“Do you know how impactful the intro and an outro in your video are?”

You're at the right place even if you said 'No' to the question mentioned above. Finding a regular audience of your video content on various social platforms is a success when you make 100% efforts to include every factor. This particular post is going to be an informative article on gaming intro templates free download. Thus, it is a step forward to those 100% efforts where you'd like to stand better among competitors.

Given below is an introduction to the top 10 gaming intro templates, the procedure on how to make your game intros, and some valuable tips to create stunning game intros.

Part 1: Top 10 Gaming Intro Templates

These gaming intro templates free download are a must to check if you run a game-centric YouTube channel. We'd also like to inform you that the templates mentioned below are fully editable based on your requirements.


2D Energy Explosion

It is an ideal intro template to play games of explosive nature. Check this template above.


Fortnite Inspired

If you are looking out for a gaming intro download without text, then here is another inspirational gaming template with a treasure map designed to grab the audience's attention quickly. See how this template looks!

Download Fortnite Inspired gaming intro template


First-Person Shooter

It is a short yet effectively packed template that is easy to edit for a custom fit. Check this template above.

Download First-Person Shooter Gaming Intro Template


Misty Logo Reveal

It’s a logo reveal template with great graphics. See how this template looks above.

Download Misty Logo Reveal Gaming Intro Template


Gaming Intro Download without Text [1]

You can see this template presentation here.


Battle Royale

It is another excellent template by Fortnite. Look how this gaming intro template works here.


Firey Logo Reveal

The firey logo reveals pretty hotly and super eye-catchy to the audience. Check out this template!



Love sports or playing sporty games? If yes, then it is the must-have template simplistically. See the sports gaming intro template here.


Cute Game Intro Template

Did you hear the cute beeping whenever text pops up? Grab this template and customize yours.


Aesthetic Gaming Intro & Outro Template

If you are looking for a retro gaming intro template with a little vaporwave aesthetic, it is your best choice!

So, these were the top 10 picks of gaming intro free download. Check out our next section to see the process of how you can make your own gaming intros.

Part 2: How to Make Your Own Game Intros?

In this tech-savvy world, it is facilitative to create your gaming intro templates. These templates are a piece of graphics used to showcase at the beginning of the video. Moreover, building your game intro templates has its advantages of complete customization. You can even make more beautiful intros by exploiting your skills. So, how are you going to do that? Yes, we refer to 'simply.' Well, it's a matter of using a reliable video editor that helps you get the tasks done right from the beginning until the end of your gaming projects. And, the one we will recommend also guarantees success in your social media journey.

So, let's reveal this modern-day video editor, software for the best gaming intro download called Filmii Video Editor. It comes pre-built with video templates for first-hand use. And, there are many such exclusive features.

Key Features of Wondershare Filmii Video Editor

  • Fully customized title editor
  • Automated Editing Mode
  • Advanced timeline editor
  • Smart inbuilt video templates
  • Various media resources
  • Inbuilt presets for quick sharing at social media platforms

Step-by-Step Guide to creating your game intros via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Download Wondershare Filmii

Go to Wondershare Filmii and hit the Let’s Try tab to download its latest Windows PC version.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Smart video templates

Various customizable titles for social media

Stickers & motion elements

Stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Step 2: Import Media

Sign In the software and click the ‘Start from Scratch’ tab to enter Filmii’s versatile editing panel. Here, you need to first start by selecting the Retro Gaming Template of Filmii. Then, click Use this Template tab as shown below.

Filmii Gaming Intro Template

Now, you need to drag at least three of your gaming scenes for quick Auto-Create mode, as shown below.

Edit Filmii Gaming Intro Template

It will then look as follows.

Auto Create Filmii

Step 4: Edit & Export

You can now make changes and click Advanced Editing Mode to create gaming effects intro templates. It will offer you various elements suitable to make intros, as shown below.

At last, hit the black Export button at the top.

Edit Export Gaming Intro Template Filmii

Part 3: Tips to Create a Stunning Game Intro

Here are some quick tips for creating stunning gaming intro templates.

  • Keep it sweet and short while avoiding too-long information. The intro of 10-20 seconds is best.
  • You can try including a quick highlight of your data before actually imparting the intro section.
  • Make intro relatable to the type of gaming in the video.
  • Be consistent with your visual style.
  • Use a quick video editor like Filmiithan going for complex animation skills for a simple gaming intro.
  • Try making a brand of your gaming videos by including text in the intro templates.
  • Choose the style beforehand.


Thus, these were our valuable insights on the top 10 gaming intro video downloads, plus a bundle of other helpful content on tips, etc. Please go through it to know your position among competitors and better yourself in the areas that require improvement with Filmii.