If you are a content creator or owns a YouTube channel, then you might already know how tough it can be to find royalty-free sound effects. While we need all kinds of sound effects in post-production and video editing, getting royalty-free content can be tough. Don't worry – to help you, I have come up with a detailed list of the top 10 websites from where you can get free sound effects to meet your editing needs in no time.

Part 1: What You Should Know About Royalty-free Sound Effects?

Just like every other art form, music can also be licensed. At times, the original creators of sound effects or music tracks put a copyright license to their products. This means, if you use their sound effects without buying the relevant rights, then there can be issues regarding copyright infringement.

For instance, let's say you have used licensed music in a YouTube video and uploaded it. Chances are that your channel will get a copyright strike from YouTube and the video will be taken down.

copyright strike from youtube

To avoid these scenarios, you can consider using royalty-free music (under the common creative license). While some royalty-free tracks will ask for an attribution of the original creators, others will let you use these free sound effects however you like. In this way, you can use these sound effects for your creative projects, social media videos, digital ads, etc. without any copyright issues.

Part 2: 10 Reliable Websites to Get Free Sound Effects

After trying various options, I have come up with a resourceful list of the following places from where you can get free sound effects from different genres.


YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has come up with a dedicated collection of royalty-free music in its Audio Library. You can just go to your channel's dashboard and visit the Audio Library section. Here, you can find hundreds of free sound effects listed in different genres. You can listen to any soundtrack from here, mark it as a favorite, or directly download it on your computer to use it offline.

youtube audio library


Free Sound

Free Sound also has a wide collection of royalty-free sound effects, but you might find the website a bit cluttered. There is an option to look for specific sound effects from the search option, but they are not listed in dedicated categories. Though, it will give you options to download the entire pack of similar tracks for a common theme in one go.

freesound free sound effects



MixKit is a premium source where you can find free and paid stock music and media files. You can explore its dedicated section of free sounds effects with the common creative license. If you want, you can explore a wider range of premium music and sound effects as well to buy any track of your choice.

mixkit free sound effects


Free Sound Effects

As the name suggests, this is one of the most popular sources to download free sound effects on any device. You can explore more than 10,000 different sound effects listed under different categories like applause, fireworks, cityscape, nature, and more. Please note that a few of the listed sound effects would cost around $2-5 while most of the tracks are free.

free sound effects



ZapSplat is another popular source to get all types of royalty-free sound effects for free. It is trusted by over a million people and has over 90K+ paid and free sound effects. There are also features to download the entire sound packs in different categories like industries, birds, sports, horror, and so much more.

zapsplat free sound effects



If you are looking for some unique free sound effects, then you can also explore SoundSnap. You can browse the extensive range of sound effects from various genres, locations, etc. under the common creative license. The interface is pretty user-friendly as well and is entirely based on the web.

soundsnap free sound effects


Sound Bible

Sound Bible is one of the most extensive ranges of free sound effects with thousands of audio tracks in different domains. You can find soundtracks in categories like nature, city, machine, funny, and so much more. The web-based solution will let you browse any category or look for anything by entering keywords.

soundbible free sound effects



SoundsCrate provides an extensive library of royalty-free sound effects in different genres. From jingles to sound effects, you can find 100% original music in SoundsCrate. There are also tons of readily available packs that you can download and use as per your requirements.

soundscrate free sound effects



For all those who are looking for royalty-free sound effects of all kinds, StoryBlocks would be a go-to option. Not just sound effects, you can also explore full-length soundtracks, images, etc. on StoryBlocks. There is also an inbuilt editor that you can use to work on various media projects on its cloud-based service.

storyblocks free sound effects



Lastly, AudioMicro is another reliable source from where you can find more than 2,000 free sound effects. You can explore sound effects in categories like animal sounds, nature, machines, sports, and more. If you want, you can first listen to the soundtrack that you are interested in and can directly download it on the local storage of your device.

audiomicro free sound effects

Part 3: Edit Videos and Access Free Sound Effects on Wondershare Filmi

As you can see, there can be plenty of sources to get free sound effects. Though, if you want to edit your videos and get tons of royalty-free sound effects in one place, then try Wondershare Filmii. It is an AI-integrated video maker and editor that is equipped with tons of advanced features to make stunning videos.

Filmii Video Editor

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  • You can explore hundreds of free sound effects and music tracks in Filmii that you can instantly add to your videos.
  • There are also features to edit the sound effects, denoise audio, or implement fade in/out effects.
  • You can also record voiceovers for a video in Wondershare Filmii without using any third-party plugin.
  • There are tons of AI-integrated templates to help you instantly work on all kinds of video projects.
  • From hundreds of transitions and video effects to advanced features like scene detection and color grading, there are so many things you can do in Wondershare Filmii.

filmii music sound effects

Now when you know where to find some of the best free sound effects, you can easily edit your videos and make them aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend exploring a reliable source like YouTube Audio Library to find royalty-free sound effects or simply investing in a stock account. If you want, you can also try a reliable video editor like Wondershare Filmii that comes with an inbuilt stock of free music and audio tracks, offering tons of other video editing options.