Before we tell you the essential elements required in a good wedding slideshow, we'd like you to go through what this slideshow generally means. By meaning, we refer here to the images and videos. Thus, your wedding slideshow could be a video montage or a beautiful combination of photos. Both are amazing in their ways! Now, let's go through some essential factors to find in a wedding slideshow in brief. First of all, you have to take care of the organization of different shots and then include only high-quality pictures. Conclusively, you can replay the entire slideshow made not to let it be boring content. So, that's just a brief magical mix whose whole process is below.

Part 1: Tips and Ideas to Make Memorable Wedding Slideshow

Be smart and have some ideas beforehand! Given below are some of the expert tips and slideshow creation ideas you're required to take a note of to land at the best wedding slideshow ever. So, let's start without further ado as follows!


Take interviews

It may look weird at first sight that why are we talking about the interviews. Well, it's not a professional kind of interview you find at workplaces or similar sites. It's an engaging interview explicitly made for the wedding day. These can be short, funny, and enthralling interviews of friends, family, and even the groom and bride themselves. It's a trendy idea that you've also noticed in beautiful wedding video montages.


Share Your Journey

Deciding to get married to your loved one is no less than a journey. And, you can share this journey over the slideshow itself. Start right from where you met each other to the current timings of you both getting married. You can either record these epic moments or put in the related images as a slideshow.

share your wedding journey



Choose quality over quantity

Every time, you need to choose quality over quantity! By quality, we mean including only HD-quality pictures and videos to quickly grab the audiences' attention. That's perfect if you've hired a photographer for your wedding videos. Take some of them from it to create your attractive wedding slideshow. Also, it's essential to note short and sweet slideshows than the lengthy ones consisting of low-quality and boring content.


Make the best pairs!

When it comes to making the best pairs, we're talking about the best music content match. Along with the slideshow's better organization, it's great to research how to put in the best and ideal wedding video songs.


Consider timing!

"How long should a slideshow be for a wedding?"

On average, a wedding slideshow shouldn't be more than 10-15 minutes. It's because the attention span also gets affected after that. Simultaneously, this timing range is perfect not to let your audience feel trapped in the cycle.

wedding slideshow timing



Customize the way you like it to be!

There's no limit to making perfect slideshows or put bounds on your creativity heights. Creativity is something that should be the way you like it. Thus, you can include a lot more factors or elements in a wedding slideshow that are not even listed here. Let your creativity unleashes now!


Editing Ideas

For effective editing, you can consider adding some filters, magic effects, templates, clip arts, and so on. So, try to give a professional look to your wedding slideshow by creating attractive fonts, stickers, or using ready-made wedding templates.


Don't forget the main agenda

In all the frills of editing your wedding montage, do not ever forget to present your content's main plan or focus. It shouldn't look like you're offering anything without too much emphasis on wedding moments. Even though you'll keep it short, you can try to make it dedicated to weddings as much as possible.


Keep the same focus

Don't focus too much on the bride than groom or vice-versa. There's a need to give equivalent focus to both the individuals getting married. Also, the length of clips of your friends, families, or interviews shouldn't be long enough. Anything exceeding the limits is disastrous. Even if you include the groom and bride's photos, they should be the same number.


Never overlook the templates

If you have an option with ready-made templates, don't overlook it. It's the only tool that can either make or break your content. The templates are for a purpose that you should consider carefully before taking out a project. It doesn't mean that you can use any random template. Look for the ideal ones that match the wedding moment's vibe, even if it isn't under the wedding section because that will help you create something unique yet professional!

Part 2: How to make a wonderful wedding slideshow with templates?

We've discussed a lot about the importance of using ready-made templates above. Now is the time to effectively implement that idea! We're going to reveal the best video maker tool for all purposes by a renowned software company called Wondershare. Wondershare Filmii is the updated product of Wondershare recently launched, keeping in mind the needs of today's generation and content creators. It is an all-in-one simple video editing platform with features to add effects, filters, audio, and stickers, and so on, with the most exclusive being the ready-made video templates. These video templates are also applicable to images if you want to create a photo montage out of them.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Key Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • 30+ ready-made video templates in different categories
  • Auto-Creation for quick process
  • Advanced Editing Mode with high-tech editing tools
  • Inbuilt royalty-free stock library for filters, stickers, music, text, and so on.
  • Selection from different aspect ratios according to social media platform.

Steps to create wedding slideshow via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Launch Filmii

In the very beginning, you need to visit the official site of Wondershare Filmii and launch the software by clicking the Let's Try tab. It will then take a few minutes to install the software over your Windows device.

Step 2: Select ideal template

After you Sign In to the program, select the video template that best suits the wedding vibe. For reference, we've chosen the template as shown below. Hit the Use this Template tab afterward.

select right template filmii

Step 3: Edit & Export

Now, you'll have the option to upload at least three images to create a wedding slideshow. Here, you can also upload video moments, if available. Drag them to the timeline editor and select the Auto-Create button.

Enter Advanced Editing Mode if it feels desirable to you. You can edit with Text, Stickers, Music, and other elements as well.

wedding slideshow filmii

Lastly, hit the Export button after you're over with editing.


So, you've successfully studied how to make an attractive wedding slideshow via the required tips, strategies, and a slideshow maker tool with inbuilt templates. The showcase of your favorite wedding moments is no more a big issue when you have the ideal tools available at the disposal. Yes, we are talking about the attractive video editing tool called Filmii, which is again the latest update from the software giant, Wondershare.Inc. It is highly famous among a large base of global users due to quick-to-use editing tools that are professional. So, have a look at this easy yet professional wedding slideshow maker to decide the best.