Getting hitched anytime soon? Looking for unique ways to write the story of your marriage with lots of love, emotion, and laughter? Why not immortalize the fleeting moments of joy and romance of your big day with a stunning wedding video? The day of the wedding is always special and opting for exceptional videography doubles happiness as it makes the marriage ceremony memorable.

Weddings are one of the most important events in life. Couples spend months planning and preparing for this one day, and before they recognize it, it flashes by. While wedding photography is only a snapshot of a specific moment, wedding videography gives a completely new way to relive the wedding.

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What Should be Included in a Wedding Video?

Wedding videos have come a long way in the last few years. Most newly engaged couples are surprised at the plethora of options they have. But, are you curious as to what goes on in creating a high-quality wedding video? Well, you need to check out the elements that modern marriage videos include then.

The Prep Work

For videographers, the angles they need to captivate the action, the lighting, and the sound are all crucial. They will visit the venue well in advance of your ceremony to make sure they understand the space as well as where they fit into it. Also, they will do a site visit to your location to check for things like electrical outlets, and work out where they can position their cameras to captivate all the action with the least disturbance to guests.


Crystal-clear sound quality is a key element that differentiates a stunning wedding video and one that’s not so-so. Since experts have only a chance to get everything right, they ensure that only the best quality mics are used.  Experts understand that mics need to be tuned to a particular frequency and constantly monitored to ensure there’s no interference.


Everyone knows that it is difficult to take a good photo if the lighting is dim. The same goes for shooting video. When the experts place their lights at your ceremony, they will try brightening up the area as much as they can for their videography. They will be using their lights strategically so that the ambience of the venue doesn’t change.

The Angles

Gone are those days when wedding videographers stood in the aisle along with a camcorder and followed the bride and her groom around. Nowadays in the final videos, you will notice that the shots jump around a lot. Videographers will get a close-up of the bride and the shots will jump to a wide shot that shows the entire room full of guests.

wedding video preparation

The Editing

Post-production is the reason why wedding videography costs what it does. On average, for every hour they shoot at a wedding, they spend at least three hours in editing that footage into the final form. You will notice in many videos, everything that happens on-screen perfectly syncs with the rhythm of the music.

5 Stunning Wedding Videos on YouTube


JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Weddings are incomplete without fun and the video of Jill and Kevin’s big day is no exception. Packed with some hilarious moments, this is one of the funniest wedding videos you will come across on YouTube. The moves of the two gentlemen, in the beginning, show that doing something out of the box at your wedding is a great idea.


Our Wedding Video!!!

Cole & Savannah’s beautiful wedding video will make you tear up and give contentment at the same time. This adorable couple shows what true love is. Watching this video will surely make your heart melt. What makes this particular video a one-of-a-kind is the vows to the 4-year old.


My Wedding Speech

Among the countless stories available out there, this is truly one of the most amazing wedding videos ever. The groom’s speech is a beautiful song that brings a smile on the bride’s face. Every girl in the world expects an adorable man as her lifetime partner!


Our Wedding

If you believe pure love exists only in fiction in movies, this wedding video will surely make you think otherwise. Gabriel & Jess’s marriage video will touch you, inspire you, and make you believe that true love isn’t limited to geographical boundaries. It is one of the most emotional videos that you will come across.


A Wedding That Will Move You: Rowden & Leizel

Couples looking for inspiration cannot miss this beautiful and heart-touching video. You will surely get goosebumps and moved while watching this extraordinary video. The groom and bride are so devoted to each other that you will fall in love with them. It is the love between the couple that compelled the people to make the hospital a church.

Creative Wedding Videos Ideas to Inspire You

Proposal Video

Did you ever had the perfect proposal from your partner and yet failed to capture the lovely moment? Fret not! Just let your videographer recreate that perfect moment for you. This can be an awesome wedding video idea that will unimaginably take your hearts into the time when your partner first proposed to you and made your special day the best in life.

Slide Show

In this technique, the videographers take photographs of the ceremony and the situation. They then add special effects into these photographs as well as beautiful music to emphasize the ceremonial events and highlight the couples in a manner that’s awe-inspiring and eye-captivating.

Wedding Documentaries

The standard procedure of captivating the bride and groom walking over the aisle is common. Some specialists can create a documentary movie for your special day and create scenes as well as the cinematography in the movies. Not only will this make your wedding notable and very dramatic, but also something that you can cherish throughout your life.

Love Story Rendezvous Video

Don’t you wish to preserve your awesome love story in beautiful frames? Simply share your story with your videographer. Tell him/her how you met, things that made you two come closer, the day of proposal, and how things have moved to your wedding.

Stop The Motion & Save The Date

It is another spectacular wedding video idea that’s popular among weddings. The technique uses animation that makes an object physically maneuver on its own and captures as moving between the individual framed photographs. Although this emphasizes one person, it steals the show by making others still out.

Mixed Media Wedding

This is a magnificent and unique combination of the wedding documentary technique and the ‘save the date technique’. It is nothing but a great amalgamation of the documentary and cinema style, which will give your marriage a spice you will relish forever.

Tips for Making Impressive Wedding Videos

  • Plan your shots well in advance
  • Hire a videographer depending on their track record of wedding videography
  • Choose Wondershare Filmii - an excellent video editor to combine photos and videos
  • Add a personal touch to make your ceremony unique
  • Let the videographer choose the appropriate music
  • Enjoy as much as you can on your wedding day


From getting to hear the vows to hearing the toasts that hold much more emotion than that of a picture, videos are a different way to view your wedding. So, if you wish to get married and want your special day to be cherished, videos can be a perfect memory. Time to make your wedding extraordinarily memorable with an exceptional wedding video idea!