Video effects play an important role in video editing and they should be added as per the theme of the video. While making any suspenseful video choosing scary sound effect is not an easy task to do. Also, horror sound effects should be very specific and if it is not then it will change the context of your video, and eventually, you will lose your viewers.

If you are looking for top scary sound effects free downloading options, then this article is right for you.

Part 1: 10 of the Creepiest Sound Effects That'll Make You Sleepless

Are you aware of the creepy sound effects used in best horror movies? If not then check out below:

1. Creaking Door Opens

If you have seen any horror clip or a movie then you would understand that creaking door opening is the must-use effect. Such creepy sound effect makes the theme alive and catches the audience.

2. Creepy grandfather clock

If you are a fan of the horror genre then you must have come across this creepy grandfather clock ghost sound effect. Tick-tock clock sound always has been considered for adding creepy sound effects to a clip.

3. Laughing and Cackling

Do we even call it a scary sound effect if laughing and cackling are not being used? To keep horror sound effects at their best then using such an effect is a must.

4. Howling Wind

The howling wind effect is a true ghost effect to look for. Slow and fast howling wind depending on the content theme makes a viewer experience at its best. For horror sound mp3 download.

5. Drowning Underwater

Water is always considered as one of the mysterious elements and used as scary sound effects to create a realistic clip for our audience. Drowning underwater effect is a must-try for all. 

6. A Murder of Crows

If you are planning to create a scary sound effect then the murder of crows is popular to try out. This creates a very creepy effect experience and impresses the audience with the effective quality.

7. Cries from Hell

Most of us always experienced that in a horror movie we get to hear so many cries coming from the distance and that shows a pain which is known as a cry from hell effect. You can hear this sound effect here.

8. Scream

Can we even think of horror sound effects without a scream at all? No right? Scream is always must use for creating a ghost sound effect and for creators it is much needed to use too.

9. Ghost Twins Singing

We have found Ghost twins singing effect in many good horror movies and it sounds so creepy that it will surely scare an audience for a time being definitely. Find out these horror sound effects here.

10. Church Bell Toll

If you are looking for an ultimate ghost sound effect then the church bell toll is definitely for you. It delivers a horror sound effect so nicely and always attracts the audience. This creepy sound effect creates an enormous experience for its viewers and entertains too. Here it's a ghost effect for you:

Part 2: Best 3 Websites to Download Horror Sound Effects

Many times it happens that we have heard some great ghost sound effects and it catches our attention too but we don't know how to download that ghost sound effect. So, if you are wondering how to download horror sound effects then check below best websites:



freesound free sound effects

It is one of the best-known websites for horror sound mp3 download purpose and it has over 10,000 free sound effects available for personal and educational projects. You can scroll down in the left-hand menu and for better quality sounds. If you pay once it will open a lifetime license for your use. It has a variety of sections showcasing a list of creepy sound effects and horror sound mp3 download gets very easy with it too.



zapsplat free sound effects

Zapsplat has a range of more than 88,000 free professional sounds and it offers free ghost sound effects with royalty-free music. All the sound effects sounds are easy to download and help in the completion of the project and have a range of sound packs. Except for horror effects, it also offers sound effects such as animals, music, bells, cartoons, office, vehicles, nature, and many more.



A sound effect is a different platform for an independent variety of sound effects to offer and all the sound effects are specially handpicked by global experts. It offers a range of sounds and you just need to search your sound and it will get browsed easily. Now getting a scary sound effect is not difficult at all with a sound effect. With a single license, your lifetime benefits are covered in one go. So for horror sound mp3 download a sound effect is must try website to look for.

Thus, these websites are best to try out to download scary sound effects with ease. Do check out and let us know which ones impress you the most.

Part 3: Bonus Tip - How to Add Scary Sound Effect to Your Video?

If you are wondering that how to add a scary sound effect to a video, then here we are. There are many resources available but I would recommend Wondershare Filmii to all. It is a one-stop destination for your all editing requirements and never disappoints you at all. With all the editing options, Wondershare Filmii creates the best quality video ever.

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So, adding a scary sound effect to a video is a small 3 steps process as below:

STEP 1. Import a file from the library

Firstly, select an "Import File" button to place a video file or you can simply drag-and-drop too

STEP 2: Select a Track

Then, select an "Audio" option from the right corner to add a scary sound effect from your files or use the available sound effect on Wondershare Filmii.

STEP 3: Export Your Video with Background Music

Once you are satisfied with the edit select "Export" to save a video with creepy sound effects. You can save it in your library or directly upload it on social media platforms too.

At last, you need to write a video name, location, and quality then save it.


Thus, we can say that adding scary sound effects in a video holds an important role as a slight change in the selection of a creepy sound effect can change the intention of your video. Above mentioned resources are best to use and Try the above-described ghost soundtracks and entertain your viewers.