Do you wish to market your business to get an edge over the competition and be noticed in the crowd? Promotional videos or marketing videos are some of the most artistic, humorous, creative, and emotional pieces of visual storytelling nowadays. Any video that goes viral can give your brand global exposure.

promo video script example

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Confused about how to write a killer script for your marketing video? Well, looking at the most compelling promotional video script example is generally the perfect inspiration to create your own script. And there are a whole lot of scripts to choose from – some companies use humor, some rely on their reputation, and some try using more visually appealing techniques.

In the article below, we have highlighted a bunch of marketing video script examples for you. But, first, let's have a detailed insight into how to write a killer script for success in modern digital marketing.

Part 1: What Makes a Good Promo Video Script?

The perfect promotional video script can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness, quality, and reach of your video marketing efforts. This will help you better nurture your prospective leads and turn them into paying customers.

Wondering how to write a great script for your promotional video? Use the effective strategies below and you will know how to design a captivating promotional video script.


Know Your Audience

One of the most crucial aspects of successful video production is creating an intimate connection between your business and the target audience. So, before you begin the scripting process, you need to know who your customers are.

Think about how old your audience is, what they like, what they dislike, what they need, etc. Based on your answers, you'll have a better understanding of your buyer's persona profile.

Need a compelling promotional video script example? Read on and you will find the perfect inspiration in the next section of this article.


Visualize While Writing

Once you begin writing, visualize the scenes as and when you lay them. Make sure you are as clear as possible when describing your vision.

Promotional scripts have a specific purpose. Each word and sentence you write matters as you are providing valuable information to your target audience.


Include a Few Keywords

Before checking out an announcement or school promotional video script example, you need to understand how the scripts are generally structured. So, make sure you follow the structure and your video will be more engaging, interesting, and easier to create.


Keep it Concise

Video engagement and duration are connected to each other. If your video is very long, your viewers will get bored and move on. If your marketing video is too short, you won't be able to convey the message properly. So, your task is to keep the script short and balance delivering the important message while keeping your viewers hooked.

Part 2: 5 Incredible Promotional Video Script Examples


Announcement Videos

These are simple video script templates that are the best fit for short and straightforward promotional videos. Announcement videos can jump right out of all the digital noises and really grab your attention.

Depending on your purpose, announcements' structure can vary. But in general, it follows a structure like:

  • Short introduction
  • Details
  • Main message
  • Call to action

Explainer Videos

Explainer promotional videos are brief content, usually animated, that explains your ideas, products, and services in an unforgettable way. There are three popular explainer video script formulas:

  • "Meet Bob" (vignette)
  • "Secret Sauce"
  • "Common Interest"

Need an example for an explainer video? Check out below for inspiration:


Video Interview (Talkshow)

Talk shows are another promotional video script example you can take inspiration from. People can watch a video interview for hours, as long as it's interesting to them. Although the marketing message of talk shows can be quite subtle, that's precisely why these videos are so effective for businesses of all sizes.


School Videos

Considering producing your own school promotional video? Well, the most vital element is the school promotional video script or the narrative. Here's how to go about writing a script for your school video:

  • Write a brief first
  • Turn your message into a narrative or story
  • Ensure your audience understands the language
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use visuals more than words
  • Have a call to action

Video Testimonial

Another popular short-format video script template is a video testimonial. Since these testimonials can come from partners, employees, and also random strangers, you will not be limited by just what your clients say.

Part 3: How to Write a Script for a Promotional Video?

Step-1: Outline your goals

Do not dive straight into writing and do not start with an outline either. Before you do any of those things, you need to know what your exact goals are as it will influence your story.

Step-2: Craft your story outline

Lack of story is the major problem with most branded videos. Although it's smart to start with an outline, writers sometimes translate that outline to script form, forgetting to turn it into a story. Remember; promotional videos are meant to help you achieve your specific goal, you can really do that if you are engaging the viewer.

Step-3: Build out your video story

This is the funniest and most essential part of your video script. You need to craft the perfect story, include the necessary details, and create a cohesive piece. A few tips to do this are:

  • Hook them right from the start
  • Focus on a single message
  • Provide the perfect context
  • Set up and payoff

Step-4: Consider your ending

Writing the perfect outro is as tough as writing the perfect intro. If you cannot end it correctly, the momentum you have cultivated dissipates with the impact that you've been working towards. So, while writing the closure, think if you want them to share the video, sign up for a demo, subscribe to newsletters, or download a report.

Step-5: Pretend you're the viewer

Once you have the core story, your next step is to flip the script and review it from the perspective of the viewer. Although the underlying goal of your video is promoting your brand – whether as a company or non-profit – the success relies on whether or not the audience can connect to it. So, take a pass and review your script through their lenses.

Step-6: Read it out loud

There are some scripts that have no spoken dialogues and rely on kinetic text only. But, if your video contains words, ensure you read them aloud to see if they work. Remember; you should be aware of how the voiceover will sound.

Part 4: Use Good Video Editor to Save Time

Wondershare's Filmii is AI-enabled video editing software widely used for making promotional videos. It is a powerful yet user-friendly video editor that comes with a range of automated tools to help you edit your videos in a few minutes.

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Some of the primary video editing features of Filmii are:

  • Auto Create Mode

Filmii offers you the option of creating videos quickly by using smart templates that automate some parts of the video editing process. These smart templates can trim your footage and apply effects.

  • Advanced Video Creation

The Advanced vide creation mode provides users additional functions of editing like Rotate, Trim, Pan-n-zoom, and several other basic tools to create a marketing video.

  • Titles & Texts

Wondershare Filmii provides 300 text effects that include titles, subtitles, openers, lower thirds, and credits.

  • Elements

Filmii includes more than 300 motion elements – that range from cute cartoon characters to arrows for tutorials.


Corporate promotional videos are vital for any business planning to expand and you can refer to the best promotional video script example for inspiration. A good marketing video can differentiate you from the competition and allow you to present your brand, products, and services with a clear message.

So what are you still pondering over? It's time to start creating powerful promotional videos for your brand!