Have you inserted an emoji or a sticker in a video by mistake and now you wish to remove it? Well, just like you, a lot of people would like to remove emojis from a video in different ways. Ideally, the easiest way to do that is by trimming the segment of the video where the emojis were inserted or trying to conceal the emoji with something else. In this post, I will let you know how to remove an emoji from a video by following the same approach.

Part 1: Why You might Wish to Remove an Emoji from a Video?

After we record videos on our smart devices, numerous apps give us a provision to add stickers and emojis. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat offer a wide range of emojis and stickers that a lot of people add to their videos. Sadly, this takes away the original essence of the video that you might miss later.

Besides that, chances are that you could have added a sticker or emoji in a video that you regretted afterward. If you want to use the video for some professional work, then an emoji might not look good in it. Thus, there could be all kinds of personal and professional reasons for removing emojis and stickers from a video.

Part 2: How to Remove any Emoji or Sticker from a Video with Filmii?

Ideally, the best way to learn how to remove a sticker from a video is by using a dedicated video editor. For instance, you can try Wondershare Filmii which is an AI-integrated powerful video editor. The application is super easy to use and would let you edit and create all kinds of videos on the go.

  • Using the Trimmer feature of Filmii, you can instantly remove the video segment where the emoji or sticker was inserted.
  • You can also apply all kinds of visual effects like transitions, stickers, elements, etc. to hide the emoji.
  • There is an inbuilt color grading feature in Filmii to help you hide or conceal the inserted emoji.
  • One can find plenty of other features in Filmii like AI-integrated templates, speed control, pan and zoom, audio editing, and more.

To learn how to remove an emoji from a video by trimming the clip via Wondershare Filmii, follow these steps:

Step 1: Load the Video to Edit on Wondershare Filmii

At first, just launch Wondershare Filmii on your system and choose to work on a new project instead of loading an existing template. Now, you can click on the "Import File" option to simply browse and load the video clip to edit.

3 import advanced editing

You can also just drag and drop the video clip to edit on the interface of Filmii. Afterward, drop the video to the timeline at the bottom to start editing.

Step 2: Trim the Clip to Remove any Emoji from the Video

Once the video is added to the timeline, you can get its preview on the dedicated window. Now, you can place the bar (the playhead) at the beginning or end of the clip and drag it either forward or backward. You can drag it accordingly to the parts you want to remove from the clip where any emoji is present.

1 trim filmii video

Step 3: Save the Edited Video in a Preferred Format via Wondershare Filmii

That's it! After when you remove any emoji from a video, you can click on the "Export" button to save the video. Wondershare Filmii will let you save the video to any location of your choice, and you can even customize its format, frame rate, video resolution, and other parameters.

filmii export settings

Pro Tip: Use the Inbuilt Video Resources of Wondershare Filmii

Besides trimming the part of the video that has an emoji or a sticker, you can apply various other correcting measures in Wondershare Filmii. For instance, you can just double-click the video from the timeline to get color grading options. From here, you can adjust the brightness, temperature, saturation, etc. of the clip to conceal a sticker.

1 filmii color grading

You can also go to the Effects section of Filmii to explore a wide range of overlays, filters, and other visual effects that you can apply to your videos.

effects library

Furthermore, you can also check the Elements section from the sidebar to find hundreds of visual elements that you can use to cover a sticker or emoji. Just select any visual element, drag it to the timeline, and adjust it accordingly to make it work.

locate elements in filmii

Part 3: Other Tips to Get Better Video Editing Results

By now, you would be able to remove an emoji from a video. Apart from that, you can also consider following these tips to get better video editing results.

  • While recording your videos, always maintain a dedicated raw file of the clip that you can use as a backup.
  • If you are recording a video on Instagram or Snapchat, then first save the original clip on your device before applying any sticker or emoji.
  • Instead of using social apps, use a dedicated video editor like Filmii to apply stickers or emojis. If you are using the same video editor (like Filmii), then you can instantly remove the applied emoji or sticker from the video.
  • Before you apply stickers, emojis, or any other element to your video, consider making its second copy to avoid the loss of its original content.
  • Always keep a reliable video editing application (like Wondershare Filmii) installed on your PC to instantly make the needed changes in your videos.

As you can see, learning how to remove an emoji from a video is pretty simple. Ideally, the same technique can also be implemented on how to remove a sticker from a video or any other element. With the help of a resourceful tool like Wondershare Filmii, you can clip out any unwanted segment from your videos. It also offers numerous other features related to color grading, speed control, filters, overlays, transitions, etc. that would meet every video editing need of yours in one place.