Have you ever watched any Virtual reality videos? How well can you describe the immersive and interactive experience those VR videos have given you? I am sure, you would come across the whole scene before your eyes feeling you are at the spot, and this is what the techies behind the VR team do. To know more about VR videos and the topics behind it, today's article is what all your need to explore. I was hoping you could enter into the virtual reality world along with me, and make sure you stick till to know about the best VR videos we have on the list.  

What is VR Video?

When it comes to VR videos, what is it? Virtual reality is the most trending and developing technology, has attracted a big fan club, and is a big thing that rocks the floor at present. VR videos are virtual immersive content enhancers with a rendition of 3D images that create an illusion that the viewer is also a part of the Video. Usually, virtual reality headsets are mandatory to experience such fantasies, and we have in store some of the best VR headsets as well in upcoming sessions.

What Is Vr Video

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So, how are these VR videos made? Virtual reality videos are recorded and captured using the 360-degree video cameras else can be created from computer-generated content using applications present exclusively for them. Specifically, omnidirectional cameras that could film 360-degrees get simultaneously used for crafting a virtual reality video that can be useful for any purpose, such as real estate tour.  

VR Video vs. 360-degree Video

As said above, mostly, we use 360-degree cameras to capture VR videos. But, then what is the difference between VR videos and 360-degree videos? This question is too familiar for non-professionals or beginners wherein you get confused when some say they are the same, and some say they are different forms. 

We will make it easier for you in this section with the below aspects where the similar meets the differences between the two concepts.

Vr Video Vs 360 Degree Video

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Factor VR Video 360-degree video
Environment VR videos are computer-generated content that is video game based that can immerse oneself. 360-degree videos get captured by a physical 360-degree camera providing a view of the entire screen with the same depth like the human eye.
Timeline VR videos are interactive ones, and the timeline is in the hands of the viewer. Not interactive, the timeline is in the hands of the filmmaker who controls the story.
Mobility You can move around and have the liberty to do whatever you want as you feel like “being there.” You place a camera at a physical location where a 360-degree view is possible from the viewer’s perspective limited to filmmaker movements.
Photography Digital environment Live-action in a physical environment with real characters.
Platforms VR headset tethered to the mobile device or PC is needed to experience the virtual reality effect. You can experience 360-degree video through a desktop or mobile applications as well.
Experience An outstanding immersive new experience The existing experience demonstrates.
Story The filmmaker doesn’t control the physical location of the viewer. The Physical location of the camera is controlled by the filmmaker to direct the story.

Which one is the best VR headset for watching videos?

Suppose you want to experience the interactive nature of the VR videos. In that case, VR headsets are mandatory, and why should you worry when we are here to suggest you the best VR headsets that well fulfills all the aspects needed, like display resolution, mobility, versatility, focal distance, IPD adjustment, and cost. Oculus Quest

Vr Headset Oculus Quest

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Oculus Quest is first in the line of our best VR headset with a rating of over 4.8 out of 5. Called as an all-in-one VR, Oculus Quest requires no PC, no wires, and has no limits. You can set it up quickly with less effort from wherever you are. It has built-in sensors that facilitate in translating your movements into VR and offer room-scale tracking. Oculus quest comes up with touch controllers where your hand and gestures appear in VR with instinctive, realistic exactness. The other feature set includes a high-resolution display, dedicated content library, integrated audio, and adjustable IPD.

Samsung Gear VR

Vr Headset Samsung

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Get ready to achieve your dream and go on a new adventure with the all-new Samsung Gear VR that has 4.6 ratings from the customers. Being a revolutionary product from the house of Samsung, it comes up with a remote controller. You can wear Gear VR with ease and comfort, allowing you to get lost in virtual reality. Engineered with a fitting design, the controller will enable you to navigate the virtual reality and use it as a gamepad. It is a wireless, standalone module, with an extensive content library, adjustable focus, and IPD.

Oculus Rift S

Vr Headset Oculus Rift S

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Another member to get marked in the list from the Oculus family is Oculus Rift S, with a 4.6 rating. Recognized to be the Oculus Quest's predecessor, Rift is well suited for the gamers who wish to experience the virtual reality. It is a PC-powered VR gaming headset that comes up with the improved optics that delivers bright, vivid colors, and reduced "screen-door" effect. The ergonomic design follows in the halo headband for comfort and oculus touch controllers for realistic precision.

Best 8 VR Videos on YouTube

The most awaited moment is more. Get to know the best 8 VR videos on YouTube that you should try for sure at least once!

Count 1:

Virtual reality 360-degree waterslide

The first best VR video stands the one with 95M views that belongs to the Glass Canvas company. This video is about a waterslide that gives a VR 360-degree view that drives you through various locations like city, desert, and jungle. One can view it from any direction in a mobile or a touch display.

Count 2:

VR Acrophobia?

Ever knew what does Acrophobia mean? Are you afraid of heights? Here is a beautiful Virtual reality video that depicts the Dying light gameplay. Loaded with 3D effects, VR Acrophobia is an excellent show to watch with your VR headset. To our surprise, this Video has got 19M views.

Count 3:

The Room: VR 360-degree

The thrill and sound make the senses terrified when it comes to horror, and here is one such 360-degree video reality video that has got 14M views from cos4production. The development team behind its creation has crafted it so that you enter into a dark room where you are almost alone.

Count 4:

360 Scarecrow (VR 4K horror experience)

Can scarecrow provoke a horror thrill within someone? Yes, sure it does when you get trapped alone in a cornfield with a haunted scarecrow. If you like watching such supernatural videos, this is an excellent chance to watch this VR video with Oculus Rift s headset.

Count 5:

VR tour of six real exoplanets

Ever wondered how it would feel when you are on the surface of another planet? Take a look at this VR video created by a team of astrophysicists from the University of Exeter Astrophysics Research group that is a tour of 6 exoplanets. Get yourself one among the 10 million viewers!!  

Count 6:

VR skydiving with the Vuze camera

How does it feel when you do something that you are scared of? Ready for some skydiving experience? With a VR headset, get ready to view this Video from creating a Vuze camera that captured the entire view from the ground to the clouds and the bottom again.

Count 7:

Surrounded by White lions

The above-one of the best VR videos on YouTube with 8M views is created by the INTOSOL travel designer team to inspire and surprise their customers who wish to plan travel during their holidays. You must have a VR headset to experience and explore the natural forest surrounded by lions.

Count 8:

Thai islands: A guided tour

There are times where one couldn't visit a place to make their dream come true. It is where a guided tour video with virtual reality comes of great help. VR gorilla, an Amsterdam VR based production studio, crafted this incredible Video showcasing Thailand and has attracted over 30 million views.


If you are a techie geek who can make wondrous creations using your computer skills, VR videos are the best enhancer to provoke your creativity. Thus, as an assistant for your virtual reality excitement, this article stands out with an overview of VR videos, the best headsets to enjoy them, and the best VR videos on YouTube. We are now concluding the VR videos article that shed some light on virtual reality's fantastic technology!