Earlier, there were only movie directors, but now you could find people who have their channel on YouTube now in this era. Are you one among them? Then you could create videos with high-quality audio and video using free iMovie effects. Are you new to this iMovie effects download? Then we will provide you with the best products you should know. Plugins are also available for iMovie, using which you could enhance the effects in iMovie. Thus, we shall discuss the top-rated and most used plugins, along with their usage here.

Part 1: 15 Best iMovie Effects

Listed here are some of the best 15 iMovie effects downloads you should never miss.


Built-in Effects

A camera records a video with default proportion in color, brightness, and contrast. "iMovie" provides built-in free iMovie effects called transition, allowing you to alter the video's lighting.


Blue or Green Screens

Wanted to change the video background after recording? iMovie effects come with the solution which allows you to cut a single-color set, make it transparent, and then replacing it with the background you want. Most used single-color background screens are of the color blue or green.

apply green screen effects imovie 1



Are you worried that your video shots are shaky? Try free iMovie effects called "Steadycam." It smoothens your shaky shots by which the video will be wobble-free.

imovie stabiize shaky footage


Dolly Zoom Effect

You can shoot in video with immobile fronts and consistent background zooming with iMovie effects – "Dolly zoom." This feature is applicable even after you have shot the video.



One of the best iMovie effects is "Cutaway" which allows you to interchange shots in a video to break the monotony of a long scene. You can take cutaway shots from different angles.


External Microphones

People will pay attention to your movie only if the audio quality is good. If the audio recorded is of low amplitude, use the free iMovie effect "External Microphone." It allows you to enhance your audio with high quality.


Split Edit

Using "Split Edit," you can merge any two audio clips that have been cut separately along with their synchronization. Implementing the effect, the resulting video produced by iMovie will be of high quality.


Split Screen

One of the free iMovie effects for videos is "Split screen." This effect allows you to view more than one image on your screen from one scene simultaneously.


Movie Trailer

Wanted to create a trailer for your movie? iMovie's effect "Movie trailer" allows you to do it by selecting the clips needed, along with a piece of background music. Make sure not to reveal suspense to the audience.


Cut in time for music

As the audio plays a significant role in a movie, opening music to attract the audience should be your priority. "Cut in time" - iMovie effects will help you to produce an amazing opening scene for your movie.

cut in time



Mistakes can take place while shooting. Don't allow poor lighting and disproportional of the frame to affect your video. Overcome this by using the "Flipped" effect in iMovie.


Old Film

Two iMovie effects will help you portray clips as recorded long back. One among them is "aged film," and the other is "film grain."

old film


Day to Night

There is a most valuable free iMovie effect available, allowing you to make the transition with a click. The transition done is that the shots taken in the daylight display as shots taken at night.


Black and White Film

Using iMovie effects, you can make a clip in your video to display in black and white. This effect effectively eliminates all colors and shows the scenes in black and white.


Lens Flare

There could be times where you may want to record the passing of light, but it may not get shot as you expected due to various reasons. iMovie helps you overcome this by the effect called "Lens Flare," which adds elegance to your shot.

lens flare

Part 2: 10 Best iMovie Effects Plugin

You can bring additional effects to your video or movie by downloading plugins for iMovie effects. The few best iMovie plugins, along with their add-on feature, are discussed here.



One of the most affordable must-add iMovie plugins is ASCII and ART. It has many artistic iMovie effects which allow you to edit videos. Its unique feature is its high speed of converting the videos.


Big and Bold

This iMovie plugin is highly rated as it is simple and has an advanced interface. It has a special feature that allows you to have complete control over titles and text entered.


Crops & Zooms

Crops and Zooms iMovie plugin allow you to zoom along with few effects like circular, square, and much more. With this plugin, you can club many effects or transformations for your video.


Gree Three slick

If you are concerned about audio volume, then Gree Three slick plugin for iMovie will meet your needs. It has ten different volumes. Each of which possesses a collection of effects, transitions, and titles.



iBubble plugin for iMovie has thirteen unique titles like glowing text, moving text, etc. It is an easy-to-use interface with advanced features, which lead to the popularity of this plugin.



Audacity is a free open source plugin for iMovie effects used to record and edit audio. By the use of this software, you can remove the background noise.


Effects for titles

This iMovie plugin has effects that act on standard white-on-black titles. It has varieties of effects like dropped shadows, color schemes, title placements, and much more. These effects for titles are included when necessary.



This iMovie plugin is highly complex but professional. It allows you to add specialized visual effects while editing. Some of the key effects of this plugin include video cubes, explosions, 3D titles, comets, and 3D video walls.



This iMovie plugin is different from the one above as it has its unique effects, including fireflies, 3D bubbles, chess, maze, roller coaster, and fireworks. It allows you to download a free demonstration for each effect.



If you want to eliminate unwanted vibrations, other than available iMovie effects, you could use the "piStabilize" plugin. With its dynamic zoom technology, you can achieve vibration reduction in videos.

Part 3: Best Alternatives to iMovie with Cool Effects


Wondershare Filmii

One of the best video editing software with powerful editing tools to create incredible videos is "Wondershare Filmii." It has an intuitive design that helps you to create videos easily on your first try. Wondershare Filmii possesses filters, and it allows you to add a variety of filters to your video, even overlays of graphics. To create a video, you can insert multiple videos and images. Besides, you also get support to insert background music to your video with Filmii.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. Preview video and scrub the timeline with touch bar effectively.
  2. With Auto reframe, crop videos intelligently to different aspect ratios.
  3. Apply filters, transitions, motion elements, titles, and so on.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro software allows you to create and edit videos. The video produced comes of high quality. It provides special tools for editing that can be a valuable tool to create a professional video. Once downloaded, tools like transitions, effects, color adjustments, etc., come in handy. You can adjust sound effects, and it allows you to import graphics and special effects from other Adobe applications. You can quickly trim extended footage videos using this software. A key feature is that it allows the import of video in any format.


  1. Reformat videos automatically with intelligent reframing.
  2. Automatic identification of edit points to add cuts and markers.
  3. Download and add Adobe Stock audio music within the Essential Sound panel.
  4. Apply advanced color grading effects with Lumetri Color tools.
  5. Edit 4K videos effectively with lightweight proxy workflows and faster ProRes HDR.


Finally, I hope that the discussed iMovie effects and plugins have increased your interest in editing the video of your work. Let the imagination in you flow along with the tools available in iMovie.