"Why is SEO marketing important?"

There's one term that primarily comes into our mind when we talk about SEO. And, it's none other than the organic reach! Learning SEO marketing is more than necessary nowadays. For this purpose, we used to jot down various tactics on implementing effective SEO, whether it's for a website, videos, or any other form of brand promotion. Coming down the race, we used to hear two similar phrases in terms of SEO video marketing. And, those two phrases are namely video marketing for SEO and SEO video marketing. By SEO, video marketing ultimately means you include videos on your website or any other online presence to enhance SEO results. So, it's the crux that we're doing video marketing for SEO!

Part 1: What is SEO, and how does it work?

In layman's terms, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a phenomenon related to rankings on Google search engines. Generally, you're working towards increasing the site visibility while you're in the process of doing SEO. Google and good SEO practices will help you rank among other search engines like Bing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization forms digital marketing. And, it's a top-rated technique to reach a more extensive audience base organically without paying any extra bucks for ads. The most commonly used term in SEO is 'keyword.' These are written word phrases included in website blogs or articles depending on how people react to specific keywords. All in all, SEO is a pretty vast concept, and you need to understand it deeply to become an SEO expert.

For now, we'll only discuss one of its sections called video marketing for SEO. Let's have a brief look at the working mechanism of SEO before you go into the deep-diving ocean of it!

Working Mechanism of SEO

Bots work on each web page while going from site to site within significant search engines like Bing and Google. These bots collect essential information about the pages to put them into an index further. Then, there is the role of the algorithm that analyzes the billions and trillions of pages as per the different ranking factors. The orders of pages are determined based on these very signals, and the search results will appear afterward.

Don't underestimate the powerful algorithms working behind these big search engines! Their main aim is to rank the useful, authoritative, and relevant pages on the top of results. And, we can even break down those heavy SEO concepts (not for now) upon the mix of factors that bots used to consider. For instance, keyword and content quality are primary factors for content optimization. And, there are factors like mobile friendliness and crawlability for overall site architecture.

Part 2: Why is a video for SEO marketing important?

You can determine the significance of videos in SEO marketing by searching any keyword on Google. You will come up with at least 1-2 videos each time you look for anything on a search engine. Thus, it's a proven fact that the inclusion of videos into your digital marketing efforts will always enhance SEO results.

So, let's dive into the gist of some other basis for SEO video marketing as follows!

  • People will stay longer on an average of around two minutes on a site and make more than 64% purchasing decisions.
  • A confident buying decision gets evoked after viewing an online video session of a particular product or service.
  • People spend comparatively high average time on sites with videos.
  • The overall traffic of video websites can increase up to 695 approx.
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google.
  • Video offers required trust and branding to even big commercial projects in a cheaper manner.

Part 3: Tips for best SEO Video Marketing

Given below are tried and tested strategies to implement SEO video marketing successfully.

Make a video sitemap/Choose the best video hosting program

Making a video sitemap means signaling Google about your online video-specific presence, among other content. It helps search engines locate and rank your content easily. And, it's a great idea if you publish lots of videos on your website or media channel. Another thing you can consider is to choose the ideal video hosting platform. This option is more concerned when you don't let your traffic divert on other major social media channels like Vimeo or YouTube, etc.

Pay attention to the description and title of the video

video description

The saying that 'First Impression is the Last Impression' quite fits well here. Check what kind of descriptions and titles your video demands. For this purpose, look over your competitors as well. Most importantly, you have to invest a reasonable amount of time in keyword research and crafting creative descriptions and titles.

What's your thumbnail?

You shouldn't underestimate the look of the thumbnail image and not think that any thumbnail image can work. Yet, the image needs to be highly relevant, compelling, and attractive as per the content within the video. Please think of the idea of creating custom thumbnails as they bring more than a 30% play rate than the videos without any custom thumbnails.

Make it mobile-friendly!

Not only the videos but everything mobile-friendly is reasonably necessary today in this web-conscious world. And, the general essence behind the idea is that everyone owns a mobile device and spends most of their time over a mobile device rather than PC system.

You have to optimize an entire website page, including the Meta description and Meta title. However, both of these terms are pretty similar. These inclusions shouldn't be without entering the target keywords or tags for the videos. Make them simple yet easy to understand for the search engines!

Video Transcription

Transcribe your videos and give search engines a more precise idea of what your video is all about. You can use various tools to add subtitles or captions to the videos.

What about the SEO of the entire page?

seo video marketing

You have to take care of high-quality content production and other technical SEO components while considering SEO video marketing. You have to do it even though it's a bit challenging to let your website rank organically. Also, make sure that the entire page relates to the video you've already put on the website.

Pay attention to the video duration

In this dynamic digital age, there isn't any guarantee of the elongated attention span of viewers. Unless it's a tutorial or an ultimate guide, make videos of short duration. However, you need to include engaging and enticing elements within the video to grab the audiences' attention quickly.

Are you embedding the same video in multiple areas?

Don't do that! There isn't any sense to embed the same video over multiple areas because it's like competing with you only. If you're already done the relevant optimization of video on a single page, there is no need to create a mess with other pages. It will not reap any benefit.

Promote on different channels

Take the help of various other mediums as well to promote your video content. Still, you cannot rely on SEO entirely as Google constantly changes its algorithms. Thus, it's more than crucial that you're also taking a step towards building a real-time audience base.

Part 4: How to make the best video for SEO marketing?

As you've already consumed a lot of SEO video marketing stuff, it's high time to get yourself introduced to the best video editor. The video editor we'll recommend helps you quicken up the editing tasks within a few minutes. And, the best part is its applicability to both professionals as well as beginners. So, let's reveal the magic now with the Wondershare Filmii video editor. It is a video editor launched after keeping in mind the creative minds of youth. Yes, creative marketing is at its height nowadays, for which you require a tool to fuel up properly. And, we firmly believe that Filmii stands better on our assumptions. The design and user experience of this video editing program well compliments the requirements of SEO video marketing. Let's explore more of its features below to know how it works!

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Key Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • Awesome video templates to enjoy creativity right from the start.
  • Incredible inbuilt text editor with a list of professional-looking fonts.
  • Interactive editing timeline with both Auto-Create and Advanced Manual Editing mode.
  • Some high-end editing tools such as Motion Elements, Stickers, and so on.
  • Ready-made preset ratios for various social media channels.


So, get connected with any of the best and easy-to-use video editing tools if you're looking to enhance your SEO video marketing results. It's an excellent amplification to boost your organic reach with one of the demanding digital marketing sectors. For your reference purposes, we've suggested the top pick of Wondershare Filmii, where you get all the ready-made editing tools required for top-quality video outputs. The primary reason we selected the tool is its ease of use along with the advanced elements. Thus yes, this was all about what you need to know for implementation and tips within the SEO video marketing scenario.