While browsing YouTube, I’m sure you must have stumbled upon an unboxing video as well. After all, it is one of the latest trends these days to share the experience of unboxing any product with others. Not only is the process satisfying to watch, but it is pretty informative as well. To help you learn more about unboxing videos, I have come up with this post. Here, I will list some of my favorite unboxing videos and would also share expert tips to create such engaging content in less time.

what is unboxing video

What is an Unboxing Video?

As the name suggests, these videos depict the unboxing of a product from a user’s perspective. Most of the unboxing videos are pretty detailed and would let you know about the packaging, what is included in the box, how the product works, and so on.

One of the first major unboxing videos was uploaded in 2006 of a Nokia E61 mobile phone. Eventually, the trend of unboxing video was started in the tech, toy, fashion, and retail industries. Apart from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and drones, even unboxing videos of toys and fashion products are watched these days.

Why are Unboxing Videos so Satisfying to Watch?

If the unboxing video has been made thoughtfully, then it can be pretty satisfying to watch. Apart from being informative, they can be pretty fun due to their feel-good appeal.

They give us an idea of a real product. It is not like simply talking about any product that we like, but we get to see how the unpacking of the product would actually look like. That’s why it gives us the same feeling of buying a product and unboxing it.

Since they give us a genuine view of a product that we might like, they have become so popular. That’s why even companies upload their unboxing videos these days to let the customers know how their experience would be.

6 Stunning Unboxing Videos on YouTube

From unboxing a gadget to a piece of clothing, these days, you will see tons of videos like these on YouTube. If you also want to create one of these trending videos, then have a look at how some of the professionals have done it.


Unboxing every iPhone 11 Model

Posted by the Unbox Therapy, this is one of the best unboxing videos of all the iPhone 11 models (iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max). The video has over 9 million views and walks us through the unboxing of every possible color and version of the series. While the host doesn’t talk about the models, the process of unboxing them is pretty satisfying to watch.


Unboxing of Adidas Super Boost Sneaker Package

If you are a fan of sneakers, then you must go through this unboxing video of the Super Boost Sneaker package. It has been posted by Jacques Slade, who is known to post unboxing videos of all styles in this channel. In the video, you can see how he specifically talks about the entire experience and discusses the quality of the product. Since the package is pretty premium, it will certainly be a treat to all sneaker lovers.


Unboxing of DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

These days, drones have become extremely popular and customers would like to watch their unboxing videos before making a purchase. This video posted on the iJustine YouTube channel of the DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone is quite informative. She walks us through the unboxing process and talks about all the provided accessories. Not just that, she has also included a short tutorial on how to use the product wisely, which makes the video even more engaging.


Unboxing of Poopsie Slime Kit

Apart from phones and drones, the trend of unboxing videos can be seen in toys and other kid’s accessories too. For instance, this unboxing video of the Poopsie Slime Surprise kit has more than 13 million views. The video is majorly created for kids and unboxes different types of slimes. They have also used the slime and made the entire video pretty fun, so that your kids would have a great time watching it.


Unboxing of Sephora Advent Calendar Box

If you think the unboxing of fashion and makeup accessories is not exciting, then you should watch this video. Posted by Karina Kurzawa on her channel, the video has more than 2 million views. She has unboxed the entire calendar box of Sephora in one go (which is supposed to be opened throughout the year). Since customers are also excited to know what the mystery box will hold, the unboxing video has answered their queries.


Black Friday Haul

Black Friday has now become an annual shopping tradition and you can see a lot of haul videos out there. This video is posted by the duo, Niki and Gabi, and has more than 2 million views. They will take you through their entire shopping spree from different stores during Black Friday sale and have also discussed the use of some of their favorite products. They have added a personal touch to the video, making it engaging for their viewers.

How to Make Your Unboxing Videos Stand Out?

One of the best things about unboxing videos is that they are pretty easy to make and need minimum edits. If you are planning to work on them too, then I would recommend following these suggestions to make your unboxing videos stand out.

Take the assistance of a reliable editor

While the unboxing videos are easy to record, you would have to do some basic editing. For this, you can take the assistance of a user-friendly editor like Filmora9. It features a wide range of basic and advanced tools to help you edit your videos. You can easily clip out the unwanted parts, add layers, and make your videos YouTube-friendly in seconds.

Focus on a niche

If you look up at any unboxing video channel, you will see that they are dedicated to a particular domain. Try not to mix things up and focus on a niche like fashion, technology, toys, and so on. In this way, you can easily target your audience and gain more views. You should also be updated and try to unbox the latest products that your audience hasn’t bought yet.

Be informative

While there are a lot of successful unboxing channels that simply unpack products, it is recommended to talk about it as well. You should let your audience know the specifics about it and educate them on how the product works.

Be loud and clear

A lot of beginners make this rookie mistake of not speaking clearly while unboxing a product. Amidst the unpacking of all the plastic and the box’s covering, your voice might get lost. Therefore, you should speak in between and take breaks so that you can focus on the product and guide your audience at the same time.

Show the product’s use

Most importantly, you should also show the actual use of the product in the video. Try to have its dedicated setup at the end of the video. For instance, if you have unboxed a new drone, then you can devote a minute or two on how you used it in the video. In this way, you can also provide a quick review of the product and let your audience know whether it is worth their money.

How Can You Monetize Unboxing Videos?

Besides having fun while unboxing stuff, you can also try to earn from the content that you have posted on social media. I would recommend the following quick suggestions to monetize your unboxing videos.

Set up YouTube Monetization

YouTube is undoubtedly the best platform to post unboxing videos. Once your channel is up and running, you can go to its Settings > Creator Studio > Monetization to learn more. Be consistent with uploads, share your videos, and try to have a loyal base of subscribers. The more views and subscribers you have, the more money you would earn from YouTube.

set up youtube monetization

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Share on other social platforms

While YouTube is the best platform to upload unboxing videos, you should not solely stick to it. Also, have your presence on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In this way, you can have a cross-platform audience and build a bigger social circle.

Tie-up with brands

If you have a decent influence on social media and your unboxing YouTube videos are watched by many, then you can easily get influencer deals. There are several third-party B2B websites where you can list your channel and get in touch with brands for paid collaborations.


There you go! I’m sure that by now, you would be able to create an engaging unboxing video of your own. I would recommend doing your bit of research and learning from the pros first. You can also get the right editing tools like Filmora9 to make sure you create aesthetically pleasing and engaging unboxing videos in no time.