Is reading a text in a video so dull? It may be because of the monotonic nature of the text. In such cases, Typography comes handy as it enhances the beauty of the text. Thus, we will give you a detailed list of good typography examples, along with a detailed description. Besides, we shall also share the software list to help you create a video using the typography text.

Part 1: 25 Typography Examples to Learn From

Take a look at the 25 different typography examples with a description for each.

1. Build a Bigger Business

This video of Tony Robbins for the "Shopify" website is the best example of kinetic typography, where the words popping highlight his speech.

build bigger business


2. Ocean Rush – Brush Font

This font style of paintbrush resembles a solid and independent word. The words written using this style are expressive typography examples.

expressive ocean rush

3. Dragone

A good typography example is a website of "Dragone" – an Italian company as it has a good background with a perfect choice of font style.

typography example dragone


4. New Venture Scouting

When looking for bad typography examples, the official website of New Venture Scouting is chosen, as there is a defect in the choice of typefaces used.

bad typography example

5. Alienware

Alienware is a website owned by Dell computers, mainly for gaming machines. They have unique text guidelines to be followed while uploading.

6. Ford – 150: Jump

I never thought a car advertisement would use such kinetic typography to promote their product. It applies a bold font face to match with the car.

7. Uber

One of the brand typography examples is the popular Uber service website. It uses its proprietary font style called "Uber Move."

uber official


8. Moen

This international branded company produces pleasing and functional taps and showers, which utilizes the font style Din Pro.

9. Alfa Romeo

An Italian automotive known for its style, Alfa Romeo is another brand typography example, as the website uses "Apex New" typeface.

brand typography example.jpg

10. Elbow Grease – Habitat Promo

This video, created for Habitat for Humanity's short public service announcement, used kinetic typography and dynamic animations.

kinetic typography animation

11. Wyzowl

A recent kinetic typography example would be "Wyzowl," as they rebranded their product and announced the same using kinetic typography texts in their video.

12. Ahlstrom – tea

The video of solutions company "Ahlstrom" used kinetic typography and layering techniques to show the science behind a cup of tea.

ahlstrom tea


13. Funcy Kids! - Playful Display Font

By the above font style, the word "scary" is displayed colorfully then it is the best example of expressive typography.

funcy kids playful


14. United Strands

United Strands sells t-shirt online, wherein the website is a bad typography example as they have used the same font face throughout without any variation.

15. Mopar

Mopar's website is an example of branded typography as it uses Compressed Standard, Narrow Light for headlines and body contents, respectively.

16. Marie Guillaumet

Marie Guillaumet, a French web and graphic designer's website, is a good typography example in which the hand-written font face showcases her style.

marie guillaumet

17. Pizza Hut

As the spacing between the letters of the word "Dinner" is more, it becomes an example of imperfect typography.

18. NerdWallet

NerdWallet's complementary typefaces and a visual hierarchy to exhibit what is essential to the visitors at a glance are examples of good typography.

19. Soap Bubbles Photoshop Action

Another expressive typography example is writing texts in a format that resembles the original character, resulting in more attractive and precise.

soap bubbles


20. Excel Music

Though Excel Music used three different font faces, the two calligraphy style font looks similar, making it not noticeable, leads to bad typography.

21. Wedges – Bounce

The Wedges font style "Bounce" is typed, in which each letter appears to be bouncing, which is an example of expressive typography.

wedges bounce


22. Single-use Typeface

The website of Scienceworks has a single font face used throughout, with a difference in weights to differentiate hierarchy, which is a good typography example.

23. Tremolo – Mismatch in typeface

This company's website comes under bad typography, as the texts used have a mismatch in typeface and poor use of weights and heights.

tremolo mismatch

24. Morton

Morton's typeface has a clean, bold style that expresses texts boldly, and using it to express the word "Expensive" is an expressive typography example.

25. Thrive Solo

The "Thrive Solo" website is an example of good typography that utilizes texts in different sizes to make their point clear.

Part 2: Top 5 Tools to Create a Typography Video

To create a video using the defined typography styles, you can use the following software to improve the experience.



Filmii, the easy-to-use software, will help you create a video based on a theme with the templates provided. Its advanced editing tools help you personalize videos in different aspects. Filmii cannot be seen as just a video editing tool; instead, it is a creative video production studio that permits adding text with different styles and transitions, implementing the typography examples discussed above in your video. With Filmii, you could apply changes for both video and texts at ease.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. Add styles to your video for fun or share with your friends and family instantly.
  2. Video editing tools like trim, merge, crop, rotate, zoom, reverse, and much more.
  3. Beautify video by adding text, audio, transition, color grading, and video stickers.
  4. Add photos to video and remove audio from video easily by the options provided.
  5. Animate the texts added and resize your video based on the social media platforms.


LightMV will help you create your video online or download the software to do the same. It contains excellent templates for any occasion like business promotion, wedding announcement, travel journey, graduation, and many more. You could also create video intros and outros and high-quality video using this application either by using a desktop or a mobile. You don't require any skills to use this software.


  1. Choose from the pre-prepared video or slide slow templates.
  2. You could upload photo clips or video clips to the web studio.
  3. Download or share the HD video from the platform.
  4. Choose audio from the media library and edit it with the audio tools.
  5. Split video and text overlay options are available.


This is an animation software that will help you to create professional animated videos for all industries like people who are in the roles of training, marketing, HR, and e-learning. Use video templates, sound, pros, and much more to create a video. Tell stories beautifully by inserting text wherever needed, collaborate, and do data visualization. It sets a platform for designers to prepare dynamic content using multiple styles or characters.


  1. Drag and drop the pictures and videos in the template selected.
  2. Offers customizable templates and branding to create a video.
  3. Enables import and export of data like animations at ease.
  4. Create a content video for learning that is interesting.
  5. It provides video editing tools and collaboration tools.

Adobe After Effects

Create cinematic film titles, intros, and transitions using Adobe After Effects. Edit your titles, credits, and lower thirds like typography examples and animate text using the options provided. Set your designs in motion with keyframes or expressions; also change a scene's background with moving objects to create a VR video to attract your audience. Import from other applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more, which could be animated.


  1. It offers text animation, which puts your word in action by kinetic typography.
  2. You could control the speed of your animations using Graph Editor.
  3. It allows controlling weather conditions by adding special effects.
  4. By motion tracking, you could compensate for the shaky footage.
  5. Separate and replace an object's background using rotoscoping.


Use Kapwing to add layers of images, videos, and audio to create a video in the way you want. It runs in any browser so that your work will be saved automatically to the cloud. It offers a library of templates from which you could start to create your first video. You could trim a video and add subtitles were ever needed, and uploading your work to share with the world is possible.


  1. Collaborate your work by sharing the link with your team.
  2. It will allow you to split and merge video.
  3. Offers multiple templates in the media library.
  4. Comes with audio editing tools and overlaying text.
  5. Enables you to control the speed of the video.


Hence, you can now create an incredible video with typographical texts using any of the software specified above after knowing the typography examples. Our recommendation, however, would be "Filmii" as it stands out for its variety of features.