“What is the best music for gaming?”

This post is specifically about the game intro music. Whether it's intro, outro, or body, the video's music content has its significance. The vibes you get with inspirational music are unbeatable. Apart from gaming, the use of intro music is likely required in podcasts, showreels, or any other radio dramas as well. In terms of introducing game intro music, it is a short piece of music content added at the beginning of the video to set its tone apart. This tone can range from upbeat to comedic to dramatic to newsworthy, depending upon the audience's game type and mood.

So, let’s dive into every informational aspect of gamers’ music as follows!

Part 1: What Music do Gamers listen to?

For the knowledge aspect, it's better to start with the best ten-game intro music that gamers used to listen to satisfy their adrenaline rush.


Linkin Park [Numb]

It is a piece of music containing a music album as well. The tone is pretty sad and soothing to the ears. You can use this music in gaming sessions.


Fooling the Night

It offers your gaming videos energetic, lively, and fashion-themed music that is enough to grab viewers' attention. You can download this free song from here at https://gaana.com/


Basshunter [Dota]

It has that DJ vibe for lively game players. Check the Bass boosted version of the Dota song above.


Spanish Flea

It is a popular beat song written by Julius Wechter. The harmonious and instrumental melody of the song is enough to intrigue the audience. Refer to this song on Storyblocks Website.


Pegboard Nerds [Disconnected]

It is excellent upbeat music that you can include in games to enjoy a fun vibe. Enjoy this Electronic Pegboard Nerds Music!


Quick Thinking

It is a beautiful song by Sofa Tune and Frank Heller that greatly helps boost viewers' mood. Download this free song from https://www.jiosaavn.com/


Hip-Hop inst 276

Use this game intro music if you want to improve the overall sound effects. It gives viewers the best closure to video content as well. You can download this music from http://www.storyblocks.com/


Porter Robinson

It is another upbeat music that performs well in both action and adventure games. See how this music sounds in live game series.


The Throne

The Throne - a popular song by a famous British band with a tone that sets apart your spirit and further revitalizes the viewers' energy levels. Check this song here!


Synth Bounce

It is soft-melody music to touch the hearts of the audience and further keep them interested in the video content. Download this game intro music free from ://gaana.com/

Part 2: How to Add Game Intro Music to your Videos?

There are specific rules to add any music to YouTube videos. Being a YouTuber, you have to comply with various YouTube policies violating which your account will be banned or blocked. Given below is the crux of some of those rules.

  • Do not use the copyright content without taking the permission of the owner.
  • Go through every legal way of using copyrighted music.
  • You can use YouTube's inbuilt audio library to get unlimited tracks.
  • Keep your game intro music sweet and short to not hinder the interest of the audience.
  • Consider music licensing, if required.

Step-by-Step Guide to add Game Intro Music to videos via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmii

To start, you have to visit the official site of Wondershare Filmii and click the Let’s Try button that will download Filmii on your PC.

Filmii Video Editor

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Once installed, launch the application, and open it.

Step 2: Import & Edit Videos

Click Start from Scratch tab to enter the editing panel of Filmii.

start from scratch Filmii

Then, click the Import File tab as shown below. Here, you upload the video.

import file Filmii

Now, you need to add the game intro music by clicking the Audio My Music tab.

add game intro music

Step 3: Export the video

Finally, click the Export button provided above after the video editing in Wondershare Filmii is over.

Part 3: Where to Get Free Background Music?

Here is a list of the three best websites from where you can get free background music or game intro music.

SoundCloud is a viral audio database among the users. It also consists of a Creative Commons section to further offer you the ability to use and download tracks uploaded by other sites' users.

Jamendo is another popular music website to download, share, and upload free music. Here, you will find almost every genre, including emotional, hip-hop, chill out, pop, etc. Despite that, you will love enjoying the radio feature of Jamendo.



Vimeo is for 'videos,' which is correct but partially! Yes, you can use this site to download free music for videos as well. However, it comes pre-built with a facility to avoid any copyright claims. You have only take care of crediting the artist whose song or music you are using in your videos.


The article is the right fit if you are confused about adding the best game intro music into your video gaming projects. We've discussed the top music ideas that gamers listen to and ways to add the games intro music to videos via an easy step-by-step Filmii guide. Lastly, we also highlighted the importance of getting free background music from various royalty-free resources.