Let’s face it – sometimes, working on our fitness regimen can be a tough job. With the current restrictions on gyms (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), our lifestyle has certainly been affected a lot. Though, you can still exercise at home by watching a workout video and following the respective instructions. From yoga to Zumba dance workout, you can find fitness videos of all kinds. To help you, I have come up with some of the best workout videos in this post with other tips for content creators.

Top 7 Fitness Videos on YouTube

If you would look up on YouTube, you can find countless fitness videos by numerous instructors. Though, I would recommend watching the following workout videos of different styles so that anyone can exercise at home easily.


30-Minute HIIT Aerobics Workout

Posted on the popular SELF channel, this is a 30-minute HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) aerobic workout video. The session is hosted by the famous fitness instructor, Lita Lewis.

Having more than 21 million videos, the fitness video hosts no equipment, making it an ideal resource to exercise at home. From squats to planks and star jumps, you would do it all in this 30-minute fitness video.


Belly, Butt, and Thigh Workout (with No Equipment)

If you want to have a flat belly, then this would be one of the best workout videos to follow. Hosted by Pamela Reif on her YouTube channel, the fitness video has more than 16 million views and features a 20-minute fast-paced workout.

The video has dedicated exercises to get a flat belly and tight thighs. Some of the major exercises that the video has included are reverse crunches, hell touches, close glute bridges, alternative frog kicks, and so much more.


22-Minute Zumba Dance Workout

For all those who would like to exercise at home while having fun, this Zumba dance workout video would do the trick. Posted on the popular YouTube channel – Zumba Class, it features a fast-paced Zumba workout that you can do with your friends or all by yourself while watching the video.

This Zumba dance workout video is focused on reducing belly fat quickly that you can easily follow.


Beginners Home Pilates Workout

Pilates has been around for years and is making a major comeback this season. In this Pilates fitness video, you will go through a 20-minute intense workout that you can do every day. Without using any gym equipment, you can follow different exercises for your belly, legs, shoulders, and butt.

The workout video has been posted on the PsycheTruth channel, has over 6 million views, and is pretty easy to follow.


10-Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners

You might already know that morning is the best time to do yoga since it is good for our body and soul alike. In this 10-minute yoga workout video by Sarah Beth, you can go through a quick routine that is easy to follow every morning.

It starts from simple breathing exercises and gradually moves to various flexible poses that are recommended to beginners. You can easily exercise at home by exploring more yoga videos like this as they are beginner-friendly and can be practiced at ease.


30-Minute Weight Training for Beginners

A lot of people have gained some extra pounds while staying home during the lockdown this year. Well, if you want to get back to an ideal shape, then this 30-minute weight training workout video would be the best way to start.

The video is posted on the HASfit channel and is suitable for both men and women alike. One of the best workout videos, it only features standard dumbbells that you can easily get to work on your fitness regimen.


15-Minute Full-body Flexibility Training

If your body feels a bit stiff these days, then you can follow this flexibility training fitness video that is hosted by Mady Morrison. It features a 15-minute full-body stretch that can easily be followed by beginners.

There are different poses and exercises that you can follow with the instructor to attain better mobility. Not only is this fitness video easy to follow, but it would also make you feel relaxed and is recommended to be practiced in the morning.

The 3 Best Fitness Trainers to Follow on Instagram

Apart from some of the best workout videos posted on YouTube, you can also follow some fitness trainers on Instagram. In this way, you can get to know about their plans, suggestions, and watch other quick videos on the go.


Jeanette Jenkins

With more than 30 years of experience in training, Jenkins is one of the most popular fitness experts out there. She has already appeared in The Today Show and Good Morning America for her fun approach while making working videos. She shares all kinds of diet plans, things to avoid, and short fitness videos on her Instagram page that you would love to follow.


Eric Leija

If you are looking for some new ways to exercise at home, then you can also follow Eric Leija on Instagram. He is known to come up with all kinds of new-age techniques to workout with minimum objects. You can also join his 8-week fitness program if you wish to get dedicated assistance from the trainer.


Don Saladino

Also known as the Superhero trainer, Don is responsible for the transformation of various celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan, and David Harbour. He shares all kinds of quick workout videos (some are just 30 seconds long) that you can easily follow. Besides that, he also frequently shares his knowledge on various fitness-related topics that you can get from his IG posts.

Expert Tips on Filming Your Own Workout Videos

I’m sure that after watching some of these best workout videos, you must be inspired to attain a fit lifestyle. Though, if you plan to make your own fitness videos, then I would recommend following these tips.

Work on the video setup

This is the most important thing that you should consider before you record a workout video. The overall setup like the background, lighting, etc. should be proper. You don’t always need to shoot the video in a gym. You can also shoot it in open spaces or even outdoors to get better light.

Come up with a fitness plan beforehand

Don’t make the rookie mistake of simply recording yourself working out without any plan. Before you start recording, make sure that you break down the entire routine into different plans and allocate dedicated time intervals to each segment.

Focus on a niche

You can see from the above workout videos that most of the trainers focus on a niche. From weight training to Zumba and yoga to Pilates, there can all kinds of categories in which you can also make a fitness video and target your audience wisely.

Be in sync with the video’s theme

While recording, make sure that your mood would reflect the theme of the video. For instance, if you are recording a yoga session, then you should try to be calm and clear. On the other hand, if you are making a Zumba dance video, then you can be more fun and exciting.

Talk to your audience

This is another common mistake that content creators make while recording a fitness video. You should try to make your workout video interesting while talking to your audience and sharing the related tips in between. This will make your videos more engaging and accessible.

Don’t use copyright content

If you are recording a Zumba dance workout video and you have used copyright music in it, then YouTube would take the video down. Not just that, if you get several copyright strikes, then your channel might be taken down as well. Therefore, you should avoid using any copyrighted content in your workout videos (that you don’t own).

Use a Professional Video Editor

Since workout videos might need a lot of editing, you can consider using a professional editor like Filmora9. It features a wide range of tools to make you edit your fitness videos easily without any technical background. You can minimize the background noise, add music from its free library, or use all kinds of readily available filters to customize your fitness video easily.


That’s it, folks! I’m sure that these best workout videos must have inspired you to exercise at home as well. If you want, you can also start making fitness videos on your own. For this, you need to have a proper setup, come up with a fitness regimen, and use a reliable video editing tool like Wondershare Filmii. Go ahead and try making your own workout video as well and be ready to inspire the world!