Vlogs are trending these days and during the lockdown, people went crazy as they were making different types of vlogs ranging from comedy to daily routines. However, to make a long-term haul you need to decide from the best niches and select one type of vlog niche that you can do perfectly. People who want to make their career in vlogging and become a successful vlogger should know about the hot niches and how they relate to your interest before you start a vlog. In this article, we will cover almost all types of vlogs that are trending now and you can choose the one as per your interest

Different Types of Vlogs – Build Your Style

Everybody who is a video geek would consume your content if you sync up with their interest and genre. There is ample niche that you can target and make a vlog but there are some crucial points that are must to know. Vlogs are easy to record but some tips and tricks are required on the editing and narrating front to make them more appealing to your audience. Here are the best vlog genre and some cool tips to make your video stand out among your competitors.


Comedy vlogs are made to produce naughty as well humorous content with a fantastic intro and adding music behind your narrations. Every picture should be clean to the audience and adding subtitles would do that. The entire video should be filled with energy and that is you who could make the audience listen to you with more attention. Make sure they laugh and giggle on every punch line you throw out on them.

Tech Reviews

Tech reviews are often watched by everyone when a new phone is launched or new software is being developed. The person reviewing the product should be well aware of the specifications and configuration of that product to make the product visually available to everyone watching that video. To add professional touch one should make use of animated intros, use of lower-third for the product & creator details with subtitles.


People who want to visit the world and some unseen places are very interested in watching travel vlogs as they want to feel the lifestyle a person is living on the video and want to know about the suggestions the person would make about a particular city or country where you want to visit. Travel vlogs are better when they have a better intro, perfect shot angles, and custom thumbnail briefing about the price and number of days specifically. The use of some texts and background music with another minor editing could make a travel video real for the viewer.


These Vlogs are mostly owned by some charming women who have a knack for showing the product quality with a live demo or testifying it with results on the video with some cool tips & tricks. The major audience is women and in these kinds of vlogs quality of the product and its benefits matters the most apart from the type of editing the vlogger has done so make the best effort to tell about a product and keep the camera close with a better narration of product & its usage.


How-to guides are very popular among internet users as most of the Google searches start with how to, where to when to etc and all the answers should be there on your video if you are starting something that answers a question raised by one of your viewers. Mostly how-to videos are quite boring so make them charming by adding some animation, voiceover, or background music.


Family vlogs are popular among people who are interested in people’s lives and what they do in their family in a daily routine. These vlogs contain cooking, traveling, petty fights, etc to show the viewer how a family lives and people react to different things. A better thumbnail and intro video would capture the attention of your audience as these vlogs are quite long so interesting music and some custom thumbnails are a must.


Gaming has become a headache for most of the parents out there as kids are spending most of their time on games these days as the school is closed and they have their classes for an hour or so and rest some live streamers are their best friends who are talking about the best tricks and tips to win a game. These types of vlogs are mostly live streamed and they need online editing like adding your animated face on the video to make it catchy and kids would like to watch your live game.

Food & Fitness

Food & Fitness is famous among fitness and gym lovers who want to make a muscular or want to bulk up with some professional advice. These kinds of vlogs are generally created by professional bodybuilders and fitness experts. Not much is required to edit these vlogs as the advice should be genuine that you are giving. Editing should be without much background noise as there is something that you want to tell the audience and it should be clear. Make use of subtitles and voice over if you are showing them how to do an exercise.

Which Vlog Type Suits You Best?

Genuinely, we have covered all types of vlogs and some best niches in the vlogging domain however it would be hard to say which is best for you. There are different types of vlogs and niches that you can choose from. It depends on your interest and skills. However, to give you an idea about your initial videos we have covered all the aspects and general information about vlogging. You can research your favorite niche and create a demo video on your YouTube channel to check how users are reacting to your content and improvise regularly as the sky is the limit for that. Let us know in the comment box about your niche and when are you creating your first vlog.