While creating a video slideshow, you need to focus on two important things – photos and music. Most of the people already have the photos they wish to upload but find it hard to pick some good slideshow songs. After all, slow, romantic, or upbeat slideshow songs can drastically change the overall appeal of your videos. Therefore, to help you pick the best slideshow songs for different occasions, I have shortlisted 20 different soundtracks here.

Part 1: 20 Best Slideshow Songs for Different Occasions

If you look on the web, you will find thousands of good slideshow songs out there. Though, it is always recommended to go with royalty-free music as you can easily use these songs however you like without any copyright issues. Here are some of these royalty-free good songs from slideshows of memories that you can check.

Inspiring and Upbeat Slideshow Songs


Uplifting Slideshow Song

Uploaded by Morning Light Music, this is a fun-filled and uplifting track that you can use in your slideshows to attain an inspiring appeal.


Island by MBB

This is also a light and techno-inspired sound that would give an uplifting and happy-go-lucky appeal to your slideshows. The best part is that the track is royalty-free and you can use it with no copyright issue.


Alive by Iskon

Just like the name of this track, it is one of the most upbeat slideshow songs. It starts subtly and gradually fades into nature-inspired musical themes that are pretty inspiring.


Bright Future by Silent Partner

A part of the YouTube Audio Library, this royalty-free track would be one of the good slideshow songs to create birthday or farewell videos for sure.


Happy Life by FredJi

One of the best upbeat sideshow songs, it has a strong techno background that has merged natural themes like the chirping of birds, making it extremely uplifting.

Emotional and Romantic Slideshow Songs


Forgotten by Pure Composition

This is a heartfelt piano track that you can use to attain a subtle appeal in your videos. Its effortless flow makes it one of the good songs for slideshows of memories and farewell.


Art of Silence

One of the best slideshow songs for almost every occasion, this has a subtle yet strong presence, giving your videos just the perfect rhythm.


Hyde Folk Instrumental

If you are creating a slideshow for your wedding or anniversary, then this would one of the best slideshow songs. It has a folk-inspired theme, making it extremely heartfelt.


Parallel by Ross Bugden

This is one of those good songs for slideshows of memories that you can readily use or just crop a snippet of it, as per your requirements.


Melody of My Dreams

For all those who are creating video slideshows for birthdays, farewells, weddings, anniversaries, or any other emotional moment, this would be one of the best slideshow songs.

Good Slideshow Songs for Professionals


Cinematic Piano by Mokka

This is one of the best slideshow songs for corporate videos, as it has a neutral piano-based instrumental track that you can use in different ways.


Infraction Echo

This is one of the best upbeat slideshow songs that is used by HR managers, trainers, life coaches, and other professionals.


Fretbound Background Sound

Not only is this one of the most popular corporate tracks, but it is extremely appealing and will instantly catch the attention of your audience.


Upbeat Business Track

From podcasts to business presentations, there are all kinds of background scores and music tracks here that you can readily use (or clip).


Wavecont by Inspire 2

This is another popular corporate track that has an inspiring appeal, making it ideal for business presentations of all kinds.

Overall Best Slideshow Songs


Polaroid by Extenz

Ideally, this is a suitable track that you can use as background music for almost all kinds of slideshows.


Faraway by Declan DP

If you are looking for good slideshow songs that you can use to create casual videos, then you can also try this track.


Homulus Tunes Atmosphere

An ideal blend of inspiring tones with a soothing background, this is one of the best slideshow songs that you can use for different occasions.


Hot Coffee by Ghostrifter

A part of the YouTube royalty-free library, this is a soothing yet modern track that you can use for professional and personal slideshows.


Rêveur by PEYRUIS

This is a suitable option for background music for vlogs and slideshows alike as it gives a laidback yet uplifting appeal that would be ideal for some videos.

Part 2: Create Impressive Video Slideshows with Wondershare Filmii

Now when you know about some of the best slideshow songs, you can easily create all kinds of videos. To automate things and get better results, you can consider using Wondershare Filmii. It is an AI-integrated desktop video creator and editor that is equipped with tons of advanced features.

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Filmii Music Sound Effects

There you go! By now, you would be able to pick some of the best slideshow songs for all kinds of videos. As you can check, I have included good slideshow songs for different categories and occasions in this post. Besides that, you can further explore some soft and upbeat slideshow songs or even use a tool like Wondershare Filmii where you can explore hundreds of music effects without any effort.