With millions of people using social media, some people create their channels to upload Vlog videos to gain more viewers and followers, leading them to become social media celebrities. If you want to become a social media celebrity, get to know the current trends while making videos, which will gain you more views. But most of all, the video you create should be eye-catchy. "Everything that begins well ends well," so make the best intro for Vlog with trendy and beautiful templates. Here we provide you with such templates and ideas and the best software tool that will help you create a fantastic Vlog.

Part 1: Best Vlog Intro Templates

Read on to know a few intros for Vlog templates before creating your video. Below, we have listed the best templates available, which will increase your enthusiasm.

1. Beige Food CPG In-Stream Ad

This template, offered by Canva, is fully compatible. Use this template to elevate your YouTube video by adding animations and transitions which have a size of 1920x1080 px.

canva beige food

2. Blue and White Parenting Vlog Family Entertainment YouTube Video Intro

"Canva" offers a parenting intro for Vlog templates for your YouTube. This template comes with two font styles, namely Dosis Regular and Hitch Hike, with a blue background for free.

blue white parenting

3. YouTube Travel Vlog Intro

Want to upload your travel Vlog? Use this template of "Vimeo" with customization, replacing – images and text to exhibit your emotions through words.

vimeo travel vlog

4. Vlog Intro

Vlog Intro is the best intro for Vlog YouTube under "Motion Array," developed by Yaroslav. It comes with three eye-catching intros, editable text, and customizing of colors.

vlog intro

5. News Vlog Intro

This template of "VideoHive" can be the best intro for a Vlog. You could buy this for $72, which doesn't require plugins. It has six media placeholders and three text placeholders.

news vlog intro

6. Stomp Vlog Opener

This is a fast and dynamically animated Vlog opener of "VideoHive." It has creative transition effects. This template has 11 editable media and text placeholders which are easy to edit.

stomp vlog opener

7. Vlog Photo Opener

It is the best intro for the Vlog of "VideoHive," which is easy to edit for beginners. It costs $19 with 6 – text and media placeholders to express photographs cinematically.

vlog photo opener

8. Urban Vlog Opener

This template has a modern design with 14 video/photos placeholders, 29 editable text layers, and one logo placeholder. You could find this in "Motion Array," and it doesn't require any plugins.

urban vlog opener

9. White Script Couple Vlog Family Entertainment YouTube Video Outro

Create an intro for the Vlog using this template of "Canva," which fits perfectly when sharing memories. You could buy this for $1.01 with a Premium download.

white script couple

10. Vlog Opener

This innovative and stylish Vlog opener of "VideoHive," with an HD resolution with sound FX, is a fit for the blog and YouTube. It would cost $19.

11. Black and White Minimalism Male Vlogger Vlog YouTube Intro

As the name suggests, it is the best intro for a Vlog for Male Vlogger. You could customize and download your work for $1.01 from "Canva" by applying animations and transitions.

12. Sport Openers

Uploading a Vlog based on sports can be customized by using a sport intro template. This Vlog opener of "Motion Array" displays four sports in 2 types of openers.

sport openers

Part 2: Best Intro Ideas for Vlog

Know the best intro for Vlog ideas to create a video with a unique style.

Idea 1: Play Button

Rather than complex effects and transitions, you could use a simple intro for Vlog like a play button, where the viewer has to hit the button to watch your Vlog.

Idea 2: Cartoon Style

Create your intro more elegantly using a cartoon-style introduction. This template style has a transparent and clean background, with an animated element that will attract more viewers.

Idea 3: Artistic Style

Want to create the best intro for a Vlog based on art, like painting? Then try using an artistic style template that will expose your Vlog content at first sight.

intro exhibition

Idea 4: Countdown

You could also create your intro in classic style by using the countdown Vlog template with modernized effects to excite your viewers to see the Vlog.

vlog countdown intro

Idea 5: For Specific content

Creating an intro for a Vlog for any occasion can be expressed in your first slide by using the Vlog templates that resemble the day.

[Alt: "graduation party invitation"]

graduation party invitation intro

Part 3: How to Make an Incredible Intro for a Vlog with Templates?

After knowing the various intro for Vlog templates available, you may wonder about using a unique one for your Vlog video. To do so, create your Vlog video using Filmii, as it offers a variety of themed templates, to customize your video with an auto-create option. Filmii is not just a video editing tool; it's a video production studio that will inspire you with its personalized great unique features. We will guide you to create your first video with step-by-step instructions, and how to add effects to your video without any effort.

Filmii Video Editor

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Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. Choose templates with the perfect theme for friends, family, or for fun.
  2. Customize your video with editing tools like add, remove, crop, and much more flexibly.
  3. Allows adding customized themed titles and filtering from the various choice available.
  4. Add animations like emotion stickers and transitions to your Vlog video instantly.
  5. Change the aspect ratio based on social platforms to fit perfectly is possible.

3-step Guide of Making a Vlog Intro Video with Template

Creating a Vlog video using Filmii is not hectic. Follow the 3-step guide to build your intro for Vlog hassle-free.

Step 1: Install Filmii

Install a free version of Filmii on your system. Open the application and log in using the Wondershare ID.

On the primary interface, choose a template to proceed.

Step 2: Import the Media

After making up your choice:

  • Choose the template, click on it.
  • Preview it.
  • Tap on the "Use this template" to proceed.

Import media like video or images by selecting the "Import File" option in the workplace.

Step 3: Create Vlog video and export

After importing images or videos in the workplace, drag them into the timeline and click on the "Auto-create" option. Now, Filmii will create the video automatically.

Vlog is now created based on the chosen template. Now you could add music, intro, or perform advanced editing to enhance your video. Once done, click the "Export" option to download your Vlog.


Lastly, now, I hope you have an idea of creating a catchy intro for a Vlog. So, start to create a unique Vlog with the customization and special video edits using Filmii today!