Released in 2015, Google Photos is one of the most popular utility tools developed by Google to store and manage our photos. Apart from storing our photos in the cloud, you can also do tons of other things with Google Photos. For instance, you can instantly create a slideshow from Google Photos on desktop or smartphones. Here, I will let you know how to create a slideshow from Google Photos and will make you familiar with another smart video editor. Let's begin!

Part 1: What Should You Know about Google Photos?

Released for the public in 2015, Google Photos is one of the most resourceful products by Google that can be used on the web, Android, or iOS devices. Already accessed by over a billion users, it lets us store our photos in the Google cloud. Besides storing our photos, it also lets us manage our pictures or share them with others instantly.

google photos

As of now, only 15 GB of free space is given to every Google account that can easily be exhausted. Therefore, you can buy more space for your Google account if you want. Google Photos also uses advanced AI-integrated features to automatically detect faces, landmarks, and places. You can also use its features to create a slideshow from Google Photos and do so much more.

Part 2: How to Create a Slideshow from Google Photos?

One of the best things about Google Photos is that it lets us automatically create a slideshow of our media files. Ideally, you can just select any photo in your account and instantly create a slideshow from Google Photos. Though, if you want to create a Google Photos slideshow with music, then you need to make some extra effort. Let's learn how to come up with a slideshow from Google Photos first.

Step 1: Go to your Google Photos Account

Simply go to the official website of Google Photos on any device and log in to your account. Apart from that, you can also launch the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Select an Album or Create a New One

Once you get the welcome screen of Google Photos, you need to go to the sidebar and visit the "Albums" feature. Here, you can view all the saved albums in Google Photos and select the one where your pictures are saved.

google photos select album

Apart from that, you can click on the "Create Album" button from the top to work on a new album.

google photos create album

This will let you enter the name of your album and load photos from your device. You can also select existing pictures from Google Photos here.

select google photos

Step 3: Create a Slideshow from Google Photos

As the Google Photos album would be loaded, you can view the stored pictures from here. To select any image, just tap on the tick icon from the top corner of the thumbnail. In this way, you can select multiple photos that you want to include in the slideshow.

create slideshow from google photos

After selecting your photos, just go to the top-right corner of the interface and click on the More Options (the three-dot icon). From here, click on the "Slideshow" or "Create Slideshow" option to automatically make a slideshow from Google Photos.

That's it! In no time, Google Photos will automatically come up with a basic slideshow of your images and will let you download it as well.

Bonus Tip: How to Create Google Photos Slideshow with Music

If you want to customize things, then you can always go to your Google Photos slideshow settings on your device. Besides that, from the Google Photos sidebar, you can go to the "Utilities" tab. From here, simply choose to create a new "Movie" and select a type of project. By following a wizard, you can now create a Google Photos slideshow with music and animations.

create google photo slideshow music

Part 3: Use Wondershare Filmii to Create Stunning Video Slideshows with Music and Animation

As you can see, if we create a slideshow from Google Photos, then we barely get options to customize it or add visual effects. Therefore, if you want to save time and come up with stunning video slideshows, then use Wondershare Filmii instead. It is a smart AI-integrated video maker and editor that is super-easy to use and has some of the most advanced editing options.

Filmii Video Editor

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  • On Wondershare Filmii, you can find tons of readily available templates that can be used to create video slideshows instantly.
  • You can also work on new projects and simply drag and drop your photos to automatically create slideshows.
  • There are also options to import a soundtrack from your system or explore its existing stock of music for free.
  • You can also record a voiceover for your video slideshows in the tool and even apply various audio effects.
  • Wondershare Filmii also offers a wide range of transitions, filters, overlays, captions, and other effects to make your videos look visually appealing.

Ideally, there are two ways to create a video slideshow in Filmii – you can use its auto-create feature by loading a template or start working on a fresh project.

Method 1: Create Instant Video Slideshows with Auto Create

If you want to save time, then just open Wondershare Filmii and explore the available templates from its home.

filmii interface navigation

There is also an option to preview any template before selecting it. You can browse the available templates, preview them, and click on the "Use this Template" to load it.

filmii template preview

Once the template is loaded, just click on the "Import" button to load a browser window. You can now go to any location to select and load your photos on Wondershare Filmii.

filmii auto create interface

After loading your photos and clips, you can drag and drop them to the timeline at the bottom to adjust their position. Now, just click on the "Auto Create" button that would let Filmii come up with a video slideshow instantly.

import media auto create filmii

That's it! Wondershare Filmii will automatically load your photos to the template and adjust them. You can now preview the results and edit the text and other details. If you want to make more changes, then click on the "Advanced Editing" option from the bottom. Lastly, you can click on the "Export" button to save the video slideshow on your system.

filmii auto create interface settings

Method 2: Create a Customized Video Slideshow from Scratch

If you want, you can also choose to work on a new project from scratch from the welcome screen of Filmii. Here, you can drag and drop your photos to the interface or click on the "Import" button to get a browser window to load your media files.

3 import advanced editing

Now, you can just drag and drop your photos or clips to the timeline at the bottom to create a video. You can use the inbuilt features of Filmii to trim, crop, rotate, flip, or make other edits. Besides that, you can just double-click the video from the timeline to get advanced editing options.

2 rotate advanced editing

There are also tons of transitions, filters, elements, and other visual effects that you can explore here. Just drag and drop any visual effect to the timeline and check its preview on the dedicated window.

add transition in filmii

If you are satisfied with the results, then click on the "Export" button from the bottom. This will let you export your video slideshow from Filmii to your system's storage in a preferred video format and quality.

filmii export window

Who knew it would be so easy to create a slideshow from Google Photos, right? Since it only offers basic features, creating a Google Photos slideshow with music would be a tiresome job. That's why you can consider using Wondershare Filmii, which is a more user-friendly and advanced tool to create a video slideshow of your photos. Not just that, it can also be used to edit your videos and apply all kinds of stunning effects to make them stand out.