Real estate, one of the booming sectors, is in trend nowadays when we notice a list of real estate videography. However, the sector is evergreen when it comes to growth. How can digital marketing efforts lag in fueling its booming stage? It is the underlying reason behind such videography sessions launched by various marketers. The best part is that this marketing activity provides them with lots of ROI than you can even imagine. Keeping in mind the tactical approaches followed by digital marketers, we've formulated this post on how you can begin real estate videography even if you're tight on budget or don't have any prior experience.

So, let's break down its essential elements as follows!

Part 1: What is Real Estate Videography and its Benefits?

Real estate videography is all about recording the natural state of the property. For this purpose, camera persons, hosts, and other kinds of marketing personnel get hired. All in all, a real estate video presents an excellent showcase for clients who are interested in buying a particular property. It primarily serves as a lead generation step in the real estate marketing funnel.

According to experts, you can categorize real estate videos into three sections where each serves its purpose. So, let's discuss them in brief as follows.

Property films/Virtual Tours

Property films show a breakdown of the whole property through a walk-session tour. As already discussed, it needs a camera person and a host to present. This category can be sub-classified into video tours and virtual tours. Every section of the property, right from the spacing to roofs, is shown in video tours. It's a kind of 'live' tour. On the other hand, virtual tours are simply a combination of images presented via 360? angle to the viewer. And, you can control these tours by viewers in terms of zooming and entering other photos.

Agent/Company Films

As the name suggests, it requires an agent or a company member to show a cinematic look at the property. These videos are pretty creative via stunning visuals and voiceovers. Thus, it's a significant step to establish authority among other sellers as well.

Testimonial Videos

This real estate videography can be helpful to present interviews by past clients that ultimately help attract new clients.

Thus, video tours are pretty interesting and creative elements worth considering. Let's now take a view of the advantages of doing so!

Benefits of real estate videography

Attractive marketing: It's a lovely form of digital marketing effort and a proven idea to grab lead magnets. The agents who host the property and property owners are the most benefitted persons of this activity.

Beneficial to clients: Yes, the real estate videography is super helpful to the viewers as they can enjoy the whole angle of the property before buying. It's a driving force to making quick buying decisions as well.

Depicts accurate information: This capturing provides a true sense than other information methods. Every angle of property needs to be present while recording the videos to showcase sellers' authority. Thus, sellers won't ruin their authority by depicting wrong information.

Part 2: Best Real Estate Video Examples

This section will define how realtors use the magic of technology to offer an introduction to prospective clients or share their listings. Almost every reference given below has set a good example you must check.


The Boutique Real Estate Group

This listing features luxurious properties in North America. Every right, from their style of presentation to the equipment they use, is incredible. The videography of this group has energizing music background and other stunning visuals to create a positive outlook in viewers' minds. Thus, they follow a proper digital marketing strategy while also presenting the interactive nature of families in these luxury houses.


Joyce Rey

It's a great YouTube channel launched in 2008 by Joyce Rey. She is pretty expert in presenting a unique look of properties. Yet, each of her listing videos is around 2-3 minutes long, showering a cinematic face of every scene out there. You can also consider the creativity of the title she gives to her real estate videography YouTube channel.


Amy Youngren

Amy Youngren is one of the recognized hosts of real estate marketing videos. Also, titled as Inman's 100 most influential leaders in real estate, Amy puts excellent efforts in showcasing each video where she also describes the main benefits and facilities in the neighborhood.


Hotel and Homes South Beach

These are high-end properties in Miami that tend to sell even by their first look. First of all, these videos present a natural feel of lighting while showing other native resources. Then, there's a role of low-key music given apart to set a soothing tone and maximum relaxation feeling to the viewers. Overall, it's the recording style and fashion of these videos that make them a bit unique.


Jennifer Skoff

Here's another excellent voice behind real estate videos, i.e., Jennifer Skoff. Her videos are straightly involved with clients and thus pretty interesting to check. Her ultimate focus area is to educate clients and helping them further in making better buying decisions. And, each of her videos is competitive enough to build trust and let her become your lifetime realtor.

Part 3: Incredible Tips to Excel in Real Estate Videography

We've gathered some of the expert tips on implementing the best real estate videography as follows.

Get some information beforehand

Real estate is not a thing to be presented overnight or in just a single day. The ultimate aim is to guide the buyers, for which your knowledge about the property matters a lot.

Select the type of tour presentation

Now, you need to select which kind of tour presentation you want to go with. It can be a cinematic style look, agent-styled video, or a virtual tour. Also, determine factors such as target audience, message, tone, background music, and voiceovers.

Use the right equipment

You should use the right and effective equipment to create real estate videography. In general, it's the most crucial step towards taking your video on a professional level.

Create a related portfolio

A portfolio is a must if you want to excel in the field. However, there isn't a thing to worry about or take any pressure while taking cinematic shots. Each shot should be filled with simplicity and not deviate from the primary goal of featuring real properties.

Prepare the shooting place

It is vital to de-clutter and cleans your real estate shooting place before attracting clients. No one will love buying messy property!

Ensure high-tech edits

A project isn't successful without high-tech amendments. We assume that you've already taken steps towards creating the best real estate videography. Still, the next big step lies in ensuring the type of professional editing you'll offer to the video.

Excellent and natural lighting is the key

What if we say that you don't need to use that expensive and fancy lighting equipment? Yes, it's the case because real estate videography is about recording the natural property look in good lighting. And, there isn't better lighting than nature provides us all!

A commitment to high-quality

There are specific quality standards you've to follow while capturing each of your real estate videos. And, stick to the quality even if you have low-range clients. For instance, you can avoid over-showing a room, being repetitive with similar shots, and overdoing other effects.

Guide the customers

There is a lot of difference in videos created with a host than those without them. Thus, you must always guide your clients throughout the video that further helps them make better buying decisions.

It's better to include the text

Text animations look attractive! They make a next-level impact on your videos if the text is appropriate. You can consider including the specs of specific rooms and areas in the property in the form of text.

Part 4: Ultimate Tool to Create Real Estate Videos

We want to suggest our favorite video editing tool if you're starting your real estate videography. This tool can take your videos to the next level if you've used the right equipment and strategies for capturing natural property look. It's time to reveal the tool, which is none other than Filmii video editor by Wondershare. It is an AI-powered video editor to implement creative content by using ready-made video templates and other advanced editing tools. Like the creator of this program, we'd like to mention that there isn't anything like Filmii!

Filmii Video Editor

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Key Features

  • Inbuilt creative video templates
  • Inbuilt text editor
  • Lots of stickers and motion elements
  • Variety of overlays and filters
  • Creative transitions
  • Presets for different social media channels

Thus, it's a win-win situation for both the creators of real estate videos and the audience who enjoys the right bunch of information in a creative style.


So, this was our ultimate guide on how to get started with real estate videography. We must mention that it's a trending concept based upon the current digital marketing efforts. And, you're not allowed to lag! Just fuel your marketing efforts with the incredible tools mentioned above. Also, consider using the tips and tricks to implement real estate videography quite effectively. Thus, we've stated the best examples of real estate videos for your reference.