People usually think that editing audio could be a very difficult task and may require some skills but in reality, it is not at all. Many times when we come across any audio or video clips we wonder that how to match with audio so perfectly. Also, the sound effect plays a major role in creating the best and worst viewing experience. Here comes the fade effect which makes an audio playing smoother and softens for you and also sharpens the sound attack.

Usually while editing video clips in iMovie, fade in and fade out effect plays an important role. iMovie fade-out audio changes the quality of your content and serves at its best. If you are wondering how to fade music in iMovie and how to fade out music in iMovie, then this article will explain to you.

Part 1: How to Fade Music in iMovie?

Here we will show you how to fade music in iMovie with simple basic steps. IMovie fade-in audio is an easy process to learn How to fade out music in iMovie. Check out the below steps:

STEP 1: Import audio /video to iMovie

Firstly one can import audio by dragging the audio files into the "My media" or by selecting "File" > "Import". Through this, you can select your relevant files to iMovie.

import media imovie

Source: storyblocks.com

STEP2: Enable "Audio Waveform"

Then select "Settings" and look for "Show Waveforms."

audio waveform imovie

Source: storyblocks.com

Step 3: Add "Audio In/out Effect"

Now if waveforms are visible to you then you can drag the fade handles and add an "audio in/out effect" to your video.

fade in out effect imovie

Such audio handles are small white/grey concentric circles on the audio strip which are a bit difficult to find. So once you drag them, iMovie fade in audio is possible and you can fade it as shorter or longer as per your requirement. So, depending on your music and style of content you can apply a fade-in effect. This will solve your query of how to fade audio in iMovie.

STEP 4: Playback check

Once you are done with the fade-in audio effect make sure to check the edited file and if you are not satisfied with it then make changes accordingly.

Step 5: Final save and export a file

If you are finally sure with the iMovie fade in audio or iMovie fade out audio the "Save" your video and export in the best suitable format for you.

Part 2: How to Fade Audio Effortlessly without iMovie?

Are you aware that iMovie fade-out audio is much easier nowadays and if you are wondering how to fade out music without iMovie then Wondershare Filmii is the best editing tool you can opt for? Filmii's high-level editing features will serve a range of ways to edit your audio file. Here are the steps to look for:

Filmii Video Editor

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  1. Once you open the software, add a video/audio clip by clicking on the “Import” option or simply you can drag and drop on timeline.
  1. Now after that file will be linked by default but you can detach the audio and remove it from the video and also move, edit or delete as per your need. So right-click on the file and choose to detach audio.

detach audio from video

  1. Then after double click on your file and select the “Fade out” option from the menu. Once you do this you can set the level of fade out or fade in as per your wish as per the picture and if you wish to change it you can reset it too and then alter it accordingly.

audio editing tools

For fade in a move the slider to see that till how long it will take audio to reach its full volume. While in Fade out move the slider to check how long it will take for your audio to go from full volume to silence.

  1. Then after if you are done with fade in or out effects and purely satisfied then click on “Export” to decide the output format, name, and folder and then save a file. You can also directly share the file on YouTube.

filmii export settings

Part 3: Tips for Editing Audio Smartly

We are aware of the fact that editing audio is not at all an easy task without proper guidance. But there are some best work techniques to make a smart audio editor with very little time.

Here are the best audio editing tips to check out:

1. Batch fades

As we discussed fades is a very important aspect in audio editing and usually one needs to trim all-region on the timeline so the active audio being used in your mix gets added in the clip. Here the solution is to trim out and use a small/ short fade level so the transition from silence gets free from clicks. If we think practically then applying fades in each clip asks for a time and that is where" Batch fades" comes into a picture. Here you need to Select every clip on your timeline and open your DAW's fade dialogue to apply fade in or out and crossfades to every clip at the same time.

2. Split at Playhead

Also, region splitting is very important other than edits and many DAWs have an option to make an edit proper at the Playhead location. Thus with this function, one can easily listen to track and use the Playhead option and hit the command to split regions.

3. Loop regions

Most of the editors are aware of the Loop function in DAW. The loop function will allow extending the duration infinitely by dragging towards the right. Here looping a whole segment is always a good editing plan if all other methods are not helping.

4. Region mutes

While audio editing temporarily muting audio is a good option and for that region mutes works as an effective option. It will allow you to mute and unmute the audio track on the video timeline as per your need.


Thus this is all one needs to know when there is a question of how iMovie fadeout usually works. The fading effect plays a major role in coming up with a balanced soundtrack always. Also, we have tried to answer how to fade music in iMovie and how to fade out music in iMovie. Both iMovie and its alternative Wondershare Filmii are the best options one can look for while editing related work.

From this, we can say that iMovie fade-out audio and iMovie fade-in audio is a perfectly balanced tool for audio editing and serves at its best.

Happy Editing!