While creating or editing a video, you might need to include some funny sounds effects in the background. After all, with just the right sound effects, you can drastically change the overall appeal of your videos. The good news is that there are numerous sources to do funny sound effects download (and some are even free). Here, I will list some of the best comedy sound effects MP3 download sources that every content creator should explore and would also include some of my favorite funny sound effects.

Part 1: The 10 Best Funny Sound Effects You can't Ignore

If you don't have much time to explore, then you can simply go through our hand-picked list of the 10 best funny sound effects from YouTube.


Scheming Weasel Royalty-free Sound

Having a peculiar sound, this would be one of the best funny sound effects that you can use in the background. It would go perfectly with any mischievous tricks or comedy events that are taking place in the video.


Funny Laughs

Here, you can find 5 different kinds of hilarious laughing sounds, compiled in a single video. You can just clip any laughing sound from the video and use it in your projects for free.


Funny SpongeBob Sounds

This video is certainly one of the funniest things that you can watch. It features 9 different kinds of SpongeBob sound variants that are extremely funny that would fit well in numerous comedy situations.


Funny Instrumental Music

This is a piece of extensive instrumental music that you can use as a background track in your videos. The audio track is more than 2-minute long and you can simply trim it as per your requirements.


High – JPG (No Copyright Music)

This might not be a regular funny sound effect, but it can have diverse applications. Since the music is royalty-free, you can use it for transitions or showcase some specific events in your comedy videos.


Funny Bell Sound

If you have watched funny videos before, then chances are that you must have heard this sound effect too. Short, crisp, and hilarious, it is one of the must-have funny sound effects for editing comedy videos.


Awkward and Funny Music

This is another popular and funny piece of music that is used by several content creators. It would be an ideal sound effect or background music for an awkward yet funny situation. You can also use it as funny background music in your vlogs.


Among Us Kill Sound

Are you a gamer or a fan of the popular Among Us game? Then this would be of the best funny sound effects that you can include in your videos. The effect features the kill sound in the game that you can use in various instances.


Funny Sound Compilation

If you want to have tons of funny sound effects in one place, then you can explore this video. It features all kinds of funny music like shuttering, chirping, laughing, and more. You can later clip any sound effect from the video to use it separately.


50+ Funny Sound Effects

Lastly, you can also explore more than 50 different kinds of funny sound effects in this video. The best part is that all effects are not copyright protected and you can use them without any issue in your videos.

Part 2: Top 6 Sources to Get Funny Sound Effects

Furthermore, if you want to do funny sounds MP3 download to get customized results, then you can explore the following website:


Sound Bible

Sound Bible has one of the most extensive collections of sound effects for gaming, informative, and comedy videos. You can explore the range of audio tracks and can directly do any funny sound effects download on your system. Most of the sound effects have a common creative license and are freely available on Sound Bible.



This is another trusted source to do comedy sound effects MP3 download for free. The website has micro audio files and sound effects in different categories. You can browse its range of 2000+ audio tracks to find all kinds of funny sound effects.


Free Sound

If you are looking for one of the biggest collections of funny sound effects, then you should head to Free Sound. The web-based solution has thousands of sound effects in different categories and would let you do funny sounds MP3 download in dedicated bundles too.



Storyblocks is another popular source to find free and paid funny sound effects. It has a user-friendly interface, letting you manually search for any sound effects. You can also use it to download videos, images, and other media files from a stock library.



SoundsCrate is a go-to source to do funny sound effects download for free. It features original royalty-free sound effects in different categories like funny, nature, machine, and many more that you can download and use without any restrictions.



With over 90 thousand different sound effects, ZapSplat has one of the most extensive collections of free and paid funny sound effects. You can look for any sound effect from its search bar or explore various categories. Besides funny sound effects, it also features music in categories like nature, sports, industries, food, etc.

Part 3: Wondershare Filmii: The Best Video/Audio Editing Tool

Finding the best funny sound effects is only a job half done, as you would need a reliable video editor to work on. I would recommend using Wondershare Filmii, which offers AI-integrated features to automate the editing process. There are tons of video and audio editing options in Wondershare Filmii to meet every editing requirement of yours.

  • You can find a wide range of sound effects and audio tracks in Filmii listed in different categories like cheerful, folk, electronic, and so on.
  • Users can explore its wide range of sound effects and instantly add any media to their video projects. It also lets us import any other media file from our system.
  • You can also record voiceovers by using the inbuilt feature in Wondershare Filmii and even edit the audio component by implementing different effects.
  • There are also numerous ready-made templates and tons of visual effects that you can instantly use to make your videos look appealing.
  • Besides that, Wondershare Filmii offers numerous other features like speed controls, color grading, pan-and-zoom, audio editing, and more.

filmii music sound effects

As you can see, finding all sorts of funny sound effects can be extremely simple. For your convenience, I have listed various sources to do funny sound effects download for free in this post. Besides that, you can also use a dedicated video editing application like Wondershare Filmii to make your job easier. A user-friendly and AI-integrated video editor, it features numerous sound effects and offers advanced editing features to help you come up with stunning videos in no time.