Editing a real estate video not only boils down to using the high-end equipment, but it takes you a combo of expert tips and strategies to be at a pro-level. However, you've to start irrespective of your current position. If you've ever checked the real estate video editing of the industry experts, you probably would have got an idea of their perspectives. Most importantly, they love to guide their audience than merely presenting the property. This post will share with you similar ideas, tips, tricks, and strategies on how you can also excel in real estate video editing.

So, let's begin with its significance as follows!

Part 1: Why is editing the real estate video essential?

First of all, a solid online presence will only provide you with advantages over any disadvantages. Secondly, it counts to good practice of digital marketing. However, the underlying reason for real estate video editing is to gain a competitive edge among others.

We've collected specific valid reasons why you should consider editing real estate videos as follows.

  • To complete the process: We already know that editing is the last stage in any recording scenario. Thus, you can't call a process complete without editing. Make sure you have applied equivalent efforts in the steps before editing. Therefore, the last phase of editing will then shine more gracefully as compared to other projects.
  • To stand better: Anyone can shoot videos via their smartphone in this technological era. Yet, the difference lies in how they would accomplish editing tasks of a particular project. Yes, it's the differentiating aspect of various property agents and property owners involved in real estate videography. Thus, you need to edit your real estate videos if you wish to stand better among competitors.
  • A Professional Look: Editing is essential to gain a professional look, and this stage is quite different and comes with specific tools and methodologies to make it a professional video. Let's name a few editing tools such as filters, transitions, effects, other ready-made templates, etc., to ease the process.

So, these were the common reasons behind real estate video editing. A professional video editor always knows his/her way of editing a specific project so that it looks more natural and professional, among others. Besides this, we'd also like to suggest you an alternative by which you can save the cost of hiring professional editors. For this purpose, you need is the best video editor for real estate.

Later on, we'll discuss this aspect after suggesting some tips on making a realistic real estate video in the following section.

Part 2: How to make a realistic real estate video?

Ultimately, you're required to notice every few details while shooting the real estate videos. So, go through the following factors beforehand you get to know the best video editor for real estate.



clean real estate surfaces

Make sure you start with the suitable material before shooting the real estate videos. The first piece of advice we'd like to give you is to plan every single shot. Along with the best video editor for real estate, using the right equipment is equally important. For reference, you can start with a good DSLR, tripod, or drone. These are some of the good selections to gain a competitive edge among the creators of smartphone videos.

What if the grimy folks come up while you're shooting? Yes, they can break the whole idea of effective digital marketing in a matter of seconds. So, tidy up the surfaces from next time you start capturing the property look. Check each area around your house and do some cleaning stuff like de-cluttering, shutting doors, hiding pets, and smoothing bedspreads or wrinkles, etc.



check every single real estate shot

Hopefully, you've prepared the basics of shooting by now, right from gathering the ideal equipment to planning the video shooting content and cleaning the shooting surfaces. Real estate videography is all about introducing the motion into a still place. Thus, you have to be familiar with specific shooting techniques of sliding and gliding effects. Let's start with how you should undertake to slide! Effective slides can make your wide shots look more attractive. For this purpose, you need to position the slider outside of the doorway and then reveal the entire room.

On the other hand, gliding refers to let the back of scenes come at the front. It's almost like a zoom effect if you've checked once. And, this is where the use of a second tripod comes in handy. And, you can also go for simple panning the shot if you don't have the slider or second tripod.

Take enough photos for different areas like the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, master suite, etc. Also, take note of varying camera angles in each shot. However, you should avoid overshooting as well. Don't mess up with the images, and move on if you've already taken the good one!



real estate video editing

As already discussed, real estate video editing is the last and most crucial stage. It's the editing that can save you from the judgmental eyes of viewers after you're over with capturing raw videos. And, this is why the use of the best video editor for real estate is super essential even though in the last stages of real estate videography. In general, there is loads of editing stuff that went into editing a real estate video. For instance, you have to have various kinds of transitions for ease of eyes. Then, there should be exciting text titles within the video to inform the audience. Overall, editing is required to provide a finishing touch to the real estate videography. You can't just go straight for publishing after shooting the video.

To make it look better and attract the audience, high-end real estate marketers spend handsome bucks on hiring specific video editors who have the know-how to use premium video editing software. However, it can't be the case with you if you're starting! Yes, it's easy to do basic-level editing if you've correctly shot. So, you can go for editing the video with some interactive yet easy video editing software such as the one recently launched by Wondershare.

Part 3: Best Video Editor for real estate

Without further ado, let's introduce you to the best video editor for real estate by Wondershare. It is a recent launch by Wondershare, namely the Filmii video editor equipped with every single editing tool for creative guys. Yes, you won't lag in the race of creativity by using such a video editor. We've picked up this easy-to-use video editing tool by keeping in mind the requirements of beginners. It is an AI-powered video editing platform built with a list of incredible editing tools. Let's go through the key features of WondershareFilmii as follows!

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Key Features

  • Creative inbuilt video templates
  • Presets for various social media handles
  • Inbuilt custom title editor
  • List of motion elements and stickers
  • Both Auto and Manual editing mode
  • Variety of stylistic Overlays and Filters

Steps to Real Estate Video Editing via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Log In to Wondershare Filmii

Go to official https://filmii.wondershare.com/ and click the Download button to begin the installation. Then, open the software and select the video template you want to use.

Then, click the Use this Template tab.

Step 2: Import real estate videos

Now import media sources, whether these are images or videos. So, click the Import File button to confirm. We suggest you go with Auto-Create mode to upload at least three video clips to start. Add all of the uploaded media sources in the editing timeline, as shown below.

Then, hit the Auto-Create tab and wait a few seconds to let the Filmii process your project.

Now, you're almost at the final stage with the auto-creation part of Filmii. Furthermore, you can make edits in terms of Audio and Title if you wish so. Lastly, there is also an option to go for Advanced Video Editing to make more changes.

edit real estate videos

Step 3: Export the project

Hit the Export button given below to confirm the completion of a specific project.


It's great that you've taken steps towards building your real estate video editing, a professional thing. We've discussed almost every aspect that industry experts follow in their regular practices. Don't quit even if the journey is a bit time-consuming in the beginning! The efforts that you put, if organized strategically, will make you a pro in the field. Yet, the steps will be easy if you've already recognized the significance of real estate video editing and the Filmii video editing software.