If you are regularly posting content to YouTube, you know that viewers rely on thumbnails to preview the video and decide whether to watch or not. With this in mind, content owners need to make sure their videos are well represented by using YouTube thumbnail template websites to improve the look of their thumbnails.

There are numerous providers offering a free download of thumbnail templates for YouTube, so it’s not easy to differentiate between them and choose the best one. Choosing the right one could significantly help your YouTube career, so it’s worth spending some time to gather the information before you decide.

What Is The Best Website To Download YouTube Thumbnail Templates For Free?

This review will help you learn the fundamental facts about each website and make a better decision when it comes to the time to choose your provider.

Here are some of the websites offering YouTube thumbnail templates free download that deserve a closer look:



Price: Free, pricing options start at $9.95

YouTube Thumbnail Template from Canva

This website offers a great range of possibilities for designing unique thumbnails for YouTube. You can choose between several thousand different free templates or decide to customize any of them with your own artwork. Templates come in many different styles and are suitable for all types of videos, from personal vlogs to promotional content for commercial products. Alternatively, you can start from a blank template and create your own combination of image and text with minimal design skills required. To be eligible for free download at Canva, you need to be an individual or a small team, while several premium packages with more advanced options are available for larger companies. The website is simple to use and provides a range of smart design tools.

Price: Free trial, pricing options start at $7.99

YouTube Thumbnail Template from PicMonkey

Here, you will find a lot of interesting ideas for your YouTube thumbnail template. Free download psd is available only on a trial basis on PicMonkey, and you will need to open an account on the website to qualify for it. You can sign up using your e-mail address or Facebook/Google account, and the procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. After the trial period ends, you can get a paid package at a reasonable price that starts at $7.99 per month for the basic subscription. PicMonkey has a rather diverse offer of YouTube thumbnail templates, with casual style dominated by strong fonts the most commonly seen approach. The site also provides its users with solid design tools that allow for extensive customization of the thumbnail template to fit the target style of YouTube videos found on the channel.

Price: Free trial, pricing options start $3.33

YouTube Thumbnail Template from FotoJet

If quality is more important to you than quantity, you should consider PhotoJet as a primary source of your thumbnail templates. There are only a few dozen different designs available for this purpose, but all of them are created with specific types of YouTube videos in mind, so you can find great thumbnails for short films, sports videos, or fashion products, to name a few examples. The site offers a free trial to new users, so you can conceivably get your hands on some amazing templates without spending a dime. Templates can be edited on the site and downloaded in the JPG format, and can be used freely without watermark. All things considered, PhotoJet is a solid option for free download of thumbnail templates, especially if you post a lot of content from a single thematic category and can re-use the same thumbnail style numerous times.



Price: Free, pricing options start at $10.00 per month

YouTube Thumbnail Template from Snappa

There are hundreds of different YouTube thumbnail template variations on Snappa, and all of them can be downloaded to your computer free of charge. Most of the templates contain high-quality photos and a matching font that ensures easy readability. In order to gain access to free thumbnail templates, it’s necessary to open an account on Snappa and choose a unique username and password. Free users are limited to only three downloads per month, but the premium package is available for just $10 per month and it allows for additional downloads as well as more advanced template manipulation including removal of the background or inclusion of custom fonts. Snappa also allows users to resize their templates which typically leads to better optimization and even more impressive looking design of YouTube thumbnails.

Price: Free, pricing plans start at $59.00 per month

YouTube Thumbnail Template from PNGTree

If you are looking for a site that facilitates YouTube thumbnail template psd free download, PNGTree could be the right one for you. This site offers the possibility to pick up one of many designs from business, creative, hand-drawn, or cartoon style, and to work with the psd file on your own computer. The templates can be used without royalties, but only if you complete the registration process and leave your e-mail address or social media links. There are a lot of options to choose from, but most of them look generic and realistically require some customization before they can serve to promote your YouTube videos. That’s why PNGTree is frequently used by people with at least basic design skills, although beginners might want to give it a try as well.

Price: Free

YouTube Thumbnail Template from Velosophy

There are more than 100 thumbnail templates for videos to choose from at Velosophy, including some very interesting ones. The style of the templates clearly gravitates towards gaming and e-sports videos, but you can find many other themes in the collection. Most of the templates are offered for free and can be downloaded without the need to open an account, which is very convenient for those who only need one or two templates. An interesting aspect of this site is that users can share the templates they created, contributing to the creativity and community spirit of this platform. In terms of visual elements, a lot of Velosophy thumbnail templates include animated characters and colorful graphics in combination with strong, easily readable fonts.



Price: Free, pricing plans start at $7.99 per month

With over 200 different template designs, Crello can offer a lot of options to YouTube creators looking to spice up their content and increase their viewership. The presented templates are visually very diverse and cover many niche topics, even if a majority of content aims at professional users. Most of the designs can be downloaded for free, while users who decide to pay $7.99 per month for premium membership can gain access to additional items. It’s very easy to discover great templates at Crello, either by browsing through all designs or by searching for relevant key phrases and themes. The site also provides excellent tools for template customization, so the images can be resized, flipped, or rotated, and frame, filters, or text boxes added at will.

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The Ultimate Youtube Thumbnail Template Checklist

It’s not enough to find a great source for your YouTube thumbnail templates – you also need to know the most optimal technical characteristics in order to make a smart choice. Here is a list of key parameters that you need to check before submitting your thumbnails to the video-sharing platform:

  • Image size – the best dimensions for your thumbnail image on YouTube are 1280 x 720 pixels, and you should really never go under 640 pixels in terms of width
  • File size – keep in mind that your thumbnails must be smaller than 2 MB due to the memory limitations of the platform
  • Aspect ratio – it is widely considered that the 16:9 aspect ratio is the most optimal for this type of application, as uploading an image in the 4:3 ratio will result in the appearance of two black stripes on either side of the image
  • Format – YouTube allows you to upload images in several different formats, including JPG, GIF, or PNG

Using the recommended settings for your YouTube thumbnails will greatly improve their performance, which is why you should always make sure that the website for YouTube thumbnail template psd free download supports those dimensions and formats.