro, have a minimal approach towards your work. For example, make your template simple by inserting essential photos and text rather than imposing too many contents in a single slide.

Tip 5: Use a Black and White scheme

Though black and white are classic, they never fail to steal attraction. Make your presentation look classy by inserting pictures and text in black and white. It will gain the appeal of the viewers.


Birthday slideshow ideas

Get to know some cool birthday slideshow ideas to make a slideshow video to impress the birthday boy/girl rather than presenting cakes or gifts.

Tip 1: Create a video using a timeline

To create a timeline video, you could use the previous year's celebration photographs in order; the best incident happened that year, and you can use your funny slideshow ideas to make it adorable.

Tip 2: Based on interests and preferences

Create a slideshow keeping in mind the preferences and interests of the birthday boy/girl, which will make him/her happy while watching. It may contain clippings of their lovable pet or dream destination place.

Tip 3: Keep them waiting

Instead of making a video with all the photographs you got from the previous birthday celebration, try to make it more precise; the shorter, the better. Then you could use the remaining photos for the following year.

Tip 4: Right Background music

Make the right choice while selecting background music. Use your slideshow ideas while creating the video and choose the best soundtrack which fits in perfectly.

Tip 5: Add Quotes and Greetings

Inserting meaningful quotes and greetings related to your relationship with the person will make the video more elevating. Also, adding good wishes and kind words will leave a smile on their face.

birthday slideshow ideas


Wedding Slideshow Ideas

Wish to impress your bride/groom at your wedding? Then here we provide you some wedding slideshow ideas to elevate and make your video presentable.

Tip 1: Quality Photographs

Your slideshow will be loved and enjoyed by others if it looks great. Choose photographs of excellent quality and bright in color rather than dull shades as they may not appear the best.

Tip 2: Variety of Photographs

Displaying the pictures of the same person at different angles may be slightly dull. Try to add photos of that person and their family, friends, relatives, and colleagues to make the video more interesting to watch.

Tip 3: Landscape pictures

While creating the video, let your wedding slideshow idea flow to create a massive and fantastic video. Choosing pictures that are Landscape can be more pleasing than Portrait's as it can cover the entire screen.

Tip 4: Short Video Clips

Rather than creating a slideshow full of photographs, inserting a short clip in between will change the flow, in a positive sense, so that the viewer's interest will be increased, making you taste your reward.

Tip 5: Transition

Instead of a regular change of photographs in a slideshow, use the transitions available like fade-in, fade-out, dissolve, and much more, to show a variation from moving from one picture to another.

Part 2: Best slideshow video maker software with templates

You could implement all the above slideshow presentation ideas to create an exciting video using the software packages available.



Filmii, a professional software developed by Wondershare, allows you to create videos with creative templates. Even if you have no slideshow ideas to make the video look stunning, Filmii comes up with beautiful templates from which you could choose the one you want and select the pictures to be introduced, and then Filmii does the rest of the work for you. It offers tutorials for beginners with a step-by-step procedure to create the video.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. It is possible to choose the perfect theme to impress your friends and family.
  2. Edit features like adding, removing, and adjusting clips.
  3. Writing titles the way you want is possible with customized theme titles.
  4. It allows adding of animation, like reaction stickers and motion elements.
  5. Orientation change between Landscape and Portrait is done efficiently.

SmartSHOW 3D

Another professional software is SmartSHOW 3D. It comes as a toolkit that allows adding effects to enhance your video. You could use this software to implement your funny slideshow ideas to attract the audience. Using the features provided by SmartSHOW, you can create videos for any event. Applying 3D text and fun graphic art in your video will elevate your video among viewers leaving no chance of getting bored.

smartshow 3d slideshow maker


  1. It provides more than 180 stylish slide transition effects.
  2. Comes up with powerful tools for making animated slides.
  3. Allows converting of video slideshow to any format required.
  4. Supports blending of music and photographs to create a video.
  5. Adding voice comments, captions, and 3D collages is possible.

Magix Photostory Deluxe

Share your memories with friends and family to create more beautiful moments by using Magix Photostory Deluxe software. This software allows you to showcase your slideshow presentation ideas. Add music in the background with uniquely provided music, insert short video clips in slideshows, and apply special effects to each slide on your presentation to impress the audience.

magix photostory deluxe


  1. Over 100 templates of photo collage options are available.
  2. Offers around 1500 effects and over 200 decorative elements.
  3. Camera tracking shots and zooming of photos in the video is possible.
  4. Allows inserting intros and outro to give a complete look to the video.
  5. Include transition effects between images in the video.


Now, I bet that you'll be able to create a video with the best effects, transitions, and music that fits perfectly to the occasion with the above-discussed slideshow presentation ideas. Along with a suitable platform to make slideshow presentations, we have also discussed a few slideshow video makers that you can find helpful!