We all are aware that nowadays there are so many content creators are coming day by day and to make your place among all quality of your content and the right shot plays a vital role. Many times we experience that all of the sudden in a quick shot some unknown people get captured too which makes your perfect shot imperfect and there comes the importance of blurring the face of people before uploading on social media. Many people are not aware of the concept such as blurring face which is removing an unnecessary portion from your clip and making it look good for the viewers. Now your question would be how to blur face in a video? As we discussed that many of us are not familiar with the blurring face concept so to help you with that the following article will introduce this best feature regarding blurring your face easily.

Part 1: The Quickest Way to Blur Your Faces in a Video: Use Filmii

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Nowadays if you are wondering how to blur part of a video then it is a one-stop solution with a Wondershare Filmii feature. It has high-quality editing features and effects to make your video the best. The face-off effect is just only used to blur a face but you can also blue your pet's face or something similar to the face. Check out below:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to install Wondershare Filmii from your browser.

Step 2: Once you install it now time is to add a video file for that you can click on the "Import" file option or simply drag and drop the file too.

Step 3: Then, you will find an option "effects" you just need to select over there and then find an effect named "Face-off". It will automatically blur out a portion and then you can adjust the range as per your requirement.

blur face filmii

Step 4: Lastly, if you are satisfied with the edited clip you can easily export it and save it on your drive or directly share it on social media platforms too.

Part 2: How to Blur Part of a Video in Filmora?

Face off effect is nothing but blurring an irrelevant face from a video to make it look better. If you have a thought in mind that how to blur in Filmora. Check out the below steps for that:

Step 1: Import your video file

Firstly, open a Wondershare Filmora on your PC and then you can select the "File" option and choose a video where you want to apply a face-off effect, or you can simply drag and drop a video to the Wondershare interface directly.

Step 2: Add Video Clip to Timeline

Once your video is imported on the Wondershare interface, you need to put it on the timeline of Filmora and for that, you can simply drag and drop a video where you want to apply a face-off effect and remove and come up with the finest quality video.

Step 3: Activate the Face-Off Effect

blur face filmora

Then once, the video is on a timeline you just need to simply turn on the face-off effect on Filmora and for that here you need to select "Effects" > search "Utility" > you will find the Face-Off effect. Then just hold the face-off option and drag it over to the clip. Here one can enlarge the effect or shrink for covering the specific area, and you can also change the opacity.

Step 4: Add Video Effects – emoji & other objects

add video effects filmora

After that, you can Double click on your clip to enlarge the drawer portion and under that, you will find a host of various Emoji along with blur face effects. You can choose any and it will be placed on the face.

If you are done and satisfied with your edit you can simply export a file and save it on your device.

Part 3: How to Blur Faces on iPhone?

After learning how to how to blur in Filmora it is time to know how to blur faces iMovie on iPhone. Find below step by step process:

Step 1: In the beginning, you need to launch iMovie software by selecting iMovie> preferences > choose the general preference > enable Show Advanced Tools and then close the preferences of iMovie.

blur face iphone

Then select your video clip which can be displayed on the license plate and later will be shown in iMovie's viewer.

Step 2: Then take a screenshot of the face by selecting shift-Command-4. Then release the mouse button and will hear a shutter sound which shows that the screenshot has been taken and saved.

Step 3: Then open any random image editors such as Photoshop and Gaussian to blur an image. Then you can do necessary changes and then save it

Step 4: After that drag it over your iMovie clip and select Picture in Picture from the menu that appears. Once you complete this the blurred image will be shown as a still in the viewer as well as iMovie's project pane.

blurred image imovie

Lastly, adjust the size of the clip to cover the license plate for the duration of that clip. Then resize the image and put it over your preferred area.

So here the above-mentioned steps are needed to follow for adding blurry effects in iMovie are same for iPhone, iPad, or Mac device too.


This article has made you aware that How to Blur Face in a Video with 3 Easy & Fast Ways and along with that given detailed information of each tool step by step. You don't need to regret a best captured shot Just because of some unknown interruptions. So above mentioned tool will help in you applying a blurry effect easily.